About two weeks ago, the man asked me if I had met someone. I said no. Then he mentioned that he was trying some on-line dating sites and that he had met a few women but that most of them after knowing that he had 5 kids, banned him. Then he said: “If you are going to try that, please let me know” “Why?” “Because more or less they match you with people from the same area and we live pretty close to each other”. I believe I don’t need to write all that crossed my mind in 2 seconds because I think that you already know it. I’ll just write a few things in case you are new reading my blog. If I decide to try on-line dating I will make sure I write I dislike EVERYTHING that he is or looks like. Even if that makes my matching probability near 0%. I will ban everyone having kids or who works in an office, whose age/weight/high/hair/eyes/skin is more or less like his. Just to be sure, I’ll write I want a bald guy, who works on the roof and has very crafty hands… Wow!! What a coincidence!!

Let’s go back to last Thursday. After the handymen left, I continue working with the chairs. I really wanted to finish so I could give back the stapler. At one point, I finished my bullets (I always call them bullets) so I had to go to the store to get more. It was about 5.00pm. The man had said that he needed to work late to finish some stuff and that after that, he was going to pick the kids, so I thought I had a lot of time to prepare their clothes for next day and let my kids finish their homework.
5.40pm a message from the man popped on my screen: “Leaving now, I’ll be there soon”. WTF!! I had only half an hour to prepare the bag and let my kids finish homework. I got VERY stressed.
When the man got here, I was finishing getting all the clothes but I didn’t succeed making my oldest son finish homework. For previous experiences, I knew that the man was going to shout at me because: “You only had to do ONE thing and you failed to do it”. I’m not risking the asshole shouting at me. He didn’t get yet that I don’t want him to yell at me. At least, he doesn’t do it in my house after I threaten to call the Polizei. Still, I hate when he does it over the phone.
I said: “He didn’t finish his homework but it’s almost ready” “Why are you so stressed?” “Because I don’t know if you noticed but I have a lot of things to worry about” “You look like someone who needs a “service””. The guy knows how to piss me… But I didn’t give him the pleasure to even discuss it. I only said with a grin: “Don’t worry, I’m getting one soon”.
In the evening I sent a message to my friend A saying: “Can you believe this?? The freaking man suggested I needed a service!! He may be right, but how dares he!!” “Hahahhahaa you need a MOT” “A what???” Minutes after I got a message from A saying “Sorry, I couldn’t read what you wrote, it’s all gone!!” “Stupid update!!”
I play Words with Friends on my iPod and since the last update (iOS8), the chat is working really bad and it disappears. In order to read what the other person wrote, I found out that you need to restart the app. I restarted the app but forgot to ask again about the MOT.
Friday morning I was supposed to go to the kindergarten and stay with Cutie. I was on my bike going there and guess who passed near me and greeted me?? Chimney Guy!! After I saw him I got a bit distracted and I almost became one with a tree. Luckily, he didn’t see that because he was going the other direction with his truck.

After staying one hour there with Cutie, I got back home. At 12.15pm left again to pick my daughter. Then I was supposed to pick my 3rd son but the man sent a message saying that he was going. Soon after my oldest kids got here and they all left. I kept working on the chairs. There was still a lot of work to do. I got tired and I went to bed.
Just before going to sleep, I remembered A’s comment about the MOT. He wasn’t playing at that time so I decided to look for the meaning in my Urban Dictionary.
I got this result:


I was laughing for several minutes. “No Way!! This can’t be true… I have to ask him tomorrow. First the man says I need a service and now A is saying this?!?!”.

Saturday morning I continued with the chairs with the plan to finish before 4.00pm. If I managed to do it on time, I was going to reward myself. How?? I was going to follow my Twin’s advice.
Around midmorning I got a message from A and when I replied I asked… “What was that about the MOT?” and then he explained that he meant this:



“I needed to ask because I when I searched on my Urban dictionary and I got this”, I told him about the other MOT and he replied “Noooooooooooo, never!! Hahahahhhaaahahaha” so I added: “I was sure you would never said something like that, probably you thought about it, but you’d never say it”.

At around 3.00pm I had cleaned the 180 tiles of the kitchen floor. I had to count them because after scrubbing on my knees the first 3 and ending up with my tongue out, I needed to know how many more were left. Since the floor was spotless and quoting my mom “You could eat on it”, I decided it was time to mount the chairs. I started doing it and discovered that there were a few spots that I hadn’t painted. Shit. I painted the missing parts and since it was wet, I couldn’t finish. “Never mind… I consider my job done”.

My Twin said a few weeks ago: “You have to go to a cafe. You sit there with a book, drink a coffee and see what happens”. I must try what she said since my picking up techniques SUCK… SO, I decided to go to a cafe. And because I’m not sure where the cafes are in this town, I decided to go to the main town, almost 5km/3.1 away. I didn’t want to cycle, I thought “I used to walk almost 14km/8.7mi a day… 10km should be a lot easier”. Yeah, right!!

~ by DotedOn on September 29, 2014.

6 Responses to “00:33.4”

  1. Take a notebook with you and write. Writing attracts attention. People are curious by nature.


    • Thank you Geraint! I used to keep one always with me. I took it out my bag because I’m still carrying diapers and wet wipes and it got too heavy 🙂
      Next time going out, I’ll have the notebook with me 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. No Pick Up Style Twin P,
    You need a second handbag for going out on exploring expeditions and the other is the Mom bag. Depending on who you are as a writer, you want to give right impression. If serious writer get the appropriate writing notebook, maybe a spiral or a legal pad or iPad. If you are musing, maybe it’s a nicer journal for your thoughts. You want to sent to correct message to have the right type of guy talk with you. Of course you are a mom of 5 so maybe the diaper bag in the floor is right on.
    No Pick Up Style Needed Twin M,


    • Hi No Pick Up Style Twin M,
      I think I have the perfect notebook, I only need to find it now 🙂
      The diaper bag stays at home. I’m waiting for the day I can go bag free 🙂
      In Desperate Need of a Picking Style Twin P

      Liked by 1 person

  3. u walked into town, all that way? Are you mad? Really, mad as a hatter. hahahaaaa No really though, that man needs a good kicking! Stressing you out like that. Not good! XX


    • He’s getting kicked daily… He’s experiencing how hard it’s to take care of everything alone 🙂
      I cycled today, not much better 🙂


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