Today is my 2nd son’s tenth birthday. I should be mixing the powders with milk to fill the layers of cake I bought. This afternoon the oven, two beds and the lamps should be here. I’m really sorry I didn’t manage to paint my room. I’ll have to wait a bit longer to sleep well at night.
Before I forget, these are my new chairs and table. I finished mounting them last Sunday. A lot of work but worth it. I’m so happy another thing is ready!
I still have to return the stapler… I’m thinking what I should write.


Saturday afternoon I put on my hiking shoes and off I went. I always enjoyed walking quite fast. It wasn’t really early (4.25pm when I left home) and I wanted to get back before it was dark so the quick pace made perfect sense. At about 2/3 of the way, my feet started hurting. My arms were already hurting for all the previous scrubbing. Never mind, I’m almost there. One more curve and I could see the castle of the main town.


I started to feel blister forming on my feet. I tried to avoid stepping with the part that hurt. The result was that my hip, knees and back started hurting. I got to town limping. I started walking uphill, towards the castle, where the cafes were. On the way there, I passed the first cafe. It was full of men watching football (soccer). I thought that my chance of being noticed was none. I kept walking until I got to the top. Since I was there, I decided to go into the castle and check the cafe there).



The place was full of families. Discarded.
I took a picture to see how high I was standing but it’s not very clear.


I kept walking. I got to the third place. Only old couples. Fourth place, deserted.
What the hell should I do now? Then I remembered that behind the castle there were the castle gardens (where next week the Oktoberfest Party should take place), and close to the parking place, there was a nice cafe with sidewalk and tables outside. I approached the place and checked if I liked it before crossing the street. I saw two families and a lot of men alone. I decided to go there. I chose the smallest free table facing the men (19 of them. Age between 20 and 70. They were all together, or at least, they all talked to each other.


One minute later the waiter came. “A cider please”. The guy look at me: “What?” “A cider, apple cider”. I remember some years ago I had drunk cider in Germany from a glass exactly like the one below. And the previous week, I had seen that at the wine party, they were selling it.

th (11)

“A coffee?” “No, apple cider” “Wait, I’ll bring the menu”. Then I discovered that the guy was either Russian or Polish and that his level of German was just a bit better than mine. Never mind, I’ll point at what I want.
I read the list of drinks. No cider. I ordered a sweet wine and took the book from my bag. I decided to take notes of all the events but I discovered that I didn’t have any paper. Only my pen.


I got my wine, started reading and 30 seconds later, one guy approached me. He looked at the pages of my book for a few seconds and asked: “Do you speak German?” “Very little” “Ok”. And he left. About fifteen minutes later, he came again, smiled at me, nodded and left. I noticed that he had the guilty ring. I kept drinking my wine and watching the time. “At what time the sun sets?” I was trying to remember that… “Sometime around 7.30pm?” So no longer than 7pm I had to leave. It took me 45 minutes to get there. I checked the time, 6.20pm.
A big group of Dutch people got to the place. More or less 60 of them. I was trying to understand the relation between them . Old and young, everyone talking to each other and every now and then a guy with a red t-shirt was giving some kind of instructions. The place got very noisy then.
Five minutes later the man came again, bend over and said: “You are always reading the same page”. I was very surprised because I was actually reading the book and not pretending to read. So I said: “Not true, I read all this”. And I noticed that he was VERY drunk. I wonder how he was going to get home.
Ten minutes later, I didn’t notice but the man was standing behind me, very close. When I saw him, I jumped and said: “You scared me!!!” “What?” “You SCARED me!” “Oh, I scared you” He was still behind me so he said “Sorry” and put both of his hands on my shoulders. What was that? The alcohol talking?
I checked the time 6.50pm. I better pay and leave. In that moment the guy shouted: “I’m an English speaking man!!”. I couldn’t hold my laughter. I paid and stood up to leave. While I was leaving I heard clapping and shouting but I didn’t dare to turn around. I walk 1 minute and discovered I needed to pee. Shit. I’m not going back there, I’ll die if the men say something. Because believe it or not, I’m very shy.

Aha!! The Dutch group belonged to the Classic VW Club!


“There is no way I’m going to hold the pee for 45 minutes. I’m SO glad they didn’t have the big cider!!”. My feet hurt badly. Then I saw the sun going down and remembered something I had read last week. “How was it? Every hand 10 minutes or one hour?”


It was getting really dark. I got scared so I started walking very fast. I better think in something else… Then I remembered some pictures I had taken that morning.




Men are like the birds in my garden. They get closer when the kids are not there… My chances are even smaller.

I got home. It was completely dark. I barely managed to take off my shoes. My feet were full of blisters. I run upstairs to the bathroom. I took a shower and by 10.15pm I was snoring. Everything hurt.

I have to say that the book technique worked. Bad luck I got the attention of a married man.
Next time, I’ll be taking a notebook and I’ll write.
If you have an idea, please let me know. I’ll be following all the advices. (In the name of science, of course!)

~ by DotedOn on September 30, 2014.

18 Responses to “00:34.4”

  1. The castle looks beautiful. Take a notepad next time. And hopefully you’ll have better luck.


  2. May Allah give him a long life with all blessing and protection ❤


  3. Twin P,
    Your Twin is always with you, just don’t talk to me while out by yourself. No one will come to table unless way to drunk. I so proud of you for getting out. Next time can’t you wear hiking shoes instead of boots?
    I’m slow today. Heading to nap.
    Twin M,


    • Hola Twin M 🙂
      Next time I’ll be sure to have lights on my bike and nice shoes in the saddlebag. A pen, a notepad, pepper spray, a flashlight, some plasters, my phone, tissues and the number of a taxi company… I can’t improvise 🙂
      I’m glad you are there with me (and don’t worry, I wont talk to you 😀 )
      Twin P

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank you for sharing this wonderful adventure. My heads spinning. I need to get out more 😀


  5. Wear tight jeans and a soccer shirt in the local favorite team colors. Have a pair of sporty sunglasses popular with the 20 somethings. When you see someone of interest catch their attention, hold your gaze for a 3 count, lift the glasses to the top of your head, smile, hold the smile then look down, still smiling. The only down side is you may have multiple hits at once and be forced to chose. Use this in combination with other techniques. Who Dares, Wins. Don’t forget to post pictures 🙂


  6. What a beautiful place to walk! I’m so glad you’re enjoying your new environment 🙂


  7. LoL about the man how hilarious! I knew you shouldnt have walked all that way. I hope the blisters went away quickly. You should soak your feet, pamper yourself a little bit. XX


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