After one and a half weeks of staying in kindergarten, this morning Cutie said bye to me. Huge step. Tomorrow I can actually leave instead of waiting at the reception for one hour. I’ll have to pick him 2 hours later but at least I’ll have almost 2 hours to do something. Hopefully next week, he’ll stay the entire morning.
Last week events got me thinking. Could it be that German handymen are really respectful and that’s why none of them said anything? (Please let it be it!!!).
I couldn’t stop thinking what if that situation happened in my country. Men are all different, no news there. But some men are more… how can I call it? self confident, less respectful, more daring, typical machos, etc., and those men wouldn’t have miss the chance to ask the woman out, specially if like me, I only missed the “Eat Me” sign because I was pretty much all wrapped up and had the ribbon on.

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It’s not that I have a vast experience in the matter, but I can tell that men in my country don’t wait for the second date. (Or at least the majority). You meet a guy and after 15 minutes he’ll try to grab your boob. Not all succeed but most of them will try anyway.
I can’t tell about older men, I moved abroad when I was 25 and 90% of the time I dated younger guys, still in the “hornier” period.

When my mom was around 20 years old, she was walking on the street and one man approached her, grabbed her boob, looked at her and said: “Please forgive me”. I asked my mom what did she do then and she said she was so shocked that didn’t manage to say a word.
I believe I don’t know any woman from my country who can say: “Nobody ever grabbed my ass (on the street, bus, train, subway, long line)”. It’s bad. And in some places it’s even worse.

That’s why Japanese had the great idea of creating the wagon for women.

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Many years ago, I went out with some friends. On our way back, we decided to take the bus. I remember it was very hot that day and the bus was riding with the doors open. Since we were 4, we decided to sit on the last row where there were 5 seats.

th (16)

A few stops later, a man got in the bus and took the fifth seat near me. We didn’t pay attention to him because we were talking. At one moment I looked at his side and I saw him with his pants near the knees, one hand holding a folder trying to cover the other hand that was enthusiastically caressing his most precious part. I shouted: “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?” (Even though it was pretty obvious what he was doing). So the man stood up, tried to lift his pants and jumped from the bus while it was still riding. Pretty shocking for me at the time.
Days later, I told the story to my grandma and she said: “Something similar happened to me once… The only difference was that the man “rubbed” himself on me” Eewwww….

~ by DotedOn on October 1, 2014.

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  1. Geez! That’s a reminder to never leave home without the stun gun and pepper spray. German women attract German men with beer. Apparently, beer is an aphrodisiac which explains why they like it so much. :-).


  2. Urgh!!! Some creepy dudes live in your country. Honest, I find it shocking.


    • It’s really shocking!! Sometimes it’s really hard to be a woman. Many of us keep theirs mouths shut because when we attempt to tell what had happened, we are accused of provoking it. And you get that not only from the dumbass guy at school, also from the police officer.

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  3. Hi Twin P,
    I had heard about Japanese transportation for years, grab ass and hand up the dress kind of bravado. Long tradition in many countries. I haven’t heard any stories like that in America. It could be the reason crime is so high in certain areas of each city, part of city I don’t go to. The crime ridden areas I grew up in now if I ever found myself back there it would be petal to the metal drive like a stunt woman, forget all the lights, have 911 dialed on phone ready to push, maybe even call and give street names as I pass to get to other side of town. We lived in the projects when I was born, luckily I don’t have any memories. It is common for a woman to hear plenty of cat calling walking by a construction site, it’s harmless. I can’t say I’ve had a stranger ever whip out his bits in front of me uninvited. Being from Texas, we have a pretty good reputation for be the kick ass type. I would grab the bits and find something in my purse to damage to the weirdo. I do know what you mean about guys from your country, I’ve heard some good stories. Another reason I probably haven’t encountered such disrespect is we drive everywhere. I haven’t used mass trans to get to work and around town. I’ve been on the train three times but trains coming out of the North side each car is supervised, not a speck of dirt on floor, very different from the mass trans in other areas.
    Best if you don’t wear the bow with an eat me sign. As Willy said it could cause cardiac arrest. Have a great day.

    Dough Boy Twin M,

    ie: Dough Boy is my term for full body edema. It’s quite painful. I bought a MoMo for these days. That’s just sad.


    • Dear Twin M,
      I feel terrible now because I was complaining about 2 stupid blisters on my feet! I’m sorry you are in pain, I wish I could do something.
      About the MoMo, what’s that?
      I’m glad this tiny town doesn’t have dangerous areas (or at least I don’t know about them 🙂 )
      Can I do something for you?
      Twin P

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      • Twin P,
        It’s actually a MuMu, it’s a huge very spacious dress that mostly fat people wear. Nice ones are also wore in traditional areas. It’s the only thing not constraining on my body. If I keep taking pain meds and write post about people are so much worse, my pain feels less. I get so involved in wanting to help others that the pain meds can work for a bit.
        I’m waiting to hear from the doctor if something was called in. It’s the same thing they give 99% of people here for edema. I took it many times while having cardiac problems. The pain from edema is bad, it causing cardiac problems is a much bigger issue. The Cardio just told me last week I’m at a high risk or heart attack or stroke. It’s not fun having one at home by yourself. I need to look for someone who can sit with me during the day but don’t feel like it. I bought a dictation software but have not felt like installing. My hope is thru the software I can continue to post on worst days. Maybe after I take next round of pains meds I can get that done.

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      • Twin M,
        I hope it gets much better. I hate you are so far away 🙂
        Where in Texas are you?
        Big hug without pressing any area,
        Twin P

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  4. Ghastly. Now I don’t want to go to Greece or wherever you were riding the bus…
    Can’t imagine anyone being that thoughtless or brazen here in the States – they might draw back a nub or get shanked 🙂


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  6. […] I forgot to post the search terms of the past week and the most viewed post. I think that it doesn’t matter how many boobs I flash, I’ll still be famous for the ass groping post (00:35.5) […]


  7. Perhaps I am naive and only use the bus for transportation. Like a painting that I like, I prefer to admire a derriere with my eyes. 😀

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  8. A friend once told me a similar story to your bus incident, only hers happened in an elevator. All I have to say is this world can be crazy!

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  9. I’ve never heard of such a thing. How awful for you. Here, that would be sexual harassment, subject to fines, or jail time. Oh, and thank you for visiting my page.

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  10. That is horrible. In this country that would be sexual harassment, subject to fines and/or jail time. Oh, and thank you for visiting my page.

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