Today that Cutie could stay a bit longer and I could have enough time to do a bit more, a mom from school showed up. And I also had to clean a dead mouse I found in front of the door. I have no idea what one needs to do with a dead animal. I placed it on a plastic bag (using a piece of cardboard), closed it and throw it in the garbage container. The thing is, it’ll stay there for a long time because this morning was container day and the next one is in two weeks. I hope it doesn’t start stinking.

I bought a scale. Worst purchase ever. It’s like some kind of torture device. I must be a masochist. I knew perfectly how bad I was going to feel after stepping on it, and yet, I did it.
It seems that my food for the soul wasn’t so nice after all. And I don’t need to hear things like: “You look nicer with the extra pounds, that way your guy has something to hold”.
1) no guy here
2) the only thing holding me now is the bike seat, and trust me, it’s taking revenge on every ride.
3) if I need to buy extra clothes… you don’t want to know… but you probably will.

So, I’m not buying more food for the soul until the stupid scale smiles at me again. Baking will be reduced to 3 cakes a month. Cherry pie was one. (Cinnamon rolls coming…)

Look how I look. Yes, that’s me. And no, those are not my trousers. They were given to my son who said: “NO WAY IN HELL, I’m wearing red pants… and those green ones there, either”. I had red pants years ago so I said: “I will put them on, who knows… maybe they fit”. No, they didn’t fit…

(And that’s a pocket, in case you wonder)… Photoshop people, here is a challenge for you.


I can’t explain how loud my kids where laughing (they got to see the front view too).

I didn’t forget my birds. In fact, I saw new ones. The most amazing (and this will surprise you), it’s a pigeon.

Some weeks ago I placed some corn in the birdhouse. I was very disappointed that I didn’t get any magpie. Then I decided to move the corn to another place, the little round thing close to the birdhouse. And I also discovered that it’s a fountain!! One of this days I’m going to find out how it works.
Next day I saw a pigeon and I thought it was a huge collared pigeon, then I looked better and saw it was different. And also I understood why it didn’t go to the birdhouse, it’s HUGE .

The common wood pigeon (Columba palumbus or Palumbus palumbus) is a large species in the dove and pigeon family. The size varies from 38–44.5 cm (15.0–17.5 in) and 300–615 g (10.6–21.7 oz), It has some white on its neck and wing. Most of its diet is vegetable, taken from open fields or gardens and lawns; young shoots and seedlings are favoured, and it will take grain, pine nuts, and certain fruits and berries. In the autumn they also eat figs and acorns, and in winter buds of trees and bushes. They will also eat larvae, ants, and small worms. ZThey need open water to drink and bathe in.

Die Ringeltaube (Palumbus palumbus)

Die Ringeltaube (Palumbus palumbus)

You should see that bird holding a corn in its beak. Or eating it. I couldn’t get a good picture of it.



Anyway, I think some mammal helped eating the corns during the night.


I’m late now!

sources: wikipedia.org


~ by DotedOn on October 7, 2014.

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  1. Lol, I just hate it when the dryer shrinks my clothes! 😀 Scales are evil, yet I check my each time I go in the bathroom. We have a love hate relationship. Mostly hate!


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