Yesterday I said to the teacher: “The man is bringing Cutie and we can’t pick him up 2 hours later. These are my phone numbers, if he cries, call me”.
I said t hat because I thought I could use the four hours to do something, like painting, removing wall paper, a load of wash, cleaning… But it’s all different today. I feel like crap, it’s 10am and I only managed to drink two teas. And I’m boiling more water. This is not how I expected. I better do something.
A couple of days ago, I wrote about feeling safe here. For someone like me, with trust issues, that’s really something! I feel like crap, but I’m smiling.

Here is the only (?) touristic attraction of the town (village?). The Mill.


It’s called OstmΓΌhle. It’s over 250 years old and a couple of weeks ago it was its birthday. You guessed correctly, there was a party!! I said to my kids, let’s go to the party!! They were not really convinced about going so I used the “Maybe you meet some friends from school” line.
The mill is placed on the highest part of the village and to my surprise, it’s still working. There is also a bakery attached to it (and a promise to get bread from there soon).

Can you see the skyscrapers? Me neither.


We didn’t know it was still working until we decided to go in. I had been in a mill before but only on the lowest level and there was nothing in it.
This time, we got to see the three other floors and the flour.

This one is the top floor. That wheel is the one that turns when the blades rotate.


That’s where the grain goes.


I can’t remember what’s that.


There is where the flour comes.


It’s clear that I’ll never work as a touristic guide.

This is a view from the third floor. You can see the party going on. The stands selling the typical products of the area. Apple juice, baskets, some food I couldn’t tell what it was, sausages. A spin the wheel game for kids. Some air things to jump on , also for kids. And on the back you can see the tent where the band was playing (about 30 people playing instruments, mostly wind instruments).


After the visit to the mill, I said to my kids: “Let’s take a walk around” “Mom, everybody is OLD” “I know, I’ll never meet my Pablo here… But maybe I get to meet his parents”.


And those are my kids asking: “Can we go home now?”



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  2. I like it, you’re getting out, rubbing elbows with the locals. Don’t think he’ll be Pablo when you meet him but that’s not the point. Now you have the kids a talent scouts. They are good indicator for the inside of a person. If they don’t like kids, kids can smell it and that one’s out. Food for thought. Double dope and trying for sleep now. Tomorrow I download new Barbara Streisand cd. It’s all duets and John Mayer and Josh Groban are on it. That has my name on it, plus its good sleeping music.


    • Yes, I’m getting out. And I also asked some moms to tell me when there is another party… One said: there are many! But I’m not telling because that it’s worth a post (or two!!).
      And you are right, someone who doesn’t like kids, it’s automatically OUT.
      I hope you are listening to good sleeping music now too πŸ™‚

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  3. Paola, you’re always smiling, even when you feel like crap. And you make me smile. Sometimes feeling like crap means we need to slow down on all the work–just take pictures! πŸ˜‰ You may not be a tourist guide but you should be the photographer–it is your calling, I believe. Thank you for sharing those and the story behind the mill. Never knock old people–they have sons/grandsons! πŸ˜€


  4. Great pictures. I have never seen the inside of a wind mill before. I can check that off my bucket list now :-). I think it’s remarkable they care enough to keep it in good repair and even still use it.


  5. Great photos. Your Pablo will show up. You won’t be expecting him, but he’ll show up.


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