I feel even crappier than yesterday. No energy at all. I couldn’t do much and that really make things worse. I kind of unpacked 3 of the 4 bags. It took almost two months. I hate everything going so slow. It’s getting cold and I need the winter clothes soon. More unpacking coming this days.
Since I didn’t feel like doing anything that required strength, I started a new project.
Revamping a lamp that the previous tenant left hanging in one of the bedrooms.


I thought it was going to be easier. The after pictures as soon as I finish the work.

Yesterday evening, my son called me to tell me that he had forgotten his phone and some money that he was supposed to take to school today. He said he was going to come before taking the bus. That meant that I had to wake up early to open the door for him.
After talking to him, I had to talk with the man. Big fight again and 1.5hrs on the phone. Moments before saying bye, he mentioned his new girlfriends. Yes S in the end. First he said 2 and then, since he sucks at lying, I discovered that he has contact with 4, but that he chatted with many more. I said: “You’ll end up with nothing. There is nothing worse than discovering that your guy is not exclusive. And you don’t know how to lie”. “I just messaged one and said I was talking to you, what’s the problem?” “I can tell you what’s the problem… or you can wait till we hang up and see it for yourself” “This one is quite jealous” “What did you expect? Is this the 40+ you told me last time?” “No, this one is 34” “Divorced?” “No” “Children?” “No” “Hahahahahahaa, last train?” “Yes…. They fall into two categories. The divorcees are all 40+. Then around 35 is the “Last Train” category. And there is a gap between 35 and 40″ “Then the market is good for you”.
We hung up and agreed we were not going to fight again. (Until this afternoon, when he comes to pick the kids and I probably forgot to give them something…).

My alarm woke me at 7.13am, I put on a sweater and went downstairs to wait for them by the door. I was cold. At 7.35am I called the man: “What happened?” “We had to choose, the phone or the bus. We chose the bus. I gave him all the money I had, can I go to your house to pick the money you were going to give to him?” “Ok”. So I thought, he comes now and I go back to bed.
But he didn’t come until 7.55am. So I went upstairs, to the bathroom’s window, to look outside.
I saw this blackbird. (Or is it a crow?). It made me smile. I’m happy I could take a picture of it. Let’s say that the bird saved the man.


After he left, I went back to bed and stayed until past 10.30am. I know I could sleep from 8 something till 9.00am and then a little more until 10.00am. But I still don’t feel good.
And now it’s time to go and pick my kids. I’m going to hate this day… And it’s hard to believe it, but I’m smiling. Thank you Twin for the pictures!


~ by DotedOn on October 9, 2014.

10 Responses to “00:43.5”

  1. Hey Crazy Twin P,
    Go read my post. That’s great he is trolling the internet. The more he is entertained the less you have to deal with his bullshit. This crap about changing plans and not calling is still control, you can’t put up with that. You left to get away from his abuse, you’ve come so far. Don’t let his dump on you like that.
    Loving Twin M


  2. Willy sent you a wee dragon hug to help you feel better. Everytime he does that, something good happens. šŸ™‚


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