Sunday. Bloody Sunday. And foggy and cold. I need to catch up reading blogs, I’ll do it this evening. I hate to accumulate them and I hate even more not reading them. My kids around don’t let me do much. I hope I get to finish unpacking the kids clothes today. There are a few things that I’d love to do before 2.30pm. Until 4.00pm there is a flea market in a tiny village between this one and the main town. I hope it’s as big as the size of the signs all around. I want a couple of bedside tables and lamps. If I find what I want, I want to see how we’ll transport everything home. I’ll take the iPod because I’m sure it’ll make a great story.

th (29)

That reminds me the day we found a ladder on the street the day of the man’s birthday. Guess what he got? I saw that ladder and fell in love with it. I said to my kids: “I want that ladder” “Ok” and they kept walking. “I mean, I want you to help me take that ladder home” “But it’s miles away” “Yes, we take turns”. So I made my kids carry the ladder home. It’s a painter ladder, those old fashioned made of wood. It’s the ladder I’m using now to do everything because the man decided to bring it here, instead of bringing my aluminum ladder, the one I bought after 4 years of begging him to get a ladder so I didn’t have to ask him to get some things for me, and he never would have the time to do it. He doesn’t know I prefer this one. That’s why he kept the other one.


I’m not sure if you ever wondered why all the clocks on the top left have written “Created by Paint X”. I browse digital clocks and of course I never find what I’m looking for, so I need to rearrange, paint, flip, cut and paste what I found to have what I want. I use Paint X to do it because I couldn’t understand how to use any other program. I hate that it leaves a signature every time. I’ll be downloading another program soon, (as soon as I find out how to do it). Making that little clock takes quite a lot of time. I started that system because it was supposed to be temporary. Now I’m stuck with it. Once I reach 59 I’m supposed to go back to 0. And add a 1 in front. Making again the stupid clock every day. Or thinking about something else.

Yesterday it was the Oktoberfest Party somewhere. Probably the Biergarten bellow was full of people. I doubt it.


Last week I asked one mom: “Do you go out? I mean, is there a group of school moms getting together (without kids) to go out sometime??” “Yes of course!!” I believe you could see my eyes sparkling then. She continued: “The last Thursday of the month, we go to church and then we have breakfast together”. I believe you could see how my eyes lost the sparkle that very second.
I needed to ask: “At 8am?” “Nooooooo, about 9”. It’s hard sometimes to keep the smile. I didn’t know if I wanted to laugh or cry.

So I guess my next Oktoberfests will be like the one I had home yesterday.



After drinking that, my kids put on some music and I was dancing. I didn’t know my second son was filming me. Now my kids are threatening me to upload the video on YouTube. I LOVE MY KIDS!!


~ by DotedOn on October 12, 2014.

12 Responses to “00:46.5”

  1. Ah! A YouTube fest! That could make you very famous 🙂


  2. Haha! I immediately pictured your smile turning from up to down on that ‘last Thursday of the month’ gathering! 🙂 With your kids you have enough to create your own party–however, minus the sparkly, lol!


  3. minus mom party twin p,
    so you actually drank a whole beer? no wonder the kids had something film. a drunken lady trying to dance and not fall in the floor. i take it the flea market didn’t have what you were looking for. you are the boss, change the damn if you want to. i don’t understand this time keeping system and read the post. a little better today, glad the three additional meds weren’t bad. the malaria meds suck, it would take the safari of my dreams to go that. still take several malaria meds, guess my is getting used to. haven’t spent much time on computer, like you hope to catch up on reading my favs.
    no need for mom parties twin m 🙂


    • Hola Twin!
      The time keeping system is supposed to be a clock. Every day is one minute. The seconds are supposed to be the time of the day.
      0 goes from midnight till 2.40am
      1 goes from 2.40am till 5.20am
      2 goes from 5.20am till 7.00am
      3 goes from 7.00am till 9.20am
      4 goes from 9.20am till noon
      5 goes from noon till 2.40pm
      6 goes from 2.40pm till 5.20pm
      7 goes from 5.20pm till 7.00pm
      8 goes from 7.00pm till 9.20pm
      9 goes from 9.20pm till midnight

      (I designed while sober… I guess I should drink 3 wines and think of a new one soon :))

      I’m glad the meds are better of what you expected 🙂
      Twin P

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