I feel bad because I still couldn’t catch up reading. I can see only from yesterday evening till now, 17 new posts… Plus the other 30 that w ere waiting. I’ll try to read when my kids leave this evening, after building my bed. I don’t want to sleep with my kids anymore. I have three days to finish the bedrooms and I don’t care how, I’ll do it.
My flea market experience was half successful. I got 5 lamps but no little tables because there were no little tables anywhere.

You can see there two lamps for the bedside table and one with two spots.


I always wanted a lamp like this one. I think it’ll go in the entrance hall.


And… OMG when I saw that lamp I couldn’t resist. That will go in my living room. I don’t give a shit if it’s not the same style of the rest, because I put here what I like and what I want. It’s MY house… My kids loved it too. So that’s more than enough. I’ll see if I can get it shining soon.


I also bought a bowl full of forks, spoons and knives. A couple of days ago, I had to hand wash one spoon… It’s not going to happen again!!

And all that for the incredible price of 23 euros!! (29 dollars!!).

Later in the evening, I sent my 3rd son and daughter to take a shower. Cutie decided to join them. After a while, I heard some splashing and thought that my kids had filled the shower compartment and made a little bathtub. I asked my older son to check what they were doing (I was getting today’s lunch boxes ready and I really wanted to finish that). He didn’t want to go. My second son didn’t want to go either.
Minutes after, I heard the water coming downstairs. Apparently the water had overflowed and it was everywhere…
I shouted at my older kids to GO upstairs and check.
Soon my second son was saying:”MOM, YOU DON’T WANT TO SEE THIS”. “NO!, I don’t want to see it and I won’t see it. Because YOU are going to DRY EVERYTHING NOW”.
I think they took about half an hour drying the bathroom. There is no drainage on the floor. (In my country there is always a drainage hole on the floor, in every kitchen and bathroom…) Here, you have to collect the water with a cloth.
I asked my kids if the basket with the dirty clothes was wet. They said it was SOAKING, so I asked them to bring it to me to wash.
Then I went upstairs and I was MAD. My kids knew it, so they went to sleep soon.

When my kids were sleeping, I decided to keep working on the ugly brown lamp (the one I showed last week). I was painting for about one hour. Then it was quite late, but I still had to wait until the washing machine stopped so I could load the drier.
After that, I only wanted to take a shower and go to bed. I went upstairs, turned on the bathroom light and discovered that the water wasn’t all. Since they had a big bathtub (bathroom size), they decided to add some “Wet Toilet Paper Fun”.
I’m not sure if you ever did it before, but once you throw a wet ball and it hits the wall, it spreads just like water, leaving the tiny pieces of paper stuck.


Imagine that view, all over the bathroom.
Today, it’s all dried and really hard to remove. I said to my younger kids this morning: “I took a picture of the bathroom. When you come back from school, you’ll get a cloth. You go upstairs and you clean it. If you don’t clean it, I’ll send the picture to the owner of the house and let him decide what it’s best to do”.
They’ll probably need a putty knife too. I don’t care. Children work? I don’t care. They better leave the bathroom spotless.

The owner of the house would probably laugh his ass off after seeing that, but my kids don’t know it, so I’ll keep making the amazingly nice guy into a monster, just for my convenience.


~ by DotedOn on October 13, 2014.

4 Responses to “00:47.4”

  1. I used to throw wet paper towels at the ceiling at school. Never at home though.


  2. If I was still a practicing Catholic I’d be crossing myself right now and saying, “Peace Be With You” !

    The lamp find: Good!
    The bath story: Bad! 😀


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