I really have very little time today and A LOT to write. I tried to catch up reading blogs yesterday, for 4 hours and I only got till the posts published until Sunday morning. I’m not happy about it.
It’s past 10am and I only had breakfast. Nothing done. Guilt is coming, I can see it clearly.

A few days after Cutie started kindergarten, I met a mom. She’s German and about 1.88m/6’2″ft. I look like a mushroom standing next to her. She’s very nice and can speak Portuguese. I know a few words in Portuguese so we can communicate quite good.
Yesterday, she saw me and asked me: “How are you doing? Still happy here?” “Yes, very happy! Only a boyfriend missing” And I laughed. I saw she didn’t really laugh… OK… I continued: “Do you have a brother for me?” She got a bit serious and answered: “No, I don’t” and I could read her mind thinking ‘what a nerve this woman!!’… Then I said in English: “I miss having a boyfriend, my relationship ended VERY long ago” “So who was that man I met last week?” “That’s the father of my kids, we are not longer together, I live here alone with the kids” “OOOOHhhhhhhhhh, now I understand!” So she laughed and asked: “How old are you?” “42” “No way!! You look younger?” “Like 41??” She was laughing and then she said: “I have someone for you! My neighbor!!” “How old is he?” “38” “Handsome?” “Hmmm…. I couldn’t say, but he owns a farm. He has chicken, cows,……..” After cows my eye started twitching so I really couldn’t hear about the other stuff. Then she added: “You come to my house and you can check him out. If you like him, I arrange a date” “OK!!”.

Later I got home and had to talk to the man about the kids and picking up times and boring stuff. I have no idea how our conversation led us to talk about his new girl and I let the word Psycho slipped my mouth. That part of the conversation is worth a full post… Coming tomorrow I think.
A couple of hours later, the man came to pick the kids. He wanted to know if I finally met someone… I’m not sure what this man thinks, but from Friday till today and with the kids with me all the time, the chance of meeting someone is pretty small. Anyway, just because he DESERVED to know, I said: “Not yet, I have to go and check if I like him” “Who???” “A man” “How old?” “38” “Younger than me?” “Yep, you know me” “Who’s this man?” “I told you, someone who I could meet anytime soon” “Do you like him?” “I told you I don’t know him yet” “Ah ok” Ah ok??? So you DESERVE to know a bit more. “The truth is that I like another one” “Eh? Who?” “Someone I met” “Where?” “Here, there” “How old” “Older” “Like 55, 50?” “Probably” “So you don’t know him” “Yes I do” “Do you know his name?” “Yes” “So you talked to him” “Yes, several times” “And why didn’t you go out with him?” “It could still happen”.
When they were in the car and about to leave I asked again to my kids: “Are you COMPLETELY sure that you didn’t forget anything? Because if you did, bad luck. I won’t sleep here tonight”. The man’s eyes left their sockets “Where are you going?” “None of your business” My son asked: “Really?” “No, not really, I just don’t want you waking me up. Because I may not be alone?” I could see the man turning a bit nervous. And my kids asking: “Really?” “Maybe… But don’t try to come and find out because I will disconnect the bell. And if you think that you can go to the yard and find the hidden key and get in the house, you are wrong. I’m taking that key. So… If you really didn’t forget anything, I’ll see you tomorrow”.

I’m not sure if I’m proud about what I said. I’ll rewrite that. I’m so proud of what I said!! The man spent many years telling me things like: “You are lucky to have me, otherwise, who do you think that will take you?”
He wanted to know… what can I say? I’m a pleaser.


~ by DotedOn on October 14, 2014.

2 Responses to “00:48.4”

  1. Be careful what you share with him Paola. You never know what a narcissist will do. He clearly doesn’t want YOU having a new life.


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