So I was talking with the man on Monday and he said that last Saturday he spent the day with his new girl. OK. “And you won’t believe this!” “What?” “She used to date Cees Jan!” “My Cees Jan?” (Actually, he was never mine, but since we know more than one guy with that name, that was the identification we gave to him). Very nice guy. We worked together and he had a thing for me for months but I had a boyfriend then (Holiday Guy). And this really deserves another post.
The conversation went on. “Small world” “But that’s not all”. He said, that when they were walking to take the train, they passed the office of his “friend” (his psychiatrist) and he said to the girl: “This is the office of my analyst”. At that moment, his new girl went pale and got very agitated. “What’s wrong?” “That’s the same analyst of my ex” “What a small world!!! ” “Did you mention me? Did you tell my name?” “No” “Ok then, if you do, use another name”… After I heard that I said: “Imagine what the Psycho has to hide!!” “Psycho??” OOOOPPPSSSS!!!!! That one was hard to resuscitate… “Yes, I think she’s a bit psycho. She was researching on you (and me) and I thought it was a bit strange. If she wanted to do it, she could do it.. But later, telling you that she did it and that she knows so much about you… I read it as: ‘I’m watching you'” “Ohh.. I didn’t think about it… ” “But really, it’s a small world” “It is…” “And is your “friend” helping her ex?” “Not really, she says her ex is crazier than ever” “Aha! I believe it, I’m not sure your “friend” is really helping you either… I always told you that she sees you like a few square meters on the new house she’s building” “It helps talking to her” “I’m sure it does help to talk, but I don’t think she’s doing a great job… When she said that she was sad that I felt that way when you showed her the Power and Control Wheel, all my suspicions were answered” “What are you saying?” “That you probably need another psychiatrist”.
At that point, I decided to change subject. He wanted to know why some things didn’t work between us… That was a quite long conversation. Among other things, I said that he kept saying and promising things and when I was really enthusiastic about them, he changed the plans. Like what he did in the beginning of this year when we were considering about moving to the USA. Since November last year, I kept asking him to see how the Green Card Lottery worked and to call the embassy, look for a job there, and things like that. He never cared about it.

Then we hung up. Later he came to pick the kids and then I told him about the farmer and the other guy. Then he mentioned something about being careful if I don’t know the person. Not to trust someone I barely know. So I said: “The same goes to you” “I know this girl for a long time” “How much is a long time?” “One month” “One month!?!?!?… It’s ok, I’m not judging, I know myself, I’m the kind of person who can fall madly in love in one hour and marry in Las Vegas”. He got serious and said: “She wants to go to Las Vegas” “Ahahahahhhahahahahhhahahhhahaahaaha ‘Last Train’ wants to take you to Vegas??” I couldn’t hold it… It came straight from inside and left like a rocket. You should have seen the man’s face. I need to add now, some men are SLOOOOOOWWWWWW. “Is that why one goes to Las Vegas?” “That’s one of the reasons”. And my son added: “You can also go to see the fake Elvis Presleys” I had tears in my eyes and my stomach hurt from laughing so hard…

Yesterday, I found a message on my screen. It was this link. https://www.dvlottery.state.gov Green Card Lottery. You don’t need to click on it. I thought, “Of course!! Now that I’m settling and might find someone, he wants me to apply for the lottery”. Guess what, I’m not doing it. I still dream of moving to the USA, but it won’t be when he decides it.

Later in the evening, he came to pick the kids. As soon as he entered this house, the WIFI activated on his phone. He heard a “TING” and checked it. There was a picture there… He stood watching for a few seconds… Then he turned the phone and showed it me.


I said: “Andy Garcia… Hmmmm, I don’t think you look like him” “No, the hair” “Your hair doesn’t look like his.” “I said to her (new girl) that I was getting a hair cut and she sent me this picture”. So many thoughts came to my mind in one second!!! “What’s wrong? Are you jealous?” “Of what?” “Of her choosing my hairstyle?” “Noooo, not at all. I thought it was funny”. I actually thought SHE’S A PSYCHO!! But I kept it for me that time.

One second before leaving he said: “Cees Jan remembers you” “Of course he does!!”. You should have seen his face… “Did something happen between you two?” That question made me laugh… And he got very nervous and asked again… “Did something happen between you two?” “Does it make any difference?” “Did something happen between you two?”. I had to make him suffer a bit (more)…So I said a weak “NO”… He didn’t believe it. His problem.
And that’s called PAYBACK (and I own him SOOOOO much!!).


~ by DotedOn on October 15, 2014.

4 Responses to “00:49.5”

  1. omg paola, sooo funny! love the bit about vagus! Payback, heโ€™s probably still wondering, and I say good! Let him wonder a little longer!


  2. Twin P,
    She will move from Psycho to stalker very quickly! There’s no coincidence that many times. She may make the perfect partner for him. Keeps him from yelling at you. My concern is the kids being around this women and how does he act in front of them.
    Twin M


    • Twin M,
      my kids kind of know the man has a girlfriend (they heard me making fun of her the other day ๐Ÿ™‚ ). They never met her. The man is much sweeter these days and I hope it lasts for very long time. If the man is happy, we are all happy. He’s nice with the kids when he’s happy.
      Could you sleep a bit?
      My friend is coming in minutes, I didn’t manage to fill all the forms by myself… Hideous job!
      Twin P


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