Before I forget, I want to show you the gardener I get to see every time. The guy across the street. The guy for whom I hung a curtain on the window of my bathroom. And I did it because I can’t do CPR.
Ladies and Gentlemen, here is Helmut.
I’m sorry I couldn’t take a better picture. I used the “tying the shoelaces trick”. But after one minute on the floor and the guy looking every now and then to see how dumb I was because I didn’t succeed tying the laces, I decided to let go. That was the best shot I got. I will try again, of course. Or better, I’ll send my girl, she has a lot of experience sneaking and taking pictures.


“Mom, is that Helmut?” “Yes” “He’s a mix between nonno (the man’s dad) and Homer Simpson” Hahahhahahhaha, my kids always make me laugh.

I don’t remember anymore if I did or I didn’t write about how I met the man. I know for sure I wrote about how I met Holiday Guy (the reason why I moved to Cowshitland. If you want to know, read this, https://dotedon.wordpress.com/2014/03/08/517-days-to-go/ When I mention the cat, it’s the man. He was the cat for a few weeks when he went to Boston to see if we could move there. While he was the cat, my kids and I were the mice… When the cat is away, the mice will play. Remember these?



In October 1997 I started working at the call center for Philips products. The call center was based in Cowshitland and people from all over the world who could speak any European language was working there.
The people was the only nice thing about the job. I met there Cees Jan. Very nice Dutch guy. He worked the same shifts I did and if we could choose, we sat always near each other. He knew I had a boyfriend so he was always very polite. He also knew that I wasn’t really happy with holiday guy at the moment.
One day, early in December, I got a phone call from a guy in Italy having problems with his monitor. I was supposed to take the monitor’s information and tell the guy when someone was going to his house to swap the monitor. Something I had done thousand times before. Then the guy explained that this was not a common monitor and that the procedure was a bit different: “Ok, let me check, please”. I went to ask the supervisor and he said the guy was right, to let him call in one hour because something needed to be done. The man called again in one hour but of course, the stupid supervisor hadn’t done his job. Meantime, the guy was angry at me. I apologized to the guy and ask him to call again later. He called again, nothing was done. His level of patience was near 0. He was totally right. I truly didn’t know how to apologize to the guy anymore. The fourth time he called I put him on hold, went to the supervisor and didn’t give a shit if I got fired after that but I told him exactly how I felt… It was more I shouted exactly how I felt. I was trembling when I went back to the phone and more or less advised the guy to buy a Sony next time.
After I hung up, I started to cry and couldn’t take any phone call anymore. I went to the cafeteria. There was no way for me to stop. My boss was there trying to calm me down. Nothing… I was sobbing. I was trying to explain to her that my Italian wasn’t that good and that it was really frustrating trying to explain the poor customer how everything in the company sucked. In the smokers area, two guys were talking. One was Nick (I wrote a post about him, the super handsome guy who died a few years ago), and the other one, I had never seen before. Two minutes later, my boss called the other guy. (And that seems to be a constant in my life… The other guy).
She introduced me to the man… She said: “You can practice Italian with him.” I smiled and said “OK”.
Next day, I went to work and choose a hidden place, far away from everyone I knew. I expected everyone asking me what had happened the previous day and I really didn’t feel like explaining. After a few hours, I was on the phone and the man approached me, put the hand in his pocket and gave me a book. At that moment, freaking Cupid shot me an arrow. I was speechless (and trust me, that’s not easy to accomplish).
A few days later, my sister was getting married and I was supposed to go to the wedding with Holiday Guy. At the time, things were really not good between us. Plus, I had the man interfering my thoughts more than what I wanted.
One day before leaving, the man came to me and said: “Pensami” (think of me). Guess what happened next? I spent the three weeks of holidays thinking of him. Things with Holiday Guy were really bad. I couldn’t stand him anymore. But he didn’t give me any real reason for me to leave him. So I waited for something to happen so I had an excuse. One day late in January, a very stupid thing happened and I took the chance and left him (I’m not proud of that). You can read about it here, second to last paragraph https://dotedon.wordpress.com/2014/04/11/483-days-to-go/
End of February, the man was my boyfriend. Cees Jan came to me and asked: “Is he really your boyfriend?” “Yes” “What does he have that I don’t have?” “Nothing” “But why?” “I don’t know, because he saw me crying” “I saw you crying too!!!”. I felt terrible.

I’m such a sucker. Falling for the cheesiest line and the most insignificant gesture…
One day I will write some of the lines/gestures I fell for. You will think I’m an idiot (and you may be right!). The worst part is, do you think I learned the lesson?


~ by DotedOn on October 16, 2014.

9 Responses to “00:50.3”

  1. We all stumble over the same lessons all the time. Don’t beat yourself up.


  2. Hot to trot Twin P
    It’s the hot blooded Argentinian in you. Why you needed an excuse, to young or not confident. I know better today. Love runs deep in your veins. We live and learn. It’s hilarious you pretending to tie shoes to get photo. The neighborhood now knows how crazy you are. That’s good, only the crazy neighbors are worthy of being your friend. The others to boring for you or they run because you’re so crazy.
    Doughboy Twin M


    • Hi Twin 🙂
      Do you think that my blood got cold with the age?? 😀
      Yes, slowly everyone knows I’m crazy 🙂
      Holiday Guy was sooooo nice… I got bored. Then I got the opposite, not good either… My mom always says: “There are many shades of gray, with you is always black or white”…
      Feeling any better?
      Twin P

      Liked by 1 person

  3. love the fact that you took this picture in secret ;]


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