I couldn’t catch up reading blogs. I’m really sorry about it. I’ll try to do it as soon as possible, I know I will.

Saying that lately I’m a bit distracted, it’s an understatement. I wonder if my wish of having partial amnesia came true. I forgot almost all the birthdays of the past weeks and yesterday also Mother’s Day. It was Mother’s Day in my country. I have to thank my dad who sent me a message congratulating me and that reminded me to call my mom. I know she wouldn’t get mad at me if I forgot… But I know how mad I would have been at myself if I did. The forgotten birthdays are killing me already.

Things like this are happening very often. I realized I had mismatching shoes more or less one hour later. (Yes, flip flops and socks because while I’m at home nobody sees me!!)


I wonder how many other things I miss…


Going to the store wearing the tiara, was not accident. I just wanted to see the people’s reaction. They stared at it… It’s like when you see someone you don’t really know that well who has a piece of lettuce between their teeth… You keep staring at it but you don’t mention it…
Then you get home and find the piece of lettuce (or toilet paper hanging out your pants) and recall all the places where you’d been earlier… And why nobody told you about it. Same reason why you don’t tell about it. And what’s that reason? Aha!!

Not matching buttons and holes is accidental. I’m glad I’m not wearing any shirt now. (That sounded provoking… I’ll leave it like that).
Putting on the t-shirt with the wrong side out, accidental too. Finding out about it in the evening, kind of worrying.

That reminds me of the day of the International Evening at the previous school. One of my kids classes was representing Southern Asia. Amazing food. The classroom was decorated beautifully and some of the girls were wearing saris. As soon as I entered the classroom, one girl put a third eye on me… She used a mix of spices. I had an orange spot between my eyes. I totally forgot about it.
Later that evening we had to come and see this house. I was waiting for that day for weeks. As you know, I really needed to move out.
The owner, the man of the agency and the tenant, kept looking at my forehead… I kept asking the man: “Does my hair look ok?” “Yes”… Strange.
When I got home, I went to the bathroom and saw my third eye (that by the way, it was a squint-eye): “WHY NOBODY TOLD ME I STILL HAD THE THIRD EYE??” My kids were laughing, one said : “I thought you liked it”.
Maybe the third eye help to get this house, who knows. We had the plan to go there and leave the kids in the car. We also had taken care of putting the sun filter panels so you couldn’t see inside. We thought: “Who will rent a house to a family with 5 kids??” (I still didn’t tell the owner it’s only me… I’ll do it soon and I’ll tell you why. (And it’s not because maybe he has a brother).

We got here and the man of the agency was waiting. He said: “Are the kids not coming?” “No, it’s better if they stay in the car”. The car was moving and A LOT of screaming was coming from there… The guy then asked: “How many kids are in there” “Frijidjkfbs” “Sorry?” “Ffffffgjskfg” “I couldn’t understand” “Five”. I said finally… “FIVE KIDS??!?” Shit, I thought… I really need this house. I couldn’t stay with the man in Cowshitland one more second.
The guy said: “This is a three bedrooms house AND I’m not sure the owner would like so many kids living here”… Even my third eye was weeping.

We entered the house. I loved it. Even with the 70’s look, I loved it.
Then we went to the backyard and I saw the pond, I swear, it spoke to me. All I could think was: “I really want this house”. One second later the owner came. The agency guy introduced us and said: “They are interested in the house BUT they have 5 kids” “So what??”. Oh my God I could have kissed him… Now that I think of it, it was the power of the third eye!!

~ by DotedOn on October 20, 2014.

16 Responses to “00:54.4”

  1. Belated Happy Mother’s day! Don’t worry about catching up reading blogs. Take care of you and your family – the blogs will always be here. 🙂


    • Thank you Rob! 🙂
      (I wish it were that easy not to worry about some stuff… And you are right, the blogs will always be there (and the posts accumulated on them, even more!!) 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You don’t need to worry about other blogs, you have a busy life to lead. And your own great blog to look after :]


  3. It’s not amnesia. It’s going in a million directions at once. It’s being a mother. It’s hormones. It’s (fill in the blank)! Ok, maybe it IS the wine 😀


  4. Where I come from, the third eye has some serious connotation. This is a good post! 😀


  5. OMG… this was fabulous. Huge hugs.


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