I’m a bit off today. I slept really bad. It’s cold, foggy, rainy, dark and ugly. I feel like I’m matching the weather. My kids have 2 weeks of fall holidays and on the first one, they’ll be here with me. Maybe that’s the reason. Not only nothing will get done, the mess will multiply and I won’t have a free moment…
My oldest son is really testing my patience. So are the other 4. I remember never saying to my parents: NO, I WON’T DO IT. At least, not before I was 18. Kids these days… Or parents these days? We also have more things to do than only take care of the kids.

A few weeks ago, Cutie took some Lego sword that my older kids had built and throw it in this hole below…

IMG_8020 (1)

I have no idea how that’s called but if you go to the basement and look outside the window, you see the bottom of the hole. My older kids tried to fish the sword but couldn’t do it. Then they went to the basement and discovered that they could remove some metallic nets that are blocking the window and then take the sword.
My oldest son opened the window and when he was reaching out to take the sword, something jumped and touched his arm. He screamed. He was totally shocked. Immediately they closed the window and the operation was terminated.
Then they all went upstairs to look what it was. After a few moments, they saw that it was a frog. For a few days they wondered how they could rescue the frog without actually touching it. Then they asked me. I said: “I’ll help you build a trap if you help me tidy the house”. To my surprise, they helped me tidy the house. So I took a bucket and said: “Catch it here”. I still can’t believe why they didn’t think of that. Good for me.

They went to the basement again and tried for a while to catch the frog without success. They were complaining. My second son got tired, took a garden glove, caught it, put it in the bucket, covered it with a cardboard and then they all came very proud to tell me they had the frog.

IMG_8011 (1)

“Perfect!! Now we can go to release it in the pond. I have the feeling that this frog is my Prince Charming. I’ll be kissing it next time I see it.” “Mom, you are disgusting.”

IMG_8012 (1)

I believe I see a blond prince there. Great!! I always had a thing for blonds. And all the other colors.


And there he is, on a lotus leaf, looking gorgeous.


~ by DotedOn on October 25, 2014.

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  1. That’s a cute frog. Where I grew up, near a river, we had toads. Very big ugly frogs…..but we still picked them up 🙂


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  3. Cutie leads the gang in a memorable adventure and your Prince Charming is freed from the dungeon that separated the two of you. Now, about that kiss…..🐸 Prince Charming awaits.


  4. Seeking Prince Charming Twin P
    Just remember you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find Prince Charming. When you have a team of boys you will have on going adventures. Your oldest is going to work hard to test you and keep the others in trouble.
    I’ve had a few blondes in my life, not many but when you’re looking for Mr Right hair doesn’t really play a role. How many natural blondes come from your country? I would guess not many. Keep the kids working while they have a week at home, then you have the house to yourself for a week? Does the three day plan not apply during the holiday. I can’t wait to hear how many times the man freaks having the kids for a week. He’ll talk nice to you for at least a week, then back to normal.
    Feeling Better Twin M 😀


    • Hola Twin M!
      Nice that you are feeling better!!
      You can’t imagine how many frogs I kissed… even a toad or two 🙂
      My oldest is about to suffer a ball cutting from my side if he keeps his behavior.
      I don’t mind the color or if he has or not hair… I can see through the package (thank goodness!!).
      The man’s limit is 3 days, after that, he gets crazy. His problem 🙂
      Yes, house to myself for a week! 🙂
      Looking and Not Finding Twin P


  5. Oh Paola, you’re describing my weather here in Oregon–Happy Light weather!! 😦
    But your photos are awesome, as usual! 🙂


    • Hi Mandy… The weather sucks… It rains every day, very good for the freaking grass that’s waiting for me for 4 weeks… You’ll hear me sobbing when I take the mower (unless is the one I can seat on!!! 😀 )

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  6. Adorable! You crack me up :).


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