Very productive day yesterday. While I was writing, my 2nd son went upstairs and folded all the wash that was laying on my bed. Now there is only one wash from yesterday and I’ll put that away soon. I cleaned the stinky cupboard with bleach and now is laying on the sun. I really hope the smell is gone by this afternoon so we can mount it.
I said to my kids: “Only today and tomorrow it will be dry. We HAVE to mow the lawn. And maybe it’s the last time this year.” “I’ll help you!” Said my 2nd son. “Great!! Please, go plug the mower, I need my boots. And don’t forget my hat!!”.
While I was putting on the boots, I heard that he had started mowing. This is what I found. I like to follow my system.


“Mom, your hat matches your boots!!” “Yeah baby!!”


That’s my awesome son, Chuls (Giuliano).


We managed to mow only the front yard. Then he asked: “Mom, can I have this hat?” “Hmmmm…. I can order one for you if you like. You helped me, you deserve one. I’ll show you the colors available later”. I was hoping for him to choose black. Black matches my underwear. He chose blue… That one matches too.

Last week, I was peacefully having breakfast and writing my daily post when my cell phone rang. Esther (the mom who gave me the cupboard and has 6 kids). “Hi Paola, are you at home now?” Trembling voice… “Yes, why?” “My husband has the day off and we were wondering…. (my eyes were surveying the room asking myself where that conversation would go)… if we could pass by and help you hang some lamps.” I admit that I didn’t see that one coming. “Really? Wouldn’t you prefer to enjoy your husband?” She laughed and said, “It’s ok, we want to help you” “That’s very nice of you” “So, can we go now?” I was browsing my list of excuses but I couldn’t find a very good one on time. “Ok, give me 20 minutes please.” To hide some mess. After I hung up I thought “Shit, I could have said ‘I’m about to color my hair!!’. Too late. The truth is, I feel uncomfortable when people who I really don’t know that well is too nice to me. I have trust issues and a collection of bad experiences.
I had no choice, so I took a few lamps that I got on the flea market a couple of weeks earlier and left them on the table, so at least, I wouldn’t waste their time.
The nice guy hung 3 lamps, including the one on the hall. I’m really happy about it. We were using flashlights to go upstairs.
Isn’t that lamp gorgeous??


A couple of days earlier, when the man came to pick up the kids, he asked: “And? Did you finally find someone?” “No, I’m concentrated in other things” “You should” “I will when the time is right.” That was probably Tuesday, and the guy hung the lamps on Thursday.
On Sunday, the man came to pick my 3rd son to take him to a kermis because it was his birthday. Then he stayed for dinner.
I said: “Look, we have a lamp there!” “Oh, did your boyfriend hang it?” I had to laugh. Then I said: “No”. One of my kids told him who had hung the lamps so he asked: “Why? Your boyfriend is not helping you with the house?” “Hahahaha” I didn’t confirm or deny it. I could only think: “Is this man dumb or what? The kids are with me since Wednesday, He asked me on Tuesday if I had a boyfriend and I said NO. I have only 3,5 hours alone every morning while they are at school. In those hours I have breakfast, write my blog and try to do something at home… What the hell does he think?!? That I go out to have a quickie behind the mill every morning??
Then he started asking my kids: “What’s mom’s boyfriend name?” I was really laughing then, it’s amazing how creative my kids are.
Then I asked him if he had finally tell his friend (psychiatrist) about his new girlfriend: “No, we only talk about you” “Why?” “There is sooooo much to talk about.” “OK” “Also with my girfriend we talk about you” “Excuse me?” “Yes, even if I don’t want to, she keeps asking me stuff” “I don’t like it”. Creepy Psycho, why the hell does she want to talk about me???
Then it was time for him to leave but before leaving he asked again: “Does you boyfriend help you with the house? Please, tell me.” Come on!! Why the fuck is he insisting?? “Why are you asking this?” “I need to know, does he help?” “Kind of, for now he’s only unclogging my pipes”.
He asked for it and I couldn’t resist telling him.

~ by DotedOn on October 28, 2014.

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  2. That is pretty creepy! Why is he discussing you with his girlfriend? Maybe he wants you to be his girlfriend instead? And was IS going on behind that mill? 😉


  3. Your kids are truly a blessing. Thank you for stopping by and liking one of my posts. Hope today goes as well as yesterday. Meghan


  4. The boys are helping out. That’s good! Teach them now and they won’t sit on the couch and holler for their wife to change the TV channel for them and bring a beer.


  5. Your posts are jam-packed, I feel like a fly flittin’ around here and there, my adrenalin’s rushing, lol! First–your children are precious–helping mama! And your mowing pictures are precious–I wear crazy hats when I mow and I know the neighbors think I’m a nut–isn’t it fun? 😀 The people helping you out with lamp-hanging are gems–what do they want-your soul? Haha. I’m kidding Paola! I couldn’t resist. Your ex–well he’s obviously still fixed on you and to think, with 5 kiddos, you’ll have him around the rest of your life. I’ve only got 2 from the ex and I thought it would be over 35 years ago… :-p


    • 🙂 Hi Mandy!
      I know, the man will stay connected for ever… As long as it’s only because of the kids, it’s ok :
      They may want my soul because they still don’t know what’s in there!! 😀
      I think the neighbors know already that I’m a bit crazy… The sooner, the better!! 🙂

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  6. Sounds like he’s hitting on you. In a roundabout, creepy way


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