November!! Where the hell did the other 10 months go? I started sounding like my grandma.
It’ll be around 18ºC/65ºF today, I can’t believe it. I just went out for a few minutes and the sun is incredible. I hope we get a warm winter, like last year. I know that it was the coldest winter in many places, but here it was WARM. Otherwise I wouldn’t have survived, so thankful for that.

My Halloween celebration was nice. I stayed awake till past 3am. I had a nice dinner (left overs are always welcome when I’m alone), 2 glasses of wine, one white and one red. I’m still not sure why I did that, it wasn’t very smart. I also ate a lot of chocolate ice cream… Then I felt quite sick so I ate some goat cheese… But I hate to finish with a savory taste in my mouth, so I finished one of the 7 chocolate bars I bought (one for each day, just in case I needed to compensate for something). And of course I felt sick again…
And that’s why I always have crackers, to neutralize. But we had eaten the crackers the day before, so I had to feel sick and drunk till I gathered enough energy to go upstairs… Three hours passed and I was still in the same position. Thank goodness the battery of my iPod died. That was the only thing that got me moving. The charger was near the bed. I believe I could only run a marathon if you tell me that the iPod charger is by the finish line. I love my little baby.

I opened my eyes at 7am… I hated it. I stayed in bed till past 10am. I think I slept an extra hour. I feel very tired today and I really would love to do a lot of things at home. I’d also love to go out this evening… Let’s see how the day goes.

A couple of days ago, I got very curious about people from remote countries visiting my blog. I wondered why they would get here. Then I clicked on the “Search Engine Terms” and saw something quite unexpected.


Remember THIS post?
That was only this week… So I decided to click on “All Time”.


Those are a few of the terms that led people to this blog. I wonder if they got here some answers or tips for what they were looking for…
I can’t give tips about ass pressing or groping in a bus, train or subway (I wonder why plane is missing… I may have something to say there).

And what about these?


IMG_8229 copy 2

But what I could do is give some advice on these other subjects.


IMG_8225 (1)


~ by DotedOn on November 1, 2014.

24 Responses to “66”

  1. Reblogged this on Survivors Blog Here.


  2. It’s a bit frightening to realize there is an internet sub-culture of ass pressers and bus/train gropers lurking around. Good thing you have a bicycle.


  3. …a nice reminder of …well…I’m at a loss for words. Google search…it tries…I suppose😳


  4. I got 5 google searches on my WP name in the past two days. I never get searches on my blog. Ever. The rare times that I do, it’s usually looking for recipes, or it says ‘encrypted search terms’, whatever that means! I can’t mix whites and reds and wake up without a headache! I hope that you didn’t get one yourself, Paola. 🙂


  5. Got Me On That One Twin P
    Ass pressing? Is that an exercise? I think you have a few followers who might have goggled those!!!!!! I’ll be back after taking my 30 morning pills. Feeling ok so far, up for two hours.
    Pill Popping Twin M


  6. Twin
    Sounds like good science project to me. What software are you using? Is it on you laptop? Hope it has a MAC version. You have several stylus tips, sounds like the kind of search terms you would find!!!!!


    • Twin M,
      I can give good advice too! 😀
      I use a MAC and a free program call Paint X…. And I discovered yesterday that when the man brought some of my boxes, his nice pen & touch tablet was in there… 🙂 I love that little thing!!
      I agree, it’s a good science project 🙂
      Twin P


      • Touch tablet like my Wacom? Sone how I just received this today. So wonderful to hear your lovely voice today and talk for the first time.
        Less Accent Twin M


      • Less Accent Twin M,
        yes, it’s a Wacom (Bamboo) tablet, pretty small but pretty awesome for writing on pictures (and maybe doing something else, I’ll try one day :D)
        Lovely to hear your voice too
        Subtle Accent P (hahahahahahahaha)


  7. ROFL. I have nothing else to say! 😀


  8. Ha! That really was funny, thanks 😉


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