I’m very sleepy and I went to bed quite early. If my back wouldn’t hurt, I would be still in bed. And it’s past 11am. And there is so much to do here. Like mowing the stupid lawn. It’s warm and sunny. Very unusual at this time of the year. I’m not complaining.
I didn’t go out yesterday. It was dark around 5.30pm and I didn’t feel like dressing up or anything. I didn’t even feel like drinking wine. And what really amazed me was that I ate only 2/3 of the daily chocolate bar. I may be getting sick.


Am I supposed to pick up the fallen leaves before mowing? I’m tempted to do a search but I’m afraid I won’t like the answer… So I may follow my lazy instinct. I also kind of like the contrast…

Today I was planning to show you my hair during the crazy year. Four weeks waiting for my brother to go to my parents house and take the albums from the top of the closet that nor my mom or dad could do.
I called my mom early and said: “Do not let Pe (my bro) go without looking for my pictures”. And about 10pm my brother video called me and said: “What do you need?” “Two albums with purple flowers… I need the last pictures where my hair is orange and a couple more that are funny” “Hahahaha I remember your hair…” How to forget…
He was on a ladder and I could see him picking albums and saying, not this one, not this one… not this one. “I’m afraid your albums are not here” “WTF!! Do you think mom threw them away?” “Hmmmmmmm…. I really don’t think so… I saw those pictures not long ago when you asked me to look for some negatives, remember?” “Yes… But anything could have happened since then”.
So, no pictures today. And I hope my sister has the albums or that they are packed in some box somewhere… I only know I don’t have them here.

Last week I wrote about some words/sentences than when you translate to another language they don’t make much sense or they could even offend.
I mentioned about the first time someone told me: “You are hot”. At the time (1993), I couldn’t really have a conversation in English…
I was on holidays with my parents in Saint Thomas. We were staying there for a week. I was 21 at the time and my sister 19. We were staying in a hotel near the harbor and every evening we used to go to a bar close to the hotel to drink something. On the third day, we met a group of 5 guys who were in charge of shipping a boat own by an old lady and take her wherever she wanted to go. (Or at least that’s what we understood at the time). I believe we were looking at them so much that at one moment, the one I liked, David came to talk to us.
After hi, what’s your name? where are you from? why are you here?, he dropped the: “You are hot” line. Our brains translated immediately: “Estas caliente” (You are horny)… My sister and I looked at each other. “How the fuck dares him!?!” It’s really difficult to offend me and very easy to offend my sister. I guess we were taken by surprise…

I believe David understood that we misunderstood him and that his balls were in danger. He started stuttering: “It’s good, it’s good! Don’t get mad! Don’t get mad!”… Poor guy trying to explain the foreign chicks what he meant… We had to believe that he didn’t mean to offend us, that it was a compliment. And then I liked him even more…
But of course with my luck, David was interested in my sister.
Next day, he invited us to another bar across the street to play pool. While David was playing with one of his friends, my sister and I noticed another guy. Sean. He wasn’t with the group. My sister really liked him.
When David finished the game with his friend, he asked my sister to play pool with him. My sister accepted. I was standing near the pool table watching at them play when Sean came to me… Of course!! My sister and I don’t need to talk, we understand each other without words… When my sister saw me talking to Sean, she walked to me, gave me the pole, took Sean by his hand, and left me there with David while saying: “Life is short and we may never see them again”. She was right!

I bought a dictionary a couple of days later.

That’s me and my little sister a few days after we were back from that holiday.


~ by DotedOn on November 2, 2014.

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  2. hahahah! Sometimes phrases don’t translate well! I hope that he was left intact and that the danger passed quickly! Sorry your back is hurting. It’s such a debilitating pain to have. I hope you feel better soon!


    • Hi Rob! 🙂
      Thank you! The guy was left intact 😀
      And my back hurts if I stay in bed too long or if I don’t move… And I had a couple of lazy days :).
      But I feel much better now, I mowed the lawn!! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • It’s very cold here for this time of the year, low 40’s and extremely windy. I was able to cut the lawn yesterday, but today it’s housework time, since it’s so miserable out.


      • Oh… sorry!!
        Here it’s UNBELIEVABLE!! So, that my neighbors are having a barbecue!!!
        I was in t-shirt mowing and I could have take it off 🙂
        Time to do housework here too… And maybe I’ll relax the rest of the week 🙂

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  3. No getting sick. But only eating 2/3 of chocolate bar is evidence something is hella wrong with you! 😦
    I’ve been raking/mowing for 1000 years….I’ve tried it all. Thought I would save time by mowing the leaves, using them for mulch. That was okay but it left a whole lot of mulch ON the lawn which looked awful. Try it and see.
    I, too, can not stay in bed or my entire feels like I’ve been hit by a Mac truck!
    Enjoy the unseasonal weather–I love it when I get a day of sun/LIGHT!! 🙂


    • You are right!! Something is very wrong with me!! 🙂
      Next 8 days —> rain… and it’s getting dark at 5.30pm (and it’ll get only worse!! :D)
      I may consider getting a HAPPY light too 🙂


  4. Twin P
    The lingering sickness could be a light depression, many suffer from when the time changes to get dark earlier. Not to mention your poor eating habits and working as hard as you do. Slow down, treat you body good, it will be good to you. I love the photo. So glad to hear your voice today.
    Twin M


    • Twin M,
      If I slow down, I’ll be a statue… I’m not doing anything these days!! 🙂
      And when my pressure cooker gets here, I’ll eat a proper meal :D.
      So glad to hear your voice too!!
      Twin P


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