I’m a bit down today. It’s not easy to explain why. It’s not because I miss my kids. I did miss them briefly until I decided to tidy up a bit and discovered that it won’t be a bit… To tidy up all the mess it’ll take days. And I planned to do nothing this week.
It’s not because I’m physically exhausted either. I didn’t do much lately. I know that when I’m tired I need my glasses to read. I didn’t need my glasses for over a month. That means that I’m relaxing.
I think it’s because I always have problems dealing with things that I think, are not fair. I can’t stand unfairness. As I can’t stand the other supposing that I HAVE to know something. No, sorry, if you don’t tell me, there is no way for me to know… And things can go both ways, I can be lucky and do the right thing, or do just the opposite you expect… And for me to apologize for something that I didn’t do, it’s just NOT FAIR.

So, there… creepy Monday so far. And I was having an incredible Sunday. I mowed the lawn and not only that, I ENJOYED IT!! I’m still pinching myself because I can’t believe it. It was a very warm day. So nice that my neighbors had a barbecue.
After giving some thought, I decided to mow through the fallen leaves. Right decision. It was beautiful to see the little pieces of leaves disintegrating and flying around. The lawn looked like a ballroom after a party. Full with “autumnal confetti”. I love the contrast. I planned to take a picture this morning but last night, around 2am there was a terrible storm. Horror movie storm. I could hear the trees swinging. The noise of the wind and the rain against the ceiling window of my bedroom, gave me chills… Only my eyes were outside the blanket. I didn’t want to think what I would find in the morning. I found no confetti… Only balder trees and full leaves all around. I wrote once why I can’t sleep when it rains… As much as I love the noise of the drops falling, the idea that someone’s house can get flooded or that the roof can fly away, it gives me nightmares… Again, so UNFAIR (not that I can’t sleep, I’ll sleep eventually… But that someone else can’t sleep because their life (or their family) could be in danger, it kills me…).

Now I need to write something that makes me happy or I’ll go and kill another chocolate bar and it’s not even midday.
Birds make me happy.
Remember Romeo bird? The poor guy serenading on the other side of the bushes and Juliet listening and trying to find out where the song came from? (So romantic till my kids came running and the birds flew away depriving me of my much needed happy ending…).
I saw him a few more times and after a deeper research, I found out what bird it was.
And to my delight, I saw him this morning too!! What I love about it, it’s the way it moves… It jumps!! It doesn’t walk like other birds, it goes, hop, hop, hop, SO CUTE!! (Even if it’s pretty big (over 30cm/1ft), it’s very cute).

It’s an Eurasian jay (Garrulus glandarius). It was hard to identify because there are many subgroups in the species. Even though they are all jays, they are VERY different. This one belongs to the atricapillus group.


 Gescheiter Waldvogel (Garrulus glandarius)

Gescheiter Waldvogel (Garrulus glandarius)

Last week, after many failed attempts, I could take a picture of a magpie. Those birds are crazy and smart… They didn’t eat the corn I got for them because the Wood Pigeons beat them.
I remember back in Cowshitland, I used to put food for the birds on an aluminum plate but the magpies were more interested on the metal than on the food. Little gold-diggers!! (Actually, not really little. Around 30cm/1ft). And incredibly beautiful. At least the ones in this part of the world. (As I found out, there are many different groups too). You can’t see on the picture, but they have a beautiful blue string on each side.


Eurasian magpie

Eurasian magpie

New bird spotted this morning too!! And not one, 2 of them!



I have no idea what bird that is. I zoomed in the picture and looked at the whole list of birds in this area but I couldn’t find it. I may have to open every file and see for subgroups. I’ll do that another time.


See?? I search other things too, not only “hot gardeners” and “nasty things to do with a toothbrush”.

hbw.com (Handbook of the birds of the world)
ibc.lynxeds.com (The Internet bird collection)


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  2. I love the mapgie! Such a beautiful bird. What a wonderful way to describe the lawn! I like it – autumnal confetti! We have high winds here still, so the lawns are barren.


    • 🙂 It looked very pretty (it was a mess and my mom would have vomited on it, but the contrast was incredible… Something only the “contrast connoisseurs” would enjoy :D).
      It’s very windy here too… And I hope it stops before bed time! 🙂


  3. Its the weather, Paola. The change of season messes up my bio-rhythms big time. Throw in the time changes–blah! Keep taking cheerful photos! 🙂


  4. I didn’t know you were a bird watcher 🙂 I can remember how big the birds were in Germany and beautiful too. I loved the Volksmarches because you could sometimes see a lot of wildlife in the forest along the way. Those were good times. Thank you for the nice memory 🙂


    • I didn’t know it either!! 🙂 There are a few birdhouses in the garden and one feeder is in front of the window… My Twin said to put different kinds of food to attract different birds, then a friend sent me a guide of birds from this area and someone asked me to take pictures… So I bought some food and I’m trying to take pictures. And every time I see a new one, I have to know what it is 🙂
      It makes me really happy 🙂
      I’ll try a Volksmarch once, (or just grab my kids and push them to love nature as much as I do :D… There is a path behind the mill, I didn’t even know that!!)

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