I had other plans for today’s post but for some reason I still don’t know, I woke up at 4.30am. It’s past 6.30am now and I still couldn’t go back to sleep. So here I am, writing because what I’m going to say, may help someone.
I’ll start with some introduction.
I mentioned a couple of times that the man is software engineer. He works for a quite big company that sells mainly things for the house (like decoration and kitchen stuff, from pillows to mugs). He’s in charge of all the computer work there. I can say a lot of shit about him, but the same way, I can tell you that he’s the MOST trustworthy person in that company. The owner of that company is a man known to use his small head more than the big one. And when your company moves millions, you need to use the BIG head… right? So more than once, this guy lost very valuable clients because he gave away some info while the small head was in charge. Or after several beers at a party.
In the same company, over the years, there were also employees who would sell their mother for a couple of bucks.
Many times, the man got home with computers from his job. And they were not really broken. What he had to do was some “Business Intelligence” as he liked to call it. That meant hack the computer and check if the user was selling info to the opposition. Many times he found a lot of proof. I remember sitting near him and him showing me where to look for some stuff that most people wouldn’t think of or would overlook. Wide range of things, from looking in the trash bin to going through the sent e-mails.

At the time, I didn’t really care much about those little lessons. But later, they saved me of a lot of trouble. He didn’t know that he was practically teaching me how to hide stuff and plan my escape.
Why am I telling you all this? Because you can never be TOO careful.
Let’s say that you need to do some business intelligence, or see if your kids are sending e-mails to the wrong persons, or you are plotting your escape from your abuser, or you just decided to spice up your life and have a cyber-affair. The information below could be handy for you.
First. NEVER, and I mean NEVER use your main e-mail address (that’s the e-mail your friends and family have). And if you already did, cancel the implicating e-mails. If you already did that, go to the trash and cancel the e-mails there. Then go to the sent items and cancel and go back to the trash and cancel again. A pissed wife or an abuser husband will find what they are looking for if you are not careful.
In the case you don’t want to cancel those e-mails because let’s say that your cyber-lover sent you some visuals that are very dear to you and you want to keep them. Then, create a parallel e-mail account and forward ALL the desired e-mails there. Remember to cancel everything. Do an e-mail search if needed to see if it’s perfectly clean. A tip here. If you have a gmail account, make your parallel account yahoo and vice-versa. Remember to clean the history on your browser and the cookies every time you use it.
Let’s say for example that your abuser controls every move you make. Be extra careful then. Do not use any chatting app that can be retrieved even if you cancel it. Opt for the messengers that you can use from the browser. If you are browsing for shelters, or motels, or sexy lingerie and don’t want the other person to know, clean your browser history. If you don’t know how to do it, do a search like: “How to erase data on “safari, firefox, chrome, opera, explorer, pidgin, etc”.

Remember also to clean the “Recent Folders”. Why? Because maybe your cyber-lover sent you a visual and you just watched it and erased it and think you are done. But did you know that it will stay on your recent folders for some time and that it can be opened from there? And trust me, you wouldn’t like your kids to see it while they are playing on your computer… Again, if you don’t know how, search!
It’s full of crazy people and you never know how much information you can accidentally give away after that extra sip of wine (or when the small head is in charge).
Do I need to say be careful on who you trust?

Maybe after reading all this you are thinking: “Who is this person?” This person is someone who was born a bit paranoid and some wrong choices and bad experiences made her paranoia her even worse.

I had to hide a lot of stuff in order to plan my escape. I knew that the man could hack my passwords if he wanted to. So if he discovered my Hotmail password, fine with me, I was doing my stuff using Yahoo (a parallel account that I created and he didn’t know of).
Never underestimate the other person. Even if they look dumb, they could have smart friends, do an internet search or pay someone to find what they are looking for.

I hope this helped. Please, do not hesitate to ask me for tips on how to hide stuff (or where to look for it).

Oh yeah, the mysterious bird turned out to be a house sparrow!!

Der Haussperling  (Passer domesticus)

Der Haussperling (Passer domesticus)

It wasn’t easy to identify because the colors change by region. I can add that it was a male bird because the female is lighter brown.


Maybe now that I know, I can fall asleep.



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  2. I hope that you got some rest, Paola!


  3. P. This is very good information and I would not call it paranoia or even feel a little bit nervous about doing these things. It is the way of life everyone should adopt. It’s just being smart and aware. No one’s data is safe, especially if your computer uses Microsoft OS and it has an internet connection. The only time I had to worry was when I felt safe and then got careless. My carelessness left me vulnerable. Our smart phones are even more vulnerable and are the next big target for thieves, stalkers, abusers, jealous lovers, the government, and even legitimate companies can target your phone without your consent to learn things about you. If one’s fingers touch a keyboard of any kind, one should not have any expectation of privacy. Even an old manual typewriter leaves a trail on the ribbon and platen that special tools can decode nearly everything typed on the typewriter. Thank you P. πŸ™‚


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