Sunday. Bloody Sunday. Writing (or doing anything else for that matter), when my kids are around, it’s almost impossible. I know, excuses. But if that one is not a good one, I woke up having a terrible back pain. There could be several reasons but I’m almost sure it’s because I didn’t move much for over a week and now I’m all shrank.
I went to the supermarket yesterday. With the bike and the trailer behind. I had to walk uphill because I couldn’t cycle. No strength in my legs. Not good. I feel guilty about my laziness.

Last week I ordered a pressure cooker with the hope of ending the cooking strike and start cooking again. I didn’t use it yet. The excuse now is, I didn’t read the manual yet. And I feel guilty about it too.

image1 (1)

I always shop at one of the 2 supermarkets in this town. And they don’t have a big selection of bird food. So I had to go to the other supermarket. I couldn’t resist so I got all the different kinds they sell.


Then the guilt was even worse. Such a selection of food for the birds and nothing nice for my kids. So I got ricotta cheese and I’m going to make “cavatelli”… From scratch!! (Thanks new follower at http://gratuitousrex.com for the recipe. I never asked your name, I’m sorry!!).

They will look like this (hopefully!)


And this time, I won’t open a jar of tomato sauce. I’ll prepare one myself… And I’ll also bake a peaches pie… Of course, I’ll take pictures of everything.

Take a look at “The Bird’s Restaurant”. Only the sign is missing!!


This other supermarket has a HUGE wine selection. So I said to my kids (2nd son and daughter), “Now that I got ice-cream and I’m going to cook a nice meal for you, I’d like to see the wines.” “OK”. After what is seemed to be quite a long time for my kids, of me turning all the wine bottles and reading how sweet they were, my son said” “Didn’t you already get a bottle at the other supermarket?”… Killjoy. So I felt guilty and had to settle for only one bottle…

I got that one in honor of Aphrodite, Greek Goddess of Love & Beauty… And it’s LIEBLICH (That means: lovely, sweet, charming, delightful, mellow).


I truly need to catch up (with everything!). I just counted how many posts I have to read… 107. Holy Shit… It seems that I’m following some Bomb-Bloggers… I’ll be honest, I’m not going to read all of them. And I will feel even more guilty.

And since it’s Sunday, I’m going to write about the week’s balance.
I still can’t believe this!!

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 10.53.39 AM

And the most viewed posts this week… The 00:35.5 is the ass groping one, with 8 views!! Unbelievable!!

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 10.54.15 AM

Even feeling as guilty as I felt the entire day of yesterday (and most of this morning), I had the need to reward myself with this… What can I say? I couldn’t resist it!!


Kau means: to chew or masticate… Isn’t it cute!! And look at the hat!!


~ by DotedOn on November 9, 2014.

10 Responses to “74”

  1. Reblogged this on Survivors Blog Here.


  2. Was the wine good? I love pressure cookers. You can start them before work and have a cooked meal when you come home. I have to use my cooker more. The clean up can suck. lol! Groping a girls ass was a search term? How does that happen! (not the groping, but the search terms finding your blog). 😀


    • Hi Rob… I got the pressure cooker because it’s supposed to be cooking with “one pot” in the less time possible (mine is not electric AND can go in the dishwasher) 😀
      If I have to clean in by hand once, I’ll probably won’t use it again :). That’s how much I hate doing dishes.
      And the ass groping is a search term!! Look my post 66, there are different search terms!!.. I can’t believe it! People come to my blog for what?? tips??? 😀


  3. Guilty Cowgirl Twin P
    You carry to much guilt around, no wonder tour back hurts. The coffee mug is very cute. I think the ass post will be a top hit for a long time. David is picking up my laptop today. I ordered last night and the Apple store near buy has one in stock. WOOOOOOOOW! I can’t wait to play with my baby. Throw the guilt out the back door. Make a cute little sign, have the kids make a cute sign for the bird restaurant.
    Talk to you later.
    Going Crazy Twin M


    • Hopefully Not Crazy Twin M,
      Tell me you are reading this on your new baby :D.
      I asked my kids yesterday to make a sign, tomorrow you’ll see what they did 🙂
      Yes, I carry a lot of guilt. I wish I could change that… And I’m not throwing it out the back door, I’m afraid no more birds will come! 🙂
      Super Guilty Kaugirl After Three Plates Of Pasta And Two Pieces Of Pie

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Good luck with the cavatelli! Sounds yummy. And the mug looks really cute. By the way, underneath the 74 logo, is that a gay flag or just a random rainbow?


  5. Most definitely laying around very long makes me scream out in pain! And when it starts getting cold and rainy (like now) I want to curl up in a blanket!

    I grew up cooking with a pressure cooker–read the manual! I stopped when the top blew off! But it’s an awesome quick way to cook. 🙂


    • I believe it! That’s why I’m not using it yet. I heard many scary stories. I wanted to minimize the cooking time and the dish washing (just in case the dishwasher dies one day 😀 ).
      I know I have to move my body or I’ll be in pain. I just didn’t feel like doing much… I will move tomorrow, I have to bring the kids to school. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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