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Saturday. Rain. I’m in bed and it’s almost noon. Yesterday, around 4pm I started feeling cold. Very cold. I put on a sweater. Still cold. Put the radiator on a higher temperature. Still cold, I just couldn’t warm up. Then the man came to pick my kids. While I was greeting them, I was shivering. I decided to have a cup of tea. I mostly wait until it’s cold to drink it, but yesterday I just decided to try to drink it hot and see if I could feel warm. I burnt my tongue, throat and the rest of the digestive system. But couldn’t get warm. So I decided to take a hot bath. I put a plastic bag around the iPod and stayed playing Words With Friends in the tub. As I relaxed (and probably burnt a couple of layers of skin), I could feel warm. Finally!! I kept adding hot water. At one point I called my sister and talked for a long time. Then she said she had to go and I noticed I was in the bathtub for almost two hours.
A couple of minutes later when I decided to get out, I discovered I couldn’t really move. My legs felt really heavy and my back hurt terribly. I got to stand up and discovered that I had forgotten the towel, so I just put on my nightgown and ran to bed.
If I was cold earlier, at that moment I was frozen. I found a thermometer, 38ΒΊC/100.4ΒΊF. Not so much fever but I felt like crap and couldn’t stop trembling. I curled up in bed and had only my arm outside, because I didn’t stop playing.
Around 1.00am I just couldn’t tolerate the pain any longer and decided to take some ibuprofen. I started the search because I remembered the man saying: “Between the kitchen stuff, I packed some medicines”. So I went downstairs, straight to the cupboard.
I’m not sure why he calls some of the stuff “medicines”. I took the box from the cupboard. I found: Chewing gum of 3 different kinds; 5 permanent markers; clothes dye (black and brown); creams (among them: hand cream (2 different), scar treatment cream, hemorrhoids cream, jelly mask); baby oil; vitamins; glue (paper glue, all purpose glue, super glue and there was even a box of putty apt for plumbing; mosquito tablets and a blister of sore throat pills.
I felt so frustrated. Maybe the man uses the putty to play doctor with the pipes… WTF!!

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Then I decided to check in the bathroom, maybe I had some pills somewhere between the toiletries. No luck. Then I remembered I always used to carry a mini first aid kit in my purse together with a couple of extra diapers. I’m not carrying that anymore because it doesn’t matter how far I am in this town, I always can get back home in 5 minutes.
So I started unpacking my purses. Four of them. They were all full, of course. I found several diapers, money, sunglasses, pens, notebooks, all kind of cards, buttons, safety pins, band aids, bike light, tweezers, a whistle (!!!), marbles, toys. Holy cow I carry a lot of shit.
When I thought I had to go to sleep without pills, I found in a side pocket 5 paracetamols (Tylenol). I took two and waited till I felt sleepy.
I slept for two hours and woke up around 4.00am sweating. I played for 2 hours and then I slept another set of 2 hours. I did that until 11.30am, when I decided to answer some comments and write this post.

I believe I have ‘Man Flu’… I wish I had one of those boxes right now.



~ by DotedOn on November 15, 2014.

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  2. Get well soon and feel better πŸ˜‰


  3. Feel fabulous fast. πŸ™‚


  4. Sickly Twin P
    I love the ingredients, 50% placebo 50% hard to fxxx up. That a pill every man should keep handy. You hooked on playing Words!!!!! If your fever gets any higher it’s time for a visit to the local doctor. You have felt bad for several days, you don’t want 5 sick kids, that’s really a nightmare. If you weren’t so far away I’d come take care of you but hard to walk next door when you’re in Germany. Do you have and can find some Epson Salt? I don’t know why but soaking in a tub of hot/not burning water heals many ills. My grandmother would have me soak in Epson Salt for some many ills. It’s very cheap and may help now or in the future. Ask your mother to bring some chicken soup over. I forgot you’re vegan, chicken soup without chicken.
    Thinking about you
    Talk to you soon
    Double hugs
    Sad Stoned Twin M πŸ™‚


    • Please Don’t Be Sad Twin M,
      I love the idea of you taking care of me… We should record that one too, together with the phone conversation. We would be laughing for years πŸ™‚
      I have those instant noodles soups but no clean cup… So I guess I pass πŸ˜€
      What’s Epson Salt? I’ll look it up. Not taking a bath today, only shower. It was horrible to get out of there πŸ™‚
      I’m wondering now if the back pain today it’s because I’m sick or to be so long in bed…
      Double hugs to you too!
      Whining Twin P

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      • Sickly Twin P
        Your back could hurt for sitting in a hard tub for so long, I wouldn’t be able to walk after laying in hard tub so long. Being sick and staying in bed could also be the reason. But you need to stay in bed to rest. Rinse out a cup quickly and get the hot noodles, they might help. It’s past time for my pain med. so off to la la sleepy land.
        I still owe you an email to let you know about my doctor’s appt.
        Stoned without good music Twin M


      • I float in the bathtub Twin!!
        I only lay my head and touch the other end with my toes… Then I move sidewards, otherwise it’s not fun πŸ™‚
        I may rinse a cup or use a salad bowl… I see how inspired I am.
        Sorry about the lack of good music.

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  5. There’s nothing worse than being sick when it’s your weekend without kids and you could be enjoying yourself 😦 So sorry!! Take good care, and stop burning yourself–I’m ready to call the fire dept! β™₯

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    • Call them Mandy!!
      And ask then to send a couple of the HOT firemen, the ones you see in movies… Not the ones I see every time I take my kids to the fire department with the hope of keeping one fantasy alive! πŸ˜€

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  6. I hope you are feeling better. I’m glad I found your blog!


    • A tiny bit better, thank you!
      I’ll take a look at your blog soon.
      (And in case you ask ‘the man’ is my ex. I started calling him the man who lives in the same house and is the father of my kids’. Now I shortened to the man πŸ™‚

      I’ll tell you soon the post where I decided to leave the man and I guess that after reading that, you’ll understand a lot of things πŸ™‚

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  7. So sorry to hear of you not feeling well. Maybe you can drink a hot tea and watch a firemen movie to take your mind off the pain. Think happy thoughts! πŸ™‚


  8. Why can’t I find that here? I need a lifetime supply of that! πŸ˜€

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  9. I’m trying to hook up streaming TV for one of my boy’s room. There’s an HDMI streaming stick called Roku, and an online channel selection called playon. Basically, it’s lots of free tv.

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    • Thank you for the last words explaining πŸ˜€

      He’ll be happy!
      I installed something on my awesome browser that I could never made work (free TV channels from all over the world). Two days ago my son asked: what’s this? Something that’s not working. He clicked on it and a sign saying “click the x” appeared. He clicked the x and the thing started working… I felt the dumbest woman alive πŸ˜€


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