Monday. I still didn’t start the petition. I should do it soon. There is this thing about Mondays that I really don’t like.
They have to go.

Today I’ll write a story of a girl who many years ago met a man who she thought, it was the love of her life. How could a summer love be the love of your life? I think you just feel it. The magic, the touch, the way you look at each other and nothing else seems to be around.
When they met, they were both on holidays in a foreign country. She was with her family and he was with his girlfriend. She should have known better. How many chances she would have of him leaving the girlfriend and choosing her? Not many. Still, she couldn’t help it, she liked him. She felt she loved him.

They had an amazing week together. Sneaking around all the time so they could be with each other. When it was time to say goodbye, he gave her a visit card and said: “Call me if you happen to be near, I’ll keep you always in my heart”. They had the saddest farewell ever.

A few months later, he called her. She asked if he still had a girlfriend. He said yes. She asked if he was happy. He said no.

The following year, she did everything in her power to meet him. She crossed the pond, went to his country, and then she called him. They met. He had formed a family then. He said: “I’ll never forget you”. Her heart broke again. She knew it was going to end that way, but still, she had hope.

She decided to bury the memories deep in her heart. She tried to forget the idea that maybe her true and only love, wasn’t meant to be with her.

Many years passed and she found herself living 2 hours away from where he used to live.
She had formed a family. Her life wasn’t what she expected. When the bad times came, she only thought of him. One day she decided to call him. Soon after, she discovered that she had lost his card. Now what? She couldn’t believe it. Her heart broke again.

The Internet came. In the beginning, the only thing she could do was to look up the telephone guide. She remembered the name of the city were he lived. She searched and searched. Nobody there with his last name. Maybe the phone was registered with his wife’s name. She gave up.

Her life was a mess. Her only way to escape was to sit in front of the computer and look for him. She discovered that she could access some maps. She looked up all the telephone guides of all the towns around. Nothing. She cried.

Some y ears passed. Her life was even more miserable each day. The good news was that satellite maps were available. She started searching from the air to see if she could recognize the house and get an address. She was losing her head but not her hope. Again, nothing.

A few more years passed. Facebook appeared. She never had one but decided to make one only to look for him. She typed his name. She got a list. Her heart was pounding, her hands were trembling. She thought she had finally found him. She looked at every man on that list. Over 20 years had passed, she thought that he could be anyone. Still, looking at them, she knew he wasn’t there. But she tried.

One day she thought she couldn’t go on with her life unless she found him. She stood in front of the computer, opened the search engine, and wrote his name. Something that she had done thousand times the past ten years. That day, the search engine was set on IMAGES because some hours earlier she was looking for pictures. In front of her face, she saw a lot of pictures of men. She took the mouse and when she was about to click on the cross to close it, she saw a picture of him. Her heart stopped. Only God and her knew how much she had looked for him.
She tried to keep calm but even the noise of her own breathing was disturbing. She clicked on the picture. The picture was linked to a site. That site was link to a Facebook page. She had found him. She didn’t understand why she didn’t find him before.

She stood there, quiet, facing the monitor. What to do now. She decided to send him a message: “Hi, do you remember me?”. One week passed and no answer. She was very sad. “Maybe it’s because I’m using this fake Facebook account and I look different on the picture than how I looked 20 years ago”. She decided to send him another message. This time she added the name of the place where they had met and the year. She kept checking on her phone to see if he had written. Nothing. Another week passed. No answer. She cried. It wasn’t meant to be. She had to forget about it.

A few days later, she discovered she still had the tab with Facebook open on her phone. She decided to close it. She didn’t need another reminder. Her heart was already in pieces. As she clicked the browser to display the tabs and close it, she saw a little red square with a number. She sat down. She knew that she didn’t need another disappointment.

And this story will continue tomorrow because I can’t finish it in 150 words and I don’t want a longer post.


~ by DotedOn on November 17, 2014.

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  2. Okay…I’m hooked. Great story P. I had a similar experience that controlled my life for 40 years. We don’t forget the love that liberates our soul and enslaves our heart. Can’t wait to find out…


  3. Heartbroken Hot Blooded Twin P
    Finding a lost love is so exciting until it isn’t. My experience turned out a total disaster but looking back so was the relationship all along. I hope your story turns out very different. I hope you are enjoying the day and I hope to see a email from you in my box. I have a photo of me on a pony at 9 months old, I was a born cowgirl!!!!! I hope to scan some old photos and share. I have many bad hair cuts everyone will get a kick out of. I wrote a poo story about me in third grade but I think it got lost before you received, I plan to write a post about the younger crazy starved for attention me.
    Trying to do nothing Twin M


    • Hi Twin M,
      I’m not telling what happened, you’ll find out soon.
      You wrote a poo story about you at school with your favorite suit.
      I’d love to see those pictures!!
      My day was strange, I’m glad it’s over now.
      You’ll find an email later too 🙂
      Twin P

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  4. Ok, so I’m not patient.. plus that had a good hook to it.. hurry up with part Duex. 😀


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