Wednesday. I’m not sure why I thought that I could fit over twenty years of history in less that one thousand words. I’ll finish the story today, even if that means cutting up some pieces.
Part Three.
The days were going very slow. She fought the urge of writing to him.
Thursday at last. She opened Facebook, no messages there. “Is that good or bad? Should I ask if he’s going to be there? No, no and no. I’ll know tomorrow anyway”.
Friday. She had to pick the kids from school, go home, take a shower, go to the station, buy the ticket and board the train.
She was late. Nothing seemed to be going as planned. She checked the time and knew that if she was taking a shower, the only way to catch the train was asking for a lift. She swallowed her pride and begged for a lift, there was no way she was leaving sweated as she was.
She took a shower and wet as she was, she started dressing up. A message popped on her phone. “I’m ignoring that… I don’t care what he wants. I’m going there anyway”.
With her hair soaking, bare feet and jacket in her hand, she run to the car where her family was already waiting to drive her to the station.
She got there seconds before the train departed, just on time. But she didn’t have the ticket. She hesitated a bit but the sound of the whistle pushed her into the wagon. She knew that if she got caught without a ticket, the fine would cost as much as the hotel room, in case he wasn’t waiting for her at the station. She started walking towards the conductor, there was no way that she could sneak three stations. She was sweating. “So I showered for nothing”. As she was approaching the conductor, she saw that 5 persons were waiting to buy tickets from him. She was glad everyone had questions and he was looking at the timetables and giving directions. Before it was her turn to buy the ticket, she got to the station where she had to change her train. She run to buy a ticket and ask for the connections. When she knew exactly the arriving time, she sent a message: “I’ll be there at 7.26pm”. She then checked his missed message, it said:”Did you leave already?”. She was so nervous she couldn’t stop walking from one corner to the other of the platform. A couple of minutes later she received a message: “See you then”.
“This is it. I’m going to meet him after more than 20 years. Is this what I want? Yes, yes, yes. This is what I was waiting for”.
After almost 4 hours, and 5 train changes, she got to her destination. Or that’s what she thought. Nobody was waiting for her.
Before she could get disappointed, her phone rang. “Where are you?” “Waiting for you?” “And I’m waiting for you too but you are not here” “Trust me, I am” “Could you tell me the name of the station where you are?” “Sure, it’s Kr***-Ür***” “Aha. You see, there are 2 words there. That’s not the right station, it’s not Kr**. Don’t move. I’ll be there in 15 minutes”.
She didn’t move. After almost half an hour, she saw a car going on the wrong direction and giving an U turn. That had to be him. Smiling, almost laughing, she went to the car.
He looked so different now. But his eyes, and the way he looked at her, were exactly the same.
They went to his place. While going upstairs he said: “How is it possible that you look exactly the same?” “I believe you are seeing what you want to see”. They got to the apartment. It was a magical place. He had spent the previous days making it perfect for her. She could stay there but there were rules. “Do not turn on the lights. Do not open the door to anyone. Do not make any noise. And I won’t be staying at night but I’ll see you first time in the morning. And these are for you”. And he gave her a bouquet of red roses. They spent a few hours together and then he left. Next day they had breakfast together. She couldn’t stop looking at his eyes. They were tired now, and much older. But those were the eyes that she saw in all her dreams. She was in heaven.
Sunday came and it was time to leave. She didn’t want to go back. He said he would drive her home, so they could spend longer time together. Showing that he could be in control, he refused to use the GPS. They got lost. She was so happy! It turned out to be a wild Sunday. And it got late. Four hours later than planned. He drove her to the nearest station. He said: “Next time, I’ll go to you”.
Months passed and he never went to meet her. They exchanged a few messages via Facebook but mostly he took days to answer. “How could someone say those things and act that way and 2 days later completely ignore me?”
One day she called him and he hung up on her, maybe he couldn’t talk. A few days later, she decided to sent him a message. She opened Facebook and discovered that he had unfriended her. She though: “Maybe he deleted me by mistake”, so she sent him an email asking: “Did you remove me from Facebook?” and waited a few days. No reply. Over a month passed. “What an ass!” She just hated to get to that conclusion.
When she got over him and realized that maybe he was doing her a favor by disappearing from her life, she found a message box on her Facebook page. It was his request to be friends again.
She stared at the screen not knowing what to do.

So here I am, still staring at his stupid request.

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 9.10.48 AM

And the rational part in me says that he proved to be another ass not answering my messages and defriending me. He broke my heart several times the past months and has absolutely no right to discard me when he pleases and later when he feels the need, to come back to me. He has my phone number and e-mail. If he really wants to talk to me, he can call me.
While my other part knows that nobody ever made me feel or dream the way he did. He’s the one who owns my magic. He bewitched me and I really doubt that another man ever will. And most important, I so want this story to have a happy ending…

Note: Back in March, I wrote about when I meet this man in 1993, if you want to know the story, click here.

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11 Responses to “84”

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  2. As a random internet person I have no real right to give advice, but if you do end up talking with him again, definitely find out what his issues are. You’ve moved heaven and Earth to see him and keep in contact and he hasn’t done the same or explain why he unfriends you or cancels meetings. Be careful because you do not deserve to be played with like that even if you have known him for so long.

    Again, random internet person advice. Personally, it feels like he’s taking advantage of your trust and love. If he wants to contact you, have him reach out to you. For 20 years you deserve more than skittish Facebook notifications.


    • Thank you for the advice πŸ™‚
      And again thank you for taking the time to read and comment.
      You are completely right, I deserve more than that πŸ™‚
      I guess I’ll have to look for a happy ending somewhere else πŸ™‚

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  3. I wish you a good day and much peace.ο»Ώ πŸ™‚

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  4. I donΒ΄t know about accepting his request…. as sadly as it can be, he showed he could lie very easily before, so he can do it again…. Or maybe accept and see what happens


  5. Run Forrest, Run! And that’s all I got to say about that…
    P. Holding on to a dream for 20 years is enchanting but Prince Charming looks more and more like a frog towards the end. Even if he calls, he is hiding you from someone else and he isn’t likely to change his behavior. Love the memories and leave the frog alone.


  6. It doesn’t seem like he truly loves you. You told a fascinating story, but if this is meant to work out then he should make it happen, rather than leaving you hanging all the time.


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