Thursday. I will turn this Furious Thursday into a Thoughtful and Thankful Thursday. I’m not sure where to start since it’s all a mess and that will never change.
I feel much better today. I couldn’t cry but you dear readers made me feel less alone and I want to THANK YOU for that.
I defrost and cooked the turkey legs and today I have to do the second part of the recipe but I don’t have much time so it could be that I improvise a bit. The man will stay for dinner too (I’m not sure I’m thankful about that) but believe it or not yesterday he brought my closet. It’s in pieces in the entrance hall. I don’t know how I will build it again because it’s huge and I have no idea who could help me. I’m not asking the man because I truly don’t want him in my bedroom. He can have sticky hands sometimes and when I get nervous I laugh and I know how misleading that can be.


My son asked me last week: “Can you prepare a cheesecake? It’s been so long since the last time you made one”. So I got the cream cheese and decided that we were having cheesecake for Thanksgiving (I’m following the turkey rule and that’s it, I’m not peeling a potato or cleaning a single green pea).
So I took the springform, placed the baking paper around it and arranged the cookies on the bottom of the form. Then I started mixing the ingredients. At last I had to add the cream. After I did it, I took the mixer and instead of pressing the right button, I pushed the one that is “super fast and violent” and made half the content of the bowl fly around my kitchen. Some swearing followed. Then I put the mix on the cookies and the cookies decided to float. I was fighting the cookies to stay on the bottom but they refused. So here it is my first upside down cheesecake. I love the look of it but I’m afraid that when I open the springform I’ll find the paper in the middle of the cake. Big chance we’ll eat it from the form with spoons.


As soon as I came to the kitchen to have breakfast this morning, the phone rang. Cutie’s teacher saying: “He has diarrhea and pooped three times already, can you pick him up?”. So I put on my jacket and went to pick him (and my daughter, no way I was doing twice the trip if I could avoid it).
On the way back, there were three gardeners working on the street. I noticed they had cut some bushes and there was a rose laying on the pile. I stopped and picked the rose. In that moment an old lady crossing the street said: “Awww a rose!! Look, there is another one over there!!” So she walked to pick it for me and noticed that the stem was too long so she asked one of the men to cut it a bit. The man said he didn’t have scissors. Then another guy from the back cut the stem, picked a few more rose buds for me, arranged them, and walked towards me to give them to me. He was very handsome (I rewrite, he was HOT… yes, a hot gardener (my prayers have been answered!!!). I can only tell you that I blushed when he gave me the flowers. I’m not sure if it was the act of him giving me the flowers or the DIRTY thoughts that crossed my mind when he gave me the flowers. In any case, I was burning hot and even the guys at the gas station crossing the street could feel the heat.


Now the important part. I’m thankful for a really long list of things and it’ll take till the next Thanksgiving to finish writing them. I’ll pick only a few.

I’m thankful for all the things I have and all the things I don’t have because that way I can still DREAM.
I’m thankful for my family and friends.
I’m thankful for technology (even if I hate most of it for many reasons, I love it for probably the same reasons I hate it).
I’m thankful for all the amazing people I met here at WordPress and playing Words with Friends. You have made my day so many times the past couple of years that only a THANK YOU is not enough. So here it goes another THANK YOU!!
I’m thankful for the person who invented the dishwasher. (I don’t like loading or unloading it but anyway that beats washing by hand).
I’m thankful for being stubborn because that way I’ll keep fighting till the end.

Have a happy, beautiful, full of love and peaceful Thanksgiving.

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~ by DotedOn on November 27, 2014.

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  2. Oh, dear friend, you made me LAUGH!!! That gardenerΒ΄s story is fantastic! And very prommising, I must say. Keep walking around your neighborhood, you might catch something interesting.


  3. Roses from the Garden of Delight is a nice surprise! Maybe your Karma has changed :-). I think it is a universal law that gardeners are very good at assembling closets and don’t need instructions. I think in this case a giggle on your part during assembly would be okay. πŸ™‚

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  4. Hot Blooded Gardener Loving Twin P
    I think on this one occasion diarrhea worked to your advantage. I’m in agreement with R, enjoying some fresh air on gardening day may benefit your health. Roses from the Garden of Delight sounds like a great title for a book, like a fantasy series from a hot blooded Armenian/Argentinian.
    I’m thankful for you!!!!! My crazy Twin P
    Still Hungry Twin M

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  5. Let me just say: I’m truly thankful for you, Paola!! β™₯

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  6. And we are thankful to have met you Paola! You are such a kind and caring person. I can tell you’d do anything for your kiddos! Hope thanksgiving was awesome for you guys! XX


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