Some time ago I wrote that people who know me quite well say to me: “That could only happen to you!!”. I admit that many strange things happen to me all the time. I’m lucky that most of those times there is someone there to act like witness because some of the things seem truly unbelievable.

Back in August, when I just had moved here, my friend Inga came to help me arrange a few things. She’s German and incredibly helpful. The idea that day was to help me arrange the insurance. As soon as she entered, I said to her: “I hope you have some extra time, it seems that I need to arrange a new gas and electricity company this week”.”Sure, we can do that online”. Three minutes after we had finished arranging the insurance, the bell rang. I opened the door and there was a guy selling “gas and electricity” for a promotional price and if I got it that day I could get 50 euros discount. Inga told the man: “You won’t believe this, but we were just about to get a new company”. So I got the promotional price right there without even losing 10 seconds searching. The man told me about 15 times: “Sie sind sehr glΓΌcklich” (You are very lucky).

Last week, my friend Inga came again to help me arrange some school papers. As soon as she got in I asked: “Do you have a little extra time? I’d like to arrange cable for my kids. I need them to stay half an hour in one place because they are making me CRAZY!” “I’m not sure we can do it today, I must leave around midday”. “Never mind, we can do it next time”… While she was translating me the papers, I told her about the farmer (the single guy, 38 years old) and I explained why I didn’t agree on meeting him. She was laughing when I said that probably he was the ONLY single guy in town.
Guess what happened 10 minutes later. YES!!! A Cable guy was ringing my bell (that sounded pretty good in my mind by the way). So he came in and after 3 minutes I had the contract ready. Inga couldn’t believe my luck.
While the guy was taking pictures of my ID and filling in the papers, I noticed that he didn’t have a ring. Apparently, Inga noticed that too. After I signed, the guy said: “You’ll get a package in a couple of days. When you do, call me, I live in this town too.” As soon as he left, Inga said: “And be sure to invite him for dinner when he’s here. It seems that this town has TWO single guys. You can choose!” “So it seems…!! But I guess that next time that you come I’ll say: ‘Inga, can you help me get a boyfriend? Maybe 2 minutes later my Prince Charming will be outside my door'”

On Saturday I got the package. On Monday I called him. He said he was coming on Tuesday at 12.30pm. I cancelled because I had to pick my kids from school. I called him on Wednesday, he said he was coming Thursday. Thursday morning I got the call from school because Cutie had diarrhea so I left to pick him. When I got back 20 minutes later, I found his card hanging on the door. WTF I missed him again. I called him and he said he was coming at 7.00pm. I made my kids swallow the turkey in one piece because cable guy was going to be here any minute now and we have to leave the house in good conditions. 7.25pm I get an email from him saying: “It’ll have to be tomorrow” “Ok… I’ll be home before 12.15pm and after 1.20pm”. He never replied.

Friday morning, my kids stayed home because the headmistress said they didn’t have enough people to handle the kids.
My daughter came to the kitchen when I was writing and said that it was “Princess Day” and that we were supposed to be wearing two ponytails each. She said she was going to brush my hair. “Not even in your dreams baby, nobody touches my hair. I’ll do it myself”. So she gave me two purple elastic bands. After that, I asked her if I could go and hang the curtain. She said ok.
I took the ladder and the drill and tried to make the holes on the ceiling. I needed 5 holes to hang the curtain rail. First hole, kind of successful. Second hole looked like a cave. I decided to fill it with the glue gun because the plug was falling. (You have to imagine that I rather hang the curtain with duct tape than asking the man for help).

Second hole (the cave).


Meanwhile my kids where building a fortress with the pillows and throwing away whatever they had at hand.
Third hole didn’t go through. Nor did the fourth or the fifth. My ceiling looks like a gruyere cheese.
I got SO frustrated that I left everything and came to the computer. Three minutes later I see my daughter running like a bullet to the door and I hear the chimes (I call that the alarm) and her voice saying: “I opened before he rang!!!” “He??? Who???” So I went running to the door (ponytails and all) and see cable guy on the door. He looked at me and kind of chuckle a bit. I wanted to cry.

He connected the cable box but the freaking thing didn’t work. He sent me to buy a new antenna cable. I bought the new cable and tried it and still doesn’t work. And he didn’t answer my message or email. I guess I scared him away. And THAT’S MY LUCK. So good and so bad. I’ll have to wait until Monday.

And in case you are wondering, no, I didn’t like cable guy. I just wanted my kids quiet. Not going to happen just yet. But it feels good to know that I have at least 2 options.

And… I mailed the letter to Santa!!



And I ended up asking the man to lend me a better drill. I hope he brings it when he comes to pick my kids later.


~ by DotedOn on November 29, 2014.

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  2. My kids would go nuts without cable, and consequently, drive me nuts! πŸ˜€

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  3. My son goes crazy without iPhone games or you tube minecraft. First thing he asked at a friends house this thanksgiving weekend, “can I have a wifi please?” He’s been well behaved though and played happily with his cousin both with their iPhones and pretending to be NERF space troopers and bow and arrow superheroes. Wonderful post. Wishing you a great weekend.

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    • hahahahaha πŸ™‚
      (I can identify with your son!! I’m the one asking for wifi here πŸ˜€ )
      But I can play my games from the couch πŸ™‚
      Have a great weekend too!


  4. I’m just getting ready to disconnect cable! And I aniticipate withdrawal! I have basic cable (so I can get reception) and the bill just went to $207! No way!! Hope you get a better deal πŸ™‚

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  5. So funny! Can I borrow Inga for a little luck?

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  6. paola you do have some fabulous adventures in your house. I just want to live with you lol. I dont think IҀ™d stop laughing all day every day if I did! XX

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  7. Only You Twin P
    I can believe every word of it!!!! Things do only happen to you. How often have I walked down the street to grab a rose and the whole neighborhood come out to help? Never Ever!!!! You’re a good luck charm.
    Hanging on Twin M

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    • πŸ™‚ People always ask me for directions or turn to me to talk. It’s like a have a sign saying HERE!!
      It’s always like that πŸ™‚
      I hope I’m a good luck charm to someone πŸ™‚

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      • Not a bad sign unless they are crazy or carry a big knife!!!! Keep your eyes open without a hardened heart.

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      • πŸ˜€ Eyes wide open. (And once someone put a gun on my stomach, since then I can’t have people too near without freaking out).

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      • Not Hot for Guns Twin P
        I’ve had a few guns pulled on or pushed into me. Guns don’t bother me as long as I’m holding the trigger.
        Gun Toting Texas Cowgirl Twin M

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      • πŸ™‚ Cowgirl Twin!!
        I’m only a Kaugirl!! I can hold a fork and a spoon… Not more!

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      • Kaugirl Twin P
        So is that German for cowgirl? I don’t tote my guns around, they aren’t even loaded. Only for protection when I’m home alone. With two dogs that bark at anything I don’t have to worry much. Hope all is well. I am way overdue on meds and eating. It’s one of those reject life days. Sleeping on the couch is killing me but I’m not going to get stuck in bed. That would suck, he is at work and I can’t get out of bed. That would not be pretty. I would have to force myself to fall out and then I have other issues. My cat won’t shut up and is driving me crazy. My headache doesn’t care for ongoing cat talk.
        Cranky Twin M


      • Hola Twin! Kaugirl is “chewing girl”, You’ll see the mug when you get it πŸ™‚
        I’m sorry nothing seems comfortable today. I hope the bed in your office helps.
        I think I’ll hide a knife in my bedroom πŸ™‚ (sometimes I’m scared here… not nice)

        I hope you eat something and are feeling better now πŸ™‚

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      • Kuagirl Twin P
        So the name is from cow chewing it’s cud? Disgusting. When younger my brother and I would walk to barb wire fence trying to sneak up on cows and ride them. We new got a ride, just many cuts from fence or bruises form falling off fence. Cows are funny animals. They do nothing but eat and eat and eat. With nine stomachs it takes a long time to get thru with a meal.
        I haven’t ordered the bed. I’m ready to start taking two pain meds at a time. I have yet to call my doctor.
        I’m so pissed about the shit going on or not going on with NFL!!!!! NFL doesn’t respect women and nothing has changed, violence against women is ok. The commissioner must be fired and get someone with a history of setting rules and standing by them. The talk about NFL has increased my stress. He has not punished a player for more than two games since taking office. That tells me more than his stand on violence, he’s a racist and egomaniac!.
        Instead of a knife, get a stun gun! or stun gun and knife. My gramps lived in a really bad area, I bought fake surveillance cameras of Amazon and mounted around house. You can’t tell they aren’t real. Then I put a sign on front door saying “Smile you are on camera”. It must work, I stayed at gramps two weeks alone after he died and no one bothered me. While there I had a front row set to a narcotics raid on the house across street. It was like on tv, full riot gear, ATF type trucks, black gear, big guns, busted the door in and puled around 10 people out of house, handcuffed together and searched house for close to three hours. I had live entertainment. David was like, your not staying there by yourself any more. HAHAHA, I’m not afraid. I had my gun, cousins husband was Liutentent of department and came by house regularly. It was nice to have two weeks to digest everything going on in my mind and looking at the house holding a lifetime of memories. I truly felt comfort being in there house, quite and able to process not being able to see house after we sell. Enough gut spilling for me. Time to get back to strong I can do it all myself mode.
        Stubborn Very Stubborn Twin M


        I’m afraid if I have a gun I’ll kill someone. I’m very impulsive, not good. Too much passion doesn’t go well with a gun.
        I think I would have died with the live entertainment πŸ™‚
        Sorry about the NFL… I hope it changes soon.

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  9. Twin P
    I reblogged to Survivors Blog Here. Take care.
    Twin M

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