Sunday. It looks really dark outside. First of all, I want to say that yesterday I messed up. Instead of reblogging post 94 to survivorsbloghere.wordpress.com, I reblogged it to myself. I’m sorry for that.
On Friday evening when the man came to pick my kids, he had a fight with my oldest son. My poor sweetie was crying in the car so the man told me: “I’m not taking him with me”. I mostly fight him when he thinks he can decide but my son was begging me to let him stay here.
Since my second son had to stay here because he had a school trip on Saturday, I accepted.
My oldest son and the man have a terrible relationship. The man treats him like he treated me… HORRIBLY. It breaks my heart but the more I try to avoid it, the worse it is.
I said to my son: “You can stay but you’ll have to help me assemble the closet” “OK”. The plan was to do it Friday evening but I was way too tired for it, so yesterday as soon as my second son left, we started bringing the pieces to my bedroom. Hell the thing was heavy.
The ceiling of my bedroom is only 4 or 5 inches higher than the closet, so we had to mount it standing. My son is my high so we had to stand on chairs to keep the top part. It was quite difficult.
Then we moved it to put the back panel and we discovered that one piece wasn’t properly attached. I said: “We have to take it apart” “NO WAY” “But we can’t leave it like this, it could fall” “No, it won’t” So we tried to fix it with the machine that the Chimney Guy’s colleague (aka The Other Guy) gave me very long ago and he never picked up.


That tool and the hot glue gun have been my bests friends since I live in this house. Let’s say that only a couple of things I did without using any of them.
The reparation looks like this:


And that reminds me pretty much of the car that Homer built for Bart once.

th (50)

The good thing is that I won’t see that because it’s on the back.
After a couple of hours, we finished!! No more blue bags with clothes inside. I can’t believe it.


Later I called the man to remind him to bring the good drill. He said he couldn’t find it but he was completely sure that he could drill the holes on the ceiling with the drill I have. “Ok, if you think you can, go ahead”.
I can’t explain how hard it was even for him. His choice, he didn’t want to lend me the other drill. I was quite happy. That way I didn’t end up eating or breathing ceiling powder, he did it for me.
That’s the curtain (the dark one).


It was after 11.00pm when I finished hanging it. Then I decided to add a switch to the lamp in my bedroom and change the wire because the one that it was there before, it was too dark and it bother my view of the stars.
Then I thought my wall was too empty so I made two pictures. Dry leaves arranged randomly. Now every time I look at it, I see an angel (I promise, no wine yet). For the other one I used the dry roses I kept since May.



That’s how my bed area looks like now. I’m planning to add the roses that the hot gardener gave me and make also a trophy display. I’ll frame all the wine bottle labels that I drink (alone). So far, 2.

Great news for me!! I’ll be spending New Year with two of my favorite persons in this world. I’m flying to Barcelona to visit my cousin Ile and her husband Jordi. I’m SO happy!!


~ by DotedOn on November 30, 2014.

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  2. You ended on a HAPPY note!! woo hoo šŸ™‚

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  3. Dear one, I’ve nominated you for the Leibster Award which recognizes new blogs…please visit my most recent post The Leibster Award for details and if you choose to accept acknowledge so in the comment section ā˜ŗ much love, jules

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  4. Everything looks amazing! I love your bedroom set-up.

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