I wish I could say it’s an extended Sunday but not, this day is definitely a Monday. I’m a bit disappointed. I had to go to the main town to bring my son to the train station, then go to bring some documents, do an eye check for the driver’s license, buy snow boots for my younger children (required by the kindergarten) and get a jacket for my oldest son. (I hate shopping and you can’t imagine how much I hated it today because I didn’t know the sizes of any of my kids). It was just after 8.00am and the town looked like a ghost town. Since I couldn’t have breakfast at home and I had time before everything opened, I went to a cafe. I was the only one in there and no free wifi. It was hard to survive.


It’s cold, just above freezing point. I read a sign saying that coming weekend is the Christmas Market. There are some decorations around town. It looks pretty. (Not like the picture I made… I wanted to show the Christmas lights…)


That thing is called Christmas Pyramid. Typical German I guess.


My meetings didn’t go so well so now I’m a bit down. Cable guy didn’t come either so another day my kids we’ll be following me everywhere.

I forgot to post the search terms of the past week and the most viewed post.
I think that it doesn’t matter how many boobs I flash, I’ll still be famous for the ass groping post (00:35.5)

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 11.56.58 AM

I get now that there is a group of individuals who are looking for “tips and tricks” on how to grab an ass in a bus. But what really surprised me now is the other two search terms.

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 11.56.41 AM

I’M A GOOD MAN QUOTES. What can I say… If you are a good man, I don’t think you need to be selling yourself with a quote. And if you really think you have to, what’s the idea? Get a tattoo, recite the quote constantly or hang a sign on your back?

WHO IS THIS GUY. ?? What kind of search is that?? I guess there is only one way to find out.

Going to pick my kids to school. I hope the rest of the day is better.

~ by DotedOn on December 1, 2014.

19 Responses to “96”

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  2. I love the way you live every day! Most people just hurry to the next and don’t stop to see the day they are in or the moment they are in. You reminded me that I need to enjoy the day and thank you.

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    • Thank you Wife 🙂
      To be honest, I wish I could miss today!!
      I can’t plan ahead, it’s my last minute nature 🙂
      I hope you get to enjoy today!


  3. lol! I love the search terms. Who is this guy??? You’re right – what gives with that!

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  4. I end up getting a bunch of protected searches.. or at least it won’t tell me the term. However, Dora the Explorer shows up quite frequently. All because I used her backpack once…

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  5. Twin P
    Beter idea, Dora the Explorer Ass Grabbing searches!!!! That’s a sick person. Working thru emails and thinking about a nap. Right now so mad a Cardio can’t sleep anyway. He is no longer my doctor.
    Time to tell David about canceling appt and wanted a small bed moved to my office. I can’t live on the couch with the dogs believing I’m here to entertain them.
    Twin M


    • Get the bed in the office!! You need to rest. Stupid doctor made me mad too.

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      • You didn’t like my Dora the Explorer grab assign comments? The bed search is tomorrow!!!!

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      • 🙂 your comment made me laugh!! It’s even sicker than looking for ass grabbing in bus alone. A lot of weirdos in this world Twin!! (starting with me).

        Dora la Exploradora is not very much loved in this house. The voices here are terrible and my son calls her “Dora la Explotadora (the Exploiter).

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      • Dora Not Welcome House Twin P
        What did Dora do in your house to piss your son off? Hear her to many times on tv? I love Spongebob!!!!! I haven’t watched in a long time. Cartoons are how I unwind when really upset (meaning pissed off to max). David makes fun of me all the time blaming everything on Spongebob. I would rather have kids watch cartoons than play violent video games or left to explore internet unsupervised. Still unsettled about the words exchanged in anger/love last night. It is hard for me to let go and if you tell me I can’t do it, watch out I’ll die trying. If you offer to help because you love me and so concerned is one thing. Don’t come home stressed out, tell me how I messed up meds before and I can’t do it. We don’t argue, arguing is healthy, we change a few words and retreat to our corners. Very unhealthy. Maybe that’s how marriage has lasted 12 years. So I still feel not angry just determined to get all meds taken care of and all phone calls made before he gets home. What I need is leave guilt behind over dirty dishes, dirty laundry, dirty house, ect…….blah blah blah. I’m alive so in big scheme have no complaints but I let me human side come out every once in awhile. Take care. Heather gave me the ok to post several days ago and hope to get it done today. I don’t want to mess up, I want her to join the group and want the experience with us to be positive. I don’t put any pressure on self right? Look in the mirror, you’re worse!
        Crazy Crazy Twin M


      • Crazy Crazy Twin P,
        I wish I could give you marital advice 🙂 Unfortunately, not my strongest point.
        Dora’s voice in Dutch was brain piercing, even for the kids!! They love Spongebob too. I hope the cable guy makes the stupid cable work tomorrow or I’ll be SUPER pissed 🙂
        I used to watch Johnny Bravo on Cartoon Network many years ago. It made me laugh very much 🙂
        Not long ago someone told me something very nice about guilt. Of course I forgot it… It was something like: Guilt lays on the floor and it’s your choice to pick it… (Does it have sense?).
        Crazier Twin P

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      • Philosopher Twin P
        Yes it makes sense. Guilt is learned and engrained. As you know, a habit of love/hate and very difficult to leave on floor for good.
        I can’t wait to get mug, with the holidays it will take a while. I’m waiting till after the holidays to send yours. The chances of the package getting lost greatly decreases.
        Take care. Haven’t even changed clothes or brushed teeth. Time to take a minute for myself and then get back to Warrior mode!!!!!!
        Off My Rocker Twin M

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      • Take your time Twin!
        Be a relaxed warrior today!

        I’ll go to bed soon too, I’m sleeping terribly lately!

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  6. P. The kindergarten requiring snow shoes for kids sounds like an ill omen. Maybe you need a pair too. 🙂 Buy yourself the midcalf boots with metal ice spikes so you can ride the bus without fear of Mr. Assgrabber. 🙂

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  7. LMAO about the search terms. You just never know what strange people are gonna search do you? Sorry your meetings didn’t go so good. But yeah for xmas markets! I love those! XX

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