Wednesday. Again my kids are here. The heating system couldn’t be fixed on time. They don’t let me do anything. They only make the mess bigger.
I wrote to Cable Guy again saying I didn’t like paying for a service I didn’t have and asked when he was coming. The shameless guy said he was here yesterday morning. I replied I was here too because my kids didn’t have school. I didn’t even vacuum so I could hear the bell. I always have the perfect excuse.
He said he was coming today at 10.00am.
No wonder why he’s single. No girl wants a liar or someone who keeps changing/canceling the appointments.

Sleep Tight. I never liked that expression. And after the comment about “tightness”, I like it even less. I admit I have some quirks.
After how many “some’s” they became a lot? I could tell some of them and then you’ll think: “That’s why she doesn’t have a boyfriend!!” But I think that they don’t affect anyone else and that the others should be paying attention to themselves and minding their own business. For example, why someone could be affected about me spreading the peanut butter on my toast perfectly even until all the edges are completely covered? (Maybe the one who has to spread my toast, but I mostly do it myself (because not many put enough energy and can do it perfectly… But I never say it, I only say: “Let me do it or I may end up eating an uneven toast). And I don’t have symmetry problems. I’ll write about that another day.

And how a good night sleep can be associated with something tight? Maybe it’s only me (for sure it’s only me!!). To my mind comes the idea of having my hands tied up. I can’t stand it. I can’t stand someone holding my closed fists or my wrists. I feel claustrophobic. I start getting anxious and hyperventilate. And I don’t even know why.

th (53)

Maybe because those ugly dreams I had when I was 14. On two occasions I dreamed of having someone on top of me (once King Kong and another time a friend (I don’t choose my dreams when I sleep, ok?)), holding my closed fists against the pillow, and me trying to wake up because I knew it was a dream but I couldn’t do it, and I fought them and tried to scream but no words would come out and I was shocked and traumatized for life apparently. I have pretty vivid dreams.

If that wasn’t enough, some times I suffer from bruxism. But I don’t grind my teeth. I bite really hard and suction at the same time (because I’m not weird at all). I can’t explain how painful that is after a couple of nights spent like that. Even blinking hurts. I tried to fight it. I even got the disgusting thing to put in my mouth once.

th (51)

But I could still be able to bite really hard with that thing on. I tried sleeping with one finger in my mouth and with a pencil. Nothing seemed to work. I was a bit stressed at the time.

th (52)

I’m not sure how but after a few years that didn’t happen anymore. But the idea of “Sleep Tight” still kills me.
I prefer to sleep loose. All spread. Relaxed. With a smile on my face. Like a potato’s sack half full. I love being happily exhausted and fall asleep immediately.

th (54)

I don’t mind someone holding my hands as long as my fingers are free… And that’s another reason why I wear mittens instead of gloves. No, not weird. Just me.

~ by DotedOn on December 3, 2014.

11 Responses to “98”

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  2. Not So Wierd Twin P
    I wear a mouthpiece for gritting and grinding. It is painful and causes headaches and jaw pain. I must be strange to, not able to sleep with someone holding me even my hand. It’s romantic but when time to sleep move back off.
    Is there a cable company to complain about the unreliable cable guy. He is so unprofessional not to mention a liar. Get tough!!!!!!
    Better for now Twin M


    • Better for Now and Hopefully Later Twin M,
      You won’t believe the freaking cable guy, he’s only a SELLER!! I’m pissed beyond limits 😀
      Exactly!! Romance ends when the eyes shut 🙂

      La Weirda Twin P 🙂


  3. I clench my teeth all day and all night. A lot of my teeth cracked and I have to get them fixed a lot. My dentist payed off his mortgage from my visits. sometimes my jaw will lock and I can’t eat or drink anything for several days. I go to a lot of doctors and dentist and they tell me to stop doing it. I haven’t figured out how to stop yet. But, I discovered melatonin in 5mg gummies. I eat them 30 minutes before bedtime and then I sleep very good all night. The side benefit from melatonin is the sheets and comforter aren’t torn to shreds and I don’t beat the stuffings out of my pillow anymore. 🙂

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    • So you know the pain! 🙂
      I’m sorry about it. It magically disappeared in my case and I hope it never comes back.
      I never heard about the gummies, I’ll keep them in mind just in case 🙂

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  4. I grind my teeth constantly (day and night) and can NOT sleep in tucked in sheets. I am not exaggerating when I say it gives me a mild panic attack. It feels like the sheets are holding me hostage. I feel the same way about turtle necks and stuck zippers on jackets.

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    • 😀 I kick the sheets until they are only laying on the bed and my feet can move… My neck is always covered because I have a very weak throat and it has to be always warm. But my arms, hands and feet have to feel free 🙂
      (Nice that I’m not alone in some things!!)


  5. Awwww, yes. That awful expression, I don’t care for it either. I hope the cable guy gets the job done and soon! He’s so slow! XX

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  6. You are so funny. My husband hates that I can say good night and fall asleep right then.

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