Monday. 3.20am. I thought I was going to stay cleaning until 2.00am but it took a while longer. And I didn’t finish. Tomorrow I’ll have to do some things that I was supposed to do today.
And I’ll have only one hour.
I could manage to hide a lot of stuff too. I hope nobody opens the closets because everything could fall on them. I wanted to use the garage as hiding space but it was raining too much. I also contemplated the attic but then there was a risk that someone wanted to see it.

My plan was to bake cinnamon rolls but I changed for scones. I have the dough ready so I only have to make little balls and put them on the baking sheet and bake them.
Since my friends are arriving tomorrow at 9.15am, I won’t have time to write. I LOVE writing but there is no way I set the alarm clock earlier for that.

My living room looks like this now:


My idea is to place the food on the table in front and sit on the other two.
You can see my Christmas decoration (Glue gun. And I’ll be crying when I have to remove it because it seems that the wallpaper will come out too).



Tomorrow I’ll take better pictures with food, candles and people.

I was also working on my Arabian Nights rooms. You can’t see much, the picture is horrible. Better pictures next time.


And the chimney area. I have to put the fabric better but I need extra hands to do it.


I’m going to sleep now, my feet and back hurt and.


~ by DotedOn on December 8, 2014.

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  2. So festive!!

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  3. Crazy Sleepy Twin P
    Everything looks great! Why would anyone want to open closets or see the attic? Seems weird to me. I can’t believe you have that many chairs.
    Wish I was there to help.
    Don’t stress, enjoy the moment. You’re making friends, enjoy their company and if you need help with something ask someone to help.
    Sleepy Hungry Twin M

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  4. Twin P
    You won’t believe this. While I was taking a shower, David decorated the tree with the ornaments from my childhood. My grandmother keep ones that even older than I am. I came downstairs and could not believe all the ones from when I was a little girl. A couple I gave my grandparents. I had to walk away, I wanted to cry, I’m getting emotional now. I miss them so much. I can’t believe they are not here. My grandmother loved Christmas, decorating the tree and cooking more than a football team could eat.
    Leave the Christmas decoration on the wall, you have kids, the house has to have a comfort of the family.
    Crying Twin M

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    • What a nice thing to do for you Twin!! πŸ™‚
      Take pictures!!
      I will remove the decoration after Christmas because I’ll get depressed if I see than in July πŸ™‚
      Maybe I’ll have to improvise new decoration every season πŸ™‚

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      • Twin P
        Every piece of art your children or you make with them is a work of art. I’ve seen some people frame art made by the kids or together in same color frames, it looks awesome. You only get so many chances, we don’t know what God has around the corner. Don’t let the Christmas art depress you, let it lift you up. It’s a beautiful time in life, even if we want to pull our hair out. You’re children have a very creative mother, let them express their inner artist come out. You will cherish every piece until the end. I found every card I sent or made for my grandmother in her bible, it brings tears of joy today. She loved my so much she kept the reminders. I have her Bible and the cards remain inside today. I saw her bible on the coffee table my entire life, I has no idea what I would find inside after her death. In my late 40’s when she died, she kept me close to her heart and God by keeping my expressions of love in her most cherished possession.
        Art/Art projects are a great way to keep kids focused, even if long enough to cook without several running around. As you can see, extreme pain and raw emotions always bring the love of my grandparents. If they were alive I would work so hard to keep truth of illness from them, without them I just wish my grandmother could hugs me, make potato soup and make everything better. It would be better.
        Unleashed Emotions Twin M

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      • That’s so nice Twin!! πŸ™‚
        I keep some, not all. I had the Christmas tree decorated with the ornaments they did since they started school. One day the man threw away all the decorations because I was depressed and didn’t leave the couch. That day he earned my HATE. It didn’t matter that he went to the rescue later. The act of discarding my stuff was unforgivable. πŸ™‚

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      • Rightly Angered Twin P
        Not only was he acting like an idiot and mean to you, but doesn’t he love his kids????? He doesn’t have any self control. He needs to respect the mother of his children and his children.
        Tell him to get a grip.
        Call Bullshit when you see it! Twin M

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      • I made him cry for that, several times. He realized he was an ass, TOO LATE!

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  5. That fireplace is delightful!

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  6. I agree leave the decoration on the wall ☺ everything’s going to be wonderful! And yes, ask for help if need be XXOO

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  7. You are a very good decorator. I hope the party went well and everyone stayed out of the closets and the kids didn’t get stuck in the chimney looking for Saint Nicholas. I think for the in-laws you should buy some large rubber spiders and snakes and put them in the places they will look. Every time they scream you should give them your evil laugh. Now it’s a different sport and you get all the points. πŸ™‚

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