Sunday. I’m still bored. Yesterday I could almost catch up reading blogs, I’ll see if I can finish today. The thing is, I didn’t do anything else, I only sat in front of the computer since breakfast time (11.30am) and stayed there eating (a lot of chocolate, bread and ice-cream) and reading.
Around 5.00pm it was already dark so I decided to take a bath, drink some wine and go to bed.
Candles, bubbles, wine and iPod.
The only problem was that I didn’t check the water temperature and it was TOO hot. I was already naked and thought that I could go in anyway and that I would get used to it eventually.
Feet first. I burned them. I think I drink tea with colder water.
Very slowly I could sit. Soon I could feel the drops of sweat rolling through my face. It really felt like swimming in the Dead Sea, my face was all salty.
I think it took one hour for me to lay down. Then I thought I was going to die dehydrated because I was still sweating and thirsty. I drank some wine not really sipping but violently swallowing it.
Stubborn as I am, I didn’t want to open the cold water, because the water in the tub would get colder eventually. But at some point I did it because leaving one foot out the water didn’t help. I threw gelid water on my face, neck, chest and arms. It didn’t help either.
The wine got to my head and the sweating effect was worse. I could still feel the drops rolling. Then I though: “What the hell I’m opening the window, Merry Christmas Helmut (front door neighbor)”. I stayed for sure half an hour in the still really warm water and freezing bathroom watching the steam go out the window. After that I could start enjoying my bath. I stayed over 2 hours and I didn’t need to renew the water!! And I’m still red.


Then I put my pajamas on and went to bed to read more and write a bit. I was very surprised reading the comments about the panties. I really thought that it was a common practice everywhere and that the only difference was the chosen color.
Kim from kimboxin.wordpress.com is intrigued about the meaning of the pink panties in Christmas. So I decided to search about it and I’m really disappointed that some magazine “invented” a story and all the other articles used that story. I’m not buying the 3 origins (Pagan, Christian and Victorian) that all the articles claimed as true for the simple reason that the tradition of pink panties happens only in my country (Argentina) and in Uruguay.
I found one answer and it’s the one I believe to be true.
Originally it was given only to the single women to attract a husband. The chosen color was pink that symbolizes LOVE and BIRTH. And the idea is that you wear them in Christmas Eve (birth of Jesus).
The articles I read said that it was given as a present on Christmas to wear in New Year (not true!!). One of the highest points of every Christmas Eve Dinner is when all the ladies start talking about the pink panties and then go to the bathroom to show the pink underwear!!
One time it was my father starting the conversation: “Ladies, are you wearing pink panties? because take a look at this!!” And he moved down his pants showing his pink boxers!!

th (5)

That’s not Daddy.
And yes, you can find pink boxers around Christmas too… Strange men in my country. They choose pink underwear over speedos (Thank Goodness!!!).

This year then, I will wear my pink panties (and see what I attract). It doesn’t matter how they look like as long as they are pink.
You have to imagine my happiness when I spotted pink, took the panties and discovered that they were my favorite model.


If you look closely, they have little glasses on it. I will keep for myself the thought I got when I saw them and only say that I think men with glasses (and without) are very sexy.

I’m also going to follow my new tradition of wearing red panties for New Year like women in Spain and Italy do, for good luck (because I need it).

And since I’m REALLY bored lately, I’m starting a new movement. Please feel free to join me and wear Red Panties these Holidays!! You men, can also do it!!

And if any of you do it and later decide to write about it, please use the badge bellow on your blog and omit the juicy details so the less fortunate (me) don’t feel so bad.
No, better said, add as much details as you like so we all keep dreaming (beautiful (and wet) dreams!) 😀



~ by DotedOn on December 14, 2014.

9 Responses to “109”

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  2. I can honestly say that I have never worn pink boxers. 😀

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  3. Yep, pink panties are definitely sexy on a woman…on a man, not so sure. I mean, if you consider the pic you posted, that guy can get away with it. Other guys, not so much!

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  4. Bwaaah haaaa haaa! That’s not daddy – I almost fell out of my chair when I read that. I will try to get Tiger Mom to wear the appropriate celebratory underclothes with her Angry Birds outfit. Red is a very powerful color to Koreans and so I’m sure it won’t be hard to convince her. Of course, Tiger Mom may claw me up a little if I post about it. Uh Oh! I think i just did !

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  5. Have I mentioned that you crack me up? Yes. I know I have. I need to go shopping for some pink and red panties. I’m okay with being put on Santa’s naughty list because of it :).

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