Wednesday. One less day to go. I don’t know why I have this idea that in January everything will be better. I should know already that the chance that something changes is small. I still have faith. So far, 2014 was bad but not as bad as 2013 and I hope it stays that way.
My sweet cutie had fever last night and he slept in bed with me. It wasn’t as bad as I expected. He only wanted to be very close to me. Luckily he cried only a few times as soon as I fell asleep but it was only that.

This morning I finally got an e-mail from the technicians of the cable company asking to contact them because I was not reachable by phone. I knew that, they had the wrong number. I corrected that number 5 times.
Finally I called, I got a nice guy who spoke English with me and I made an appointment for Friday morning. I still can’t believe it!! I won’t believe it after everything is working, hopefully just on time for the Christmas Holidays.
Cable guy said he was coming this morning very early. It’s almost noon and he never showed up. Another complain coming up soon.

I’m really sick and tired of all this negativity. I can’t stand it anymore. It’s not me. And I’m the only one who can make it change. I won’t let anything that I can’t control, affect me. Let’s see if I can manage to do that. So far, every single little thing affects me terribly. Each thing is like a new brick in my backpack. I’m done carrying all that weight.
I still need to arrange a few things and I need help to do them and I have no idea who I can ask.

My life should be careless. My only worries should be what to cook for dinner and not finding the matching sock. Where can I go to have my perfect life? It was so nice when I was (much) younger. No worries at all. I hate growing up and I hate my wrong choices even more.

Happy thoughts from now on.
So, who’s wearing red panties these Holidays?
I’m posting a few models in case you, ladies and gentlemen, need some inspiration.

These are my favorites. What can I say, I’m a romantic!!



But if that’s not your cup of tea, you can choose some other models.

A bit see through for the exhibitionist who also likes to ‘shine’ a bit.


Or these for the guy who likes to ‘shine’ a lot.


Yum! Oops! That slipped from my mouth.


Speechless here…


Hahahahahaha… Please, if you go for these, don’t post a picture.


And I’m not that romantic!!


And for the sweet ladies:

My favorite model!


Do these come with instructions?


Vintage look.




Classic II


For the exhibitionist.


For the shy exhibitionist.


For when you need to feel like you are wearing panties.


For those who want to cover a bit more.


Why RED underwear for New Year? It brings luck and there is no other color that has greater connotation of happiness, romance, prosperity and passion than red.
And we all want that for New Year!!


~ by DotedOn on December 17, 2014.

24 Responses to “112”

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  2. Lol!!!
    Those ridiculous male underwear were hilarious. I am still laughing.
    Well as for the cable guys, it seems they are the same everywhere. In my country, the plumbers, carpenters, and the cooking gas guys all do the same thing too. Something in their water, maybe? Heh heh.
    Don’t worry Paola… it’ll get better.
    Thanks for the funny “reds”.

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    • After I made the appointment, he wrote saying he made an appointment for me… This is all a joke!! 😀
      They all suck!!

      I hope you’ll be wearing red panties too… And also your special guy… I hope he doesn’t choose the elephant ones or it’ll be hard to concentrate 🙂
      Thank you!!


      • Ha ha ha ha ha! The elephant one will ruin any mood. Long trunk or not. Lol. All that detail…
        I’m now thinking about wearing red panties too. I hadn’t thought about it before. Will keep you posted on that.
        Meanwhile… let’s try to laugh at the cable guy’s joke…

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      • Elephant out!! 😀

        I’m laughing at Cable Guy since I said his full name once… His last name is Otte. When you add “ote” to an adjective in Spanish, you make it big. For example, grande (big), grandote (even bigger). He’s a BIG guy.
        Last week I said to my son: “If Thomasote comes”… and I started to laugh like crazy and had to explain to my son why… He wanted to know how Cable Guy looked like and I said: “Like a giant meatball”. So his name really describes him 😀 (And maybe Karma is biting my ass for that!!)

        Liked by 1 person

      • LOL!!! Thomasote the giant meatball… woohoo! Cable guy during the day, meatball at night. Wow. Quite the superhero we have here… hahaha!
        Nah… karma is on your side on this one. I wonder how rough the meatball might be having it though…

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      • I really hope Karma is on my side!! 🙂

        And I’m vegetarian so unless our hero is made of tofu, I pass!! 😀

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  3. When everything in my life starts looking negative, I do what I call 3 Good Things. Every day I write down 3 things and at times it’s been really hard to find them. I post them where I can see them. I used to make my kids do it too. I have my employees do it when they start down a negative road about a change. I will be wearing RED on New Years! Not sure why world press tosses my name.

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    • Thanks Wife!
      I’ll try that. Negativity is not taking me anywhere… Or better said, anywhere nice!

      Yayyy for the RED panties!! Looking forward to that story :)!!


  4. I think we have to hope for better things each January, otherwise hope is truly lost. I don’t think fate and life are set to a calendar, but it’s a good start to pick some date to work on changes.

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  5. I need to buy some red underwear. .. and stop eating bagels ; )

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  6. And you wonder why those crazy Google-searches lead to you, Paola, lol. Crazy girl! Now back to being “serious.” I DO see January bringing change and more happiness! It takes a while to dig out from the muck. And you will have cable by then so that will help out a lot. I always consider January a new beginning and heading toward spring and sunshine. Have a wonderful day girlfriend! ❤

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  7. Well, I’m sorry you are not doing your best but you certainly put a smile on my face today. Better luck in 2015.

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  8. Actually I never knew there was a such thing as elephant underwear until now. What a great place to keep an extra pair of socks and your credit cards. 🙂

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