Saturday. I didn’t sleep so well even though I fell asleep soon after 11.00pm. Early for me but I was kaput. Still am. Not a nice week, not very cold but really dark. One more day of darkness and then it’ll start getting better. That really cheers me up.
Finally I have cable!! I still couldn’t figure out how much it’ll cost me. One e-mail says one thing and one letter says another thing. Cable Guy wrote that he’ll be here on Monday evening. I don’t care if he comes or not, I already planned to call a nice mom and let her help me with that and the insurance. It would be so nice to end the year with everything arranged.

Sweet Rob from weight2lose2013.wordpress.com nominated me for the “Very Inspiring Blogger” Award! Thank you Rob!!


You know already that I’ll break some of the rules. No questions to answer this time and I think you know more than 15 facts about me. And if there is anything else you’d like to know, please ask me!
I’m not nominating anyone but if you’d like to have this (or any) award, just let me know and I’ll give to you… That way, you don’t feel the pressure to participate.

For the past 11 years, I made my own Christmas’ e-cards. On the first one, only my oldest son was there dressing like Santa and then I added a few Holidays’ decorations around and some text. With the years, more kids came and taking the picture was every time more difficult.
I set myself a deadline for taking the picture and sending the e-mails. That is always the 22nd of December.
This year, my kids are going to be with the man the next days so I had to take the picture earlier than usual. That happened yesterday.
Since I remember how hard and stressful the previous years were at the time of the photo shoot, I started since last Monday to warn (read threaten) my kids.
“On Friday, as soon as you get home from school, I will take the Christmas picture. That means that I’ll be VERY stressed because it’s dark outside and also because you move or cry or put your hands in front of your faces and do stupid things. This time, start crying NOW because I already lost the patience in advance and believe me, you don’t want that kind of mother on Friday”.
I made them tried the hat and told them exactly what I expected. No time to lose.

Of course that Friday came and one of them had to rebel against me. This year it was my daughter’s turn. When I said: “Go to your room and take a red shirt”. All the others did it but she decided she wanted a dress, so she put on the red shirt and on top of it, a fuchsia dress. I almost gagged. I tried reasoning with her: “That’s a summer dress and it’s NOT red”… Tears came… Too many tears. I then remembered a red dress she had and went to pick it for her. I said: “Now you need a white shirt below so you’ll look better”.
I don’t like mismatching reds (I know, I have some issues). She wasn’t happy and started to cry again, this time letting ALL the snot fall on the red dress.
My stress level was HIGH… I cleaned the dress but then it was wet. She didn’t stop crying. Then she didn’t want the hat… of course!

Every year I say: “This is THE LAST TIME!!” but I keep doing it because the entire year(s) passed and I seldom wrote/replied to any e-mail from friends or family. When I did, I didn’t add the kid’s picture that everybody keeps asking. Many times I write: “Wait till December, a picture with all of them is a rarity and not easy to achieve”.

Once my daughter stopped crying, I made them sit on the couch and started shooting pictures.
I think I broke my own record. Only 38 pictures AND more than a good one!!
Some years I had to settle for a mediocre photo because my blood pressure was too high and my kids didn’t collaborate at all.

In 2008 I couldn’t make them stay all together so I had to improvise or cut out the best face I found.


In 2009 they all had angry faces. When they were smiling, one of them had the eyes closed.


That’s a collage I made to my mom last year trying to explain how difficult it is to get 5 kids looking fine. I cried twice between the 107 pictures I took. My third son was a pain in the ass and the few pictures where he wasn’t whining, some other was closing the eyes or putting their hands somewhere. (Mostly nose).


I was VERY tempted to go for the Merry F#$%ing Christmas many times.

I’ll post this year’s card as soon as it’s ready.

~ by DotedOn on December 20, 2014.

24 Responses to “115”

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  2. Congrats on award and lovely kids

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  3. Hahahaha!
    Oh your kids are an absolute joy!!! Whining, crying et al. They are so cute too. Lovely cards. Can’t wait to see the one of this year.
    I’m so glad that you finally have your cable. Phew! What a way to get it though. Lol.
    Congrats on the award!

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  4. Oh yes, my daughter is incapable of taking a good picture. It’s a common problem with moms. I actually love the third one because it really speaks to me, like so typical of how a kid’s photo actually turns out. Anyone who speaks the language of ‘mom’ would easily understand. And what adorable children you have!!

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    • πŸ˜€ I think I have over 500 of those failed attempts…

      Anyway, I need to send the message that I have happy children or else everybody gets worried… explaining sucks!! πŸ™‚

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  5. I think you have done an amazing job with the pictures and cards. It’s never been easy to get pictures of my 2 kids together and I think our last family picture of the 3 of us together was about 5 years ago. I can’t wait to see this year’s picture card!

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    • Thank you Sharon!
      I’m never on the picture or instead of 107 they’ll be many more πŸ˜€

      I love to make those cards (or better said, I love when the card is ready… taking the picture is HELL!!) πŸ™‚

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  6. There is such a thing as a blogger award?!

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  7. Oddly, while I was reading this Michele McLaughlin’s “Perseverance” from the “Out Of The Darkness” album was playing.. how fitting. (Added note, this is why I never became a children’s photographer..that and I can’t really take good photos…)

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    • I’m trying to listen to that song but YouTube is not working!
      Photographing kids is not for everyone! I saw once a cool photographer at school, he was a genius! He got the kids ready for the group picture in less than one minute… It took me a week of practice and a lot of threatening this time, but I didn’t cry! πŸ™‚

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  8. P. Photos of children being children are never bad ones πŸ™‚ I was lucky, my children and grandchildren were little amateur actors and could always be convinced to take a very dramatic picture. They got chocolate and I had bourbon and we were all happy. Especially after the bourbon… πŸ™‚

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    • πŸ™‚ I didn’t give them anything because they really pissed me off every time!! Yesterday it was ok. Maybe I put some chocolates in their stockings… And I’m drinking the wine now! πŸ™‚

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  9. Oh yes! and congratulations on the award. You earned it with your very engaging style of writing. πŸ™‚

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  10. I loved your response, Paola! I was waiting for sweet rob in the red ******! lol Have a wonderful weekend!


  11. love the photos of your darling kids! πŸ™‚

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  12. your kids are so sweet!! i know all about the christmas photo taking crazy! its always like this here too, but this year i took them outside when the first snow came and we actually got a couple good one too! i am going to go for a photo of them in front of the christmas tree on christmas eve, that will be the christmas attachment photo on the email letter i send out to those i care about on christmas eve.. hopefully they will smile with enought screaming from me hahaha

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