Monday. It looks like if the sky were falling down. Big storm. The wind is blowing in such a strong way making the pines bend in all directions.
Yesterday I spent a lot of time folding the wash. Too much time probably, and I didn’t even start pairing socks or separating underwear. The past week all my kids told me: “Mom, I don’t have socks or underwear”. “You can look for some in any of those baskets (3)”. The story will repeat itself if I don’t finish before they come here later.

I will split yesterday’s events in two posts because I’m not even half done and it’s already over 1000 words.
I got a lot done and was really proud of myself and happy until the man told me that his aunt had a present for me for Sinterklass. I asked him what the present was and he said: “It’s in an envelope”. Since I met her, I explained that I couldn’t accept money from her. She never listened and kept doing it so every time I got an envelope, I gave it to the man.
This time that we are not longer together, I HATE that I have to thank her aunt for something that she KNOWS it really causes me stress and it was not needed. I also don’t want to give that money to the man, I want to keep it for my kids.
So yesterday he asked me if I wanted to thank her while she was at his place but I refused because the woman is still mourning our separation and cries all the time. It’s very hard for me to be consoling her and I want to avoid any reference to a possible reconciliation.

Later in the evening, when I supposed that the aunt had left, I sent a message to the man asking how my kids were. He said: “Cutie is sick and I’m mad at you because he was the whole week there and you didn’t notice. I’m taking him to the doctor tomorrow”.
“Take him to the doctor and if he’s sick, you get mad at me AFTER you are sure he’s sick, not before”.
The conversation went on and on for over 4.5 hours. It’s amazing how the subject of my ‘probably’ sick child, could change into so many other things.

The conversation started at 8.30pm and ended at 1.10am. About 9.00pm he asked if I could video call him, he wanted to show me what he got from his job for Christmas and if I was interested in having something.
He got a form to bake cakes, I said I would take it if he didn’t want it because my kids had scratched mine and now the cakes always get stuck.

At one point I said: “I hate that your aunt decided to give me a gift. I hate even more that it’s money, I told her I couldn’t accept her money when we were together, imagine how I feel now. And ten minutes before you told me that she had something for me, I was sending the Christmas cards and I cancelled her and your parents from my list. I’m not sending the card to them this time. If you want, you can do it, I just mailed the card to you”.
“Because I don’t want any contact with them. And I’m sorry about your aunt because she was always nice to me. And now I have to thank her and I feel really uncomfortable about it”.

The man is spending Christmas here because my sons invited him, and after that, he’ll go for a couple of days somewhere with his girlfriend. He told me that he planned that in October and even told his parents and aunt about it. Of course they didn’t care and decided to come from Italy to visit him EXACTLY the days when he’ll be gone.
So the aunt started with the speech: “It’s not fair that you go away, your parents are coming just for you.”
When he told me that, I was furious for many reasons.
1) They knew he was not going to be here for over two months, still they decided to book the tickets.
2) He’s very stressed because they are coming and then he unloads his crap on me. (But now I don’t give a shit who I hurt and answer back).
3) That was not the aunt talking, that was his mother who made us change plans several times in the past years with the excuse that they were traveling specially to see us and that it was not fair for us to leave.

I got sick of that situation many times because the man instead of confronting his mother and tell her we had plans already, he changed the plans with me!!

Apparently, he did it again and made his little trip with his girlfriend shorter because of their visit. At one point the girlfriend told him: “I really don’t want to meet your parents, EVER”. I said: “Tell her “High Five” from me”.

I think it was 11.30pm then and I was really disappointed. I had had a nice Sunday and now it was all ruined.
He kept talking so I went to look for the chocolate ice-cream. His family not only killed my good mood and plans of a two hours bath, they also made me add hundred calories to my diet.

And I was so happy because I managed to send the Christmas card before my deadline!


Tomorrow the rest of the conversation.

~ by DotedOn on December 22, 2014.

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  2. It’s amazing that holidays cause so much tumult! It seems to be universal these days. I LOVE that Christmas card, Paola!

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  3. Well the card sure came out cute. I am beginning to think the name Doted On is somewhat sarcastic.

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