Monday. I woke up today and I was sure it was Tuesday. I panicked a bit because I have so much to do before leaving and of course I didn’t start yet.
I had to check what day it was. I can’t believe I couldn’t remember. At least I have one day to do the things I have to do. Typical Monday.
I’m not feeling really well since last night. My kids go to bed really late, after midnight. Then they wake up too early. I don’t have any time for myself and I’m getting crazy about it. So looking forward to my trip!

It was snowing during the night, not much, only a bit. My kids want to play outside. They don’t believe me that it’s only a thin layer and that they’ll end up all wet and dirty for nothing. That’s how my yard looks like today.


I loaded the dishwasher but I forgot to press start. I don’t have pans to cook. That will delay all my plans because I’m not washing by hand.

Nothing really extraordinary happened yesterday. I baked another bread, this time Ethiopian Honey bread. I didn’t want to look for the recipe so I improvised. By mistake I added cumin instead of coriander. Then I realized and added coriander too. It ended up being very nice and exotic.


My description of the ‘exotic’ bread reminded me of a story.
My cousin Ile (the one I’m visiting for New Year), was already living in Spain for many years. One time, when I was still living in Buenos Aires, she went there to visit the family and we decided to go out like we did when we were teenagers.
We were parked outside a disco/pub when we saw one of our old friends walking by, we called her. We had to catch up. At one point my cousin ask our friend:
“Do you have a boyfriend?”
“I do!! That one over there with the white tank top”
We all looked that direction and saw this long hair guy laughing showing ALL his teeth in a way that I swear, he looked like Mr. Ed The Talking Horse.


I wanted to laugh but I didn’t want to hurt my friend’s feelings. I knew that if I looked at my cousin or my sister, it was going to be impossible to suffocate the laughter, so I pretended to do something else and looked outside the window.
One second later I hear my friend asking: “What do you think?”. Oh no… I was about to explode laughing because I couldn’t imagine my cousin answering such a question.
“He has ‘attractive’ arms.”
OMG!! I thought I was going to die laughing. I opened the car door and went outside because I was pushing my lips so hard avoiding to laugh that the noise was coming through my nose in a very funny way.
When my friend left, we were laughing for hours. We never forgot about that comment.
I think my cousin was brilliant with her compliment.
Since then, every time we want to say that something is not nice or ugly but don’t want to hurt the other’s feelings, we say: “It has ‘attractive’ arms.

I’ll see if I can bake one more bread today. Losing 12 pounds or 13 is more or less the same. A pain in the ass.

My kids are doing what they want all day long. I’m torn between let them have fun or try (I barely succeed) to be strict and make them do what I say. My living room has a fortress now.


My bedroom, three mountains. But that’s my own fault, I still didn’t put away the laundry. I’m not a fun of summer but I have to admit that I love it when I don’t have to pair socks and I only wash underwear, shorts and t-shirts.

My kids went outside and now I have a lot of wet clothes drying on the radiators. Cutie managed to break a candle holder and I have to go and clean the broken glasses everywhere.

I know I shouldn’t complain… I just can’t help it. I’m hating the last Monday of the year. Some things never change.


~ by DotedOn on December 29, 2014.

33 Responses to “124”

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  2. Yes…brilliant response “…he has attractive arms” Funny. Exotic bread (by a lovely accident)…I like that…and will often have a few ‘happy accidents’ now and then. I remember in Theatre School…my response to someone’s presentation…would sometimes be…”nice use of space”. Quite difficult…in those moments…to find the ‘right’ words. :o)

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  3. Hating the last Monday of the year…ah, well why go down without a fight? Yes, I do look forward to less laundry in the summer and it’s easier to get dressed!!

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  4. P. Pretend you are a Warrior Princess renowned throughout the land for your fierceness in battle and your volcano heart. Then look at dishes, socks, and mountains of clothes as enemy Orcs sent to bedevil you. Attack them and banish them to the dark drawers of cabinet world with skill and daring. Wage war on your dislikes and leave them nothing but their “attractive arms” to live on with. After your victory, celebrate with some good guilty pleasure. Don’t cheat and only do the guilty pleasure 🙂 Have a wonderful New Years! (Orc Free 🙂

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  5. Non Monday Loving Twin P
    Are you leaving tomorrow? I’m so out of it, I can’t remember if you told me. Are the kids staying the man? It will be nice if you can get away and act like the crazy person you are not the crazy mother you are.
    Rough night
    Half here Twin M

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  6. Breathe!!! Laugh every time I see Mr. Ed 😀

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  7. Some things never do change! lol Yes, the kids being home is an impediment for me getting things done, too. I found 2 broken candlelight and glass on the floor. No one even told me.

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  8. The bread looks awesome

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  9. “He has nice arms”. I love it and…get it! My sister and I share these types of inside jokes that nobody else gets. We laugh until our stomachs hurt with tears streaming down our face. Everyone around us looks at us like we’re crazy. Cumin is my absolute favorite spice, and your exotic bread sounds amazing. Happy New Year Paola!

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