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Mug shot Tuesday. That’s my morning tea mug day 1. My favorite. I got it when I was pregnant with Cutie, I asked the man to buy it for me. “Do you really need another mug?” “I do. I don’t have one like this one”. After the separation, I got three more.
If I pile them up (on a 3rd layer) and place them on the plates, I can still get a few more without too much stress.
I woke up this morning with pain on my neck. I can’t turn my head to the left. Just what I needed it.

I’m way too relaxed and I still have a couple of things to do. The man will pick us up in 3 hours and then we’ll sleep at his place and at 4.30am tomorrow, he’ll drive me to the airport and my kids will be there too. I hate flying. My stomach will start hurting soon. I already packed all my saints.

When I was about to pack yesterday, I got a question:

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When I took my suitcase from the basement last week, I placed the red panties inside. I didn’t start packing until many days later but I wanted to be sure I was not forgetting them.

I baked another bread. Oat bread. Amazing. I also prepare a kind of Indian dahl, not spicy this time because I didn’t want to hear any complaint.

IMG_8973 (1)

And that’s why I’m heavier. I like to eat. And I’ll be eating very much until half March because my parents are visiting and my mother likes to cook. I really hope that before she gets here in February, I can fit my suit and take the pictures.

The entire day yesterday, I was trying to call the man to ask him if my kids needed to bring extra clothes for this week. He said that his mother called and said: “Tell Paola to pack a bag for each kid for a week” and that he answered: “This week is the week with me and Paola has nothing to do with it”. I could have kiss him.
It’s true, it’s his week but I don’t want my kids to be dirty or cold so I had to ask. I’m really surprised that for once he behaved decently.

I want to apologize to my fellow bloggers/followers because I’m really late answering comments and reading your blogs. I’ll try to catch up between today and tomorrow before the flight. I also hope I can write tomorrow’s post from the airport.

I better go now.

~ by DotedOn on December 30, 2014.

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  2. Good luck with you packing, and that text got me sooo curious! Have fun playing 😉

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  3. Have a great flight! ‘See’ you on the other side!

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  4. Have a safe flight, Paola and try to enjoy your time away. 💗

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  5. I like your packing technique. Have a great New Year with your family and don’t forget to party like a Rock Star. Oh, and when you get a chance can you email me some of your bread. 🙂 That looks delicious!


  6. Enjoy yourself, Paola. You deserve it!! 🙂

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