Mug shot Tuesday. Finally home (or better said, at my place). I had the feeling it was Monday. I hope the feeling disappears soon. Two Mondays are not easy to handle in the same week. I still didn’t catch up reading, I will soon. I wanted to do it today but reality is not letting me. Cutie has conjunctivitis so he’s here with me. To top that, the man is also here. We took the kids to school and now he’s working close to me. Not too close, I always seat at the head of the table and sat Cutie next to me to the right and my backpack on the left. We already fought about 5 times and it’s not even 11.00am. I think he’s trying to destroy the nice effect the holiday had in me but I just won’t let him.

Today’s mug is not mine. That one belongs to my Twin. I have one exactly the same here. If you are new to my blog, you probably don’t know, but my Twin suffers from Lyme disease. I’m sure not many of you are aware of how serious that disease is or it could be. If you like the outdoors or even if you plan to take a walk outside, please be informed about it.
It’s much better to prevent the disease than to treat it or cure it.

Why I’m saying this today? A couple of days ago, my Twin asked me to light a candle for her in every church I visited. I visited 2 churches before she told me. After she did, I found all the churches closed. When I told her I was going to light the candles in Germany, she replied like this:

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 10.43.32 AM

Some months ago, I wrote this post with an introduction to Lyme disease and some extra information and links to know more.

My plan was to light a candle in this church. Church of Sant Esteve (Saint Stephen). It’s placed in Peratallada (Spain). It’s from the XIII century and it’s a late Romanesque style.



Later, we went to another town, Pals. That church, Sant Pere (Saint Peter) was also closed.



I know that my dear Twin will give me shit for this (for telling you she’s so sick, not for trying to inform people about Lyme), but by the time she finds out, you’ll probably be informed about the disease and had sent your prayers/good vibes/energy/light a candle or whatever good is, to her.
Get better soon Twin!!


~ by DotedOn on January 6, 2015.

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  2. I hope she feels better soon! That disease is not pleasant to have. Sorry cutie is sick paola. Trying to get him not to rub his eye must be hard. carol anne

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  3. May prayers are with her ❀ And I am lighting a candle for her tonight in my window and asking the angels to look after her ❀ bless you for sharing ❀ hugs ❀

    ps. and sorry for the man hanging around arguing with you! hope he leaves soon….

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  4. My love and hugs and prayers to your twin Paola…

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  5. Deer ticks are plentiful here. I had been bitten by one a few months ago and now I’m thinking that I should go and have it checked. I hope that she fully recovers – and soon.

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  6. I watched a firefighter in top physical condition get lyme disease. By the time it was done with him, he was a skeleton of his former self. I can’t even imagine how bad that has to feel. So sorry.

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  7. I hope your twin feels better. It seems like it’s a pretty serious condition. I didn’t know much about it, but this post caused me to do a brief google search. P.S. I am a twin too.

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  8. Welcome back P. My goodness! Poor sick Cutie on one side and X-Man on the other. You must feel like a ping pong ball. Don’t be the ball, be the paddle πŸ™‚ Thank you for your mention of your dear Twin Warrior. She is tough as iron but every Warrior can become weary of the fight. The power of prayer is uplifting and Warrior needs every one of them one can spare. Two candles burning here now. One for Warrior to get well and one for you for your kindness and Cutie’s speedy recovery.

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  9. Glad you are posting that you’re home safe and sound and you had fun–I know it didn’t last long enough. I’m so sorry for Twin and hope she feels better soon.

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  10. Sending prayers up with you for Twin WarriorπŸ™ Her absence is felt.

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  11. My thoughts are with your twin. My dad contracted the disease in the mid nineties and it is no joke. Some days his feet would be so massively swollen that he literally could not walk at all. Treatments are available but they are inordinately expensive, and most insurance companies don’t cover it (as far as I’m aware). I truly feel for her pain. Thanks for bringing awareness.

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  12. Sorry to hear about your Twin. I will google this disease.

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