Friday. Long post but half of it is the song. The sound of it makes me smile. Even if I slept terribly and the man tried to ruin my Thursday, I’m smiling. Yesterday, he was supposed to have the kids. We changed plans last minute because Cutie’s eye looked better but not good enough to go to kindergarten. I said: “Let him with me so you don’t wake me at 7.00am when you bring him”. Few minutes before that happened, my second son was having a bad moment.
When the man got here, my son didn’t want to leave his room. After some time, he decided to listen to us and went to the car. They left. I started preparing dinner (eggs) for Cutie and for me and I heard the bell. I opened the door and my 2nd son was there and I saw the man driving away like if he had just robbed a bank. ASSHOLE.
I was fuming for two hundred reasons but I decided not to show it to my boy. I wrote to the man saying that nobody discards a child, that it was his day to be with the kids and that he was punishing ME again not letting me sleep in the morning. Plus, I really don’t have anything at home, I still didn’t go to the supermarket. Poor boy went to school bringing bread with mustard (and the biggest smile because I never allow that unless they add some ham or cheese).
I said to my son: “I’m still mad at you, no games tonight. You eat, shower and go to bed” “But I have a math test tomorrow and I don’t know how to do long divisions” Eh??? WTF!! Thanks YouTube!! I explained him the long divisions. I never learned that at school. They were called divisions and there was only one way to do them. It was almost 10pm then.
I think he understood and went to bed smiling. He needs a lot of hugs and us (parents) showing him that we care and that he’s not a bad kid. His asshole dad is an asshole, was an asshole and will always be an asshole. I feel better now.

I decided on Monday that I was going to go to bed early. Around 11.00pm the whole week. That’s early for me. I just wanted to experiment if it was true what people say to me: “You don’t sleep enough, that’s why you can’t accomplish much during the day”. Well, I can honestly say that this week that I went to bed early every day, I didn’t accomplish ANYTHING. No laundry, no supermarket, no bringing kids to school, no cleaning. Nada. The only thing I felt was sleepy. I only wanted to be in bed, stay in bed, go to bed, and get laid (of course!! that comes with the bed package).
I think I’ll just do what I’m used to do that is going to bed late and waking when I have to wake. And if I don’t accomplish much, bad luck. At least I won’t be feeling I wasted time sleeping or staying in bed (because nothing else happens).

I’ll post some random pictures and a few I still remember what they are.

That’s the Music Museum. I love the crazy architecture. I like the balcony bars, they have glass around, I’m not sure you can see it.


That’s a sunset from Santa Coloma de Gramenet, the neighborhood where my cousin lives. What you see in the back is the Tibidabo. The tallest mountain of the area. The Sagrat Cor church (Sacred Heart) is placed on top.

IMG_9174 (2)

The name of the winds in Catalan.


A beautiful sunset from Badalona beach.


A random shot from the car… Probably there is something there, I don’t remember.


And it’s dark, windy and rainy but it’s FRIDAY I’M IN LOVE!! Today’s song is one of my cousin Ile favorites and it’s pretty much what I’d like to hear a guy say to me today (or tomorrow, or pretty soon: “And I would do anything, I’d beg, I’d steal, I’d die, To have you in these arms tonight”.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Bonjovi!!

In These Arms
(Written by David Bryan, Richie Sambora & Jon Bon Jovi)

You want commitment
Take a look into these eyes
They burn as fire, yeah
Until the end of time

And I would do anything
I’d beg, I’d steal, I’d die
To have you in these arms tonight

Baby, I want you
Like the roses want the rain
You know I need you
Like the poet needs the pain

And I would give anything
My blood, my love, my life
If you were in these arms tonight

I’d hold you, I’d need you
I’d get down on my knees for you
And make everything alright
If you were in these arms

I’d love you, I’d please you
I’d tell you that I’ll never leave you
And love you ’til the end of time
If you were in these arms tonight, oh yeah

We stared at the sun
And we made a promise
A promise this world
Would never blind us

And these were our words
Our words were our songs
Our songs are our prayers
These prayers keep me strong
And I still believe
If you were in these arms

I’d hold you, I’d need you
I’d get down on my knees for you
And make everything alright
If you were in these arms

I’d love you, I’d please you
I’d tell you that I’d never leave you
And love you ’til the end of time
If you were in these arms tonight

Your clothes are still scattered all over our room
This whole place still smells like your cheap perfume
Everything here reminds me of you
There’s nothing I wouldn’t do

And these were our words
They keep me strong, baby

I’d hold you, I’d need you
I’d get down on my knees for you
And make everything alright
If you were in these arms

I’d love you, I’d please you
I’d tell you that I’d never leave you
And love you ’til the end of time
If you were in these arms tonight

If you were in these arms tonight
If you were in these arms tonight
If you were in these arms, baby

Like the roses need the rain
Like the singles need to change
Like the poets need the pain
I need you in these arms tonight
If you were in these arms tonight

Have a happy Friday!!


~ by DotedOn on January 9, 2015.

21 Responses to “135”

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  2. Sorry you had a tough time and hope you have more than mustard and bread now. ha You are a good mom. Hope your son did well on his test. I enjoy reading what you write. You are funny even though you are venting. It is not fair what you have to put up with. Just smile and do the best you can. Don’t worry about sleep and getting things accomplished. Just be healthy and happy. I love your sky pictures. Very beautiful. What country do you live in? Meghan

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Meghan,
      I’m glad you enjoy reading my blog 🙂
      I live in Germany now, I’m from Argentina.
      I smile a lot and always look at the funny side of everything, I love laughing!

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  3. Long division was tough to teach to my kids. They were taught a different way when they were younger and were going to teach them long division when they were older. I thought that would confuse them, so I taught it to them. As far as getting the kids to be, I try to get them all in bed by 9:30PM. It doesn’t always happen, but we try!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It took me sometime to understand!! It’s completely different from what I remember. I really hope he got it now, otherwise my oldest son will have to teach him next time 😀
      And I try to have my kids sleeping before 9pm… Here kids sleep before 8pm! (Also the man has them sleeping WAY before 8pm… But I guess they fall asleep because they are afraid of him 😀 ).

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  4. You got me on the whole long division thing. Now, here in America they are teaching our children a new curriculum (called CORE) so when my kid comes home and is confused in math, I just give her another way to solve the same problem (the way I was taught.) Apparently, this just confuses her further. How many ways are there to skin a cat?

    Liked by 1 person

    • My way of dividing almost make my son cry 😀
      I’m really grateful YouTube is a great source for lost parents like me 🙂
      And, skinning a cat??? 😀 I need to look for the Spanish version of that!


  5. Twin P
    I’ll have what your having!!!!!
    Still Crazy Twin M

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m about to have a sweet red wine (and it’ll be in your honor 🙂 ).

      Liked by 1 person

      • Sounds good, maybe three or four would take my edge off. I do have two excellent bottles of Champagne to chose from. The rule with champ is you have to drink whole bottle because David doesn’t drink it ever he’ll die before. That leaves me two $100-$150 bottle all to myself. Tonight would be suicide but when this life is over and new one begins, I may drink both. Champ headaches kill you but I’d take it.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I’m not a fan of champagne, too dry!
        I’m trying to catch up reading since before Christmas… I’m almost there!! 🙂
        New life will be here soon 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Dreaming Twin P
        I must have missed something, new life will be here soon? Is this fantasy, like hot young guy in red thong in your bed or what?
        Confused Twin M

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hahahahaha! No red thong, I think that will turn me off!
        The new life is your new life, I hope you get better really soon!!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Sweetheart Twin P
        I don’t think any man should wear a thong. No one should wear a thong unless there ass is hard as a brick. Nothing worst than the thought of a flabby ass in a thong. I tried once, I don’t go for the panties in the cracks.
        I bought a juicer and next week hope to have energy to make immunity boosting juices. I’m going crazy on changing doctors. I want to go to the best doctor in the country. If I don’t get the right treatment I could have debilitating issues after I’m healed and some people never heal completely. I want to go, he is in Washington D.C.. Were talking about how I could stay by myself for several weeks to get treatment started. David can’t take off that long. I could do it if no complications. I some concerns about getting around, I would just take a wheel chair. I’ll know more next week after I talk to his office. Keep you posted.
        Crazy Twin M

        Liked by 1 person

      • No thongs here either!!
        I hope you can prepare the boosting juices!
        If you go to Washington, for how long is that?

        Liked by 1 person

      • No Thong Loving Twin P
        Washington is approx 4 hour flight, it’s just very dangerous is parts if you don’t know where to go. I’ve been, it’s cool seeing all the monuments but this would not be a sight seeing tour. We have the money, it’s a matter of how long I would have to stay to get treatment started and for doctor to feel good about me going home with no problems.
        We’ll see. I put it very simple, if I can’t see one of the best doctors, I’m stopping my treatment and doing nothing.
        ? we’ll see.
        Cranky Twin M

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oh Twin!
        I hope you manage to arrange everything. You can’t be cranky, it takes too much energy!!

        Liked by 1 person

  6. You should always keep an emergency supply of cake and ice cream in the house for kids to live off of until you can get to the grocery store. They will be hyper, happy, and love you dearly.

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