Sunday. Cloudy day and still very windy. I’m trying to catch up on everything. At least I’m doing something. Sleeping less agrees with me. But I’m restless.
Yesterday when I went to load the washing machine, I noticed that the wind blew most of the plant pots in my neighbor’s yard. Then I saw that the wind broke a wall/fence. Several things were laying on the ground. I went outside to see better and discovered that a tree fell on my backyard. I think it was a dead pine tree with some parasite bushes around. It was too cold to inspect better.



As I was going back in the house, I saw the hose of the tank use to collect water for the pond, disconnected and that the tap was open. The tank was empty. Someone did it and it was none of us.


Since I saw that, I’m trembling and I want to cry. I have this feeling of invasion, that someone went through my stuff. And it’s horrible because now I really don’t feel safe and I start to suffocate. I’m trying to keep my shit together because it’s less than half a year that I live. I’m not sure for how long I will manage. This sucks.
I will contact the owner of the house to find out what it needs to be done with the fallen tree and see if we need to report something to the police. I’m terrified. I’ll be alone most days next week. This is not the life I want. I can’t live with fear.

I’m trying to keep calm and don’t show my kids how bad this is affecting me.

A few days ago, my dear Twin posted this with the title:

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 12.28.51 PM

I clicked on the link http://www.soma.com/store/page.jsp?id=56709275&icid=HP-slide2-SomaBraDonation and read about it. I thought it was a great idea. I left a comment on my Twin’s blog saying I was mailing some bras.
I have a lot of bras that I don’t wear. The truth is that none of them fit me anymore but I never got rid of them. They are in good condition and I thought it was a shame to throw them away.
I never donated them because I thought “Who would wear an already worn bra?”

Then I read this:

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 12.44.21 PM

I went straight to my nightstand to look for some bras. Then I remembered a box that is moving from house to house with panties, stocking, pantyhoses, some other lingerie items and bras.
Holy cow I’m a bra hoarder. Sixteen bras!!
I washed them but didn’t have a place to hang them so I improvised something in the entrance hall.


Cute view!!
I had to check the labels to see the trajectory of my babies (who calls them babies??).

I can’t believe I once fitted a cup B.


And that a few years later, after my 2nd son was born, I had to wear a G.


I leave you with a shocking view (shocking for me…)
I can’t call the picture a “before and after” because both of them are before.

FullSizeRender (14)

For the first time in many years, I’m happy with the after.
If my boobs could talk!! I’m so glad they can’t.


~ by DotedOn on January 11, 2015.

20 Responses to “137”

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  2. Oh Geez, a bra hoarder!! Funny because I rarely throw mine out either. Thing is, I’ve always been a B or C cup, maybe went up to a D when I was pregnant, so most of them still offer support although I notice they get stretched out after a while. G cup??? Good God woman….kudos, or maybe sorry for your back?

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  3. Well P. hoarding bras shows you have class. That is much better than used paper plates, plastic forks, and restaurant packets of condiments. (Guilty) I’ve often thought how parts of us remain true and faithful companions no matter the treatment received in our youthful exuberance. And I am thankful they can show discretion when it comes to speaking in public. If they did speak, I’m sure WordPress and Twitter would be overwhelmed quickly. 🙂

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    • 🙂 I’ll mail the bras soon so I won’t be a bra hoarder anymore!!
      (And I keep a lot of stuff. I’m glad my mom is visiting soon, she’ll throw everything away… EVERYTHING!) 😀

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  4. Regarding the tap, its probably kids messing about. They do it over here.

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    • I really hope so!!
      A few days ago, when we were not here, many police cars were surrounding this and our neighbor’s house because someone saw people in our backyards…
      With my history, I’m terrified!! And this place is safe (or it used to be until last week!).
      Today I was thinking if maybe the owner came by and opened the tap to prevent that the water got frozen and broke the tank… I wrote an email and asked him, no answer yet. I really hope it’s nothing. I can’t feel afraid again! 🙂

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  5. Bra Hoarder No More Twin P
    Size G?????? I had the bright idea to get implants in the early 90’s. I went from a B to D, I looked hot at that age, I had no idea the extra strain on the back. I was cussing the babes out quickly. Going to the Chiropractor hurt, how wants there boobs smashed into a table with the weight of a big guy. Ok, I should rephrase that. Who would want a medical person mashing you on table. I see you already think of red bikini briefs.
    I think you for including the information, maybe more people will unload their unused bras. I’ve gone without wearing a bra for the past 10 years while sick, it drives me crazy the whole time.
    Drugged Loopy Twin M

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    • Yes Twin!
      There is a picture of my son and my boob somewhere in the man’s computer. Scary stuff!!
      I wanted a breast reduction but then I lost weight and they came back to (big) normal.
      I hope many give their bras. I’m glad they’ll go to people who really need them.
      No bra for me only when I sleep 🙂

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  6. I’m with everyone else who said ” a G???”. My back hurts just thinking about that. I think I’m a C cup now, and that feels huge to me. Keep in mind that I was flat as a board until my late 20’s.

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    • I couldn’t sleep in any position, it was horrible!
      I always think that if you have little, you can always put a pair of socks in the bra 😀
      (A friend got those gummy tits (as seen on TV!) and made all of us touch how real they felt… I’m still laughing… But I thought it was great (unless you lose one while walking 😀 ).

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  7. Hope you are feeling safer ❤ I had a really bad scare on Friday night. I watched Gone Girl late at night, and got so scared, I felt there was someones outside the window and I couldnt move. I usually never watch scary movies at night, coz I am so afraid of the dark and of being stalked. But I thought I was brave enough to handle it.. I wasnt. SO now Im scared every day, and I was so happy last year when I didnt feel scared about being alone in the house with the kids… But I guess I will get over it ❤

    Love the bra situation! I have never fitted in a B, but used to use C and now I am probably at the end of the alphabet hahahahahaha 😛

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