Wednesday. Time seems to be stuck. I want it to be Friday. I’m already exhausted for this week. Not much got accomplished and I still feel lost. So I started planning my escape and booked a ticket to go again to Barcelona in April. I know it’s crazy and I know I should face the problems… I just don’t know exactly what the problems are. I only know that I’m restless and lost and scared. Waiting for something to happen. I just don’t know what’s that something. I have no will and I totally lost my sparkle. I’m not really down, I’m just in stand by and aimless. I need some inspiration soon. I need my dreams. I don’t need all this crap happening around that only make people anxious and scared. And it’s only a bunch of idiots ruining it for all the rest. I don’t like it.

Is anyone else having trouble with WordPress? Yesterday my Reader didn’t work. I woke up and it said there were only 4 new posts. I refreshed and still only 4 new posts. Strange. Later in the afternoon, I checked again and many more posts were there below those 4 posts, they magically appeared. Then the Reply button for the comments was gone and I couldn’t like some posts.
I decided to catch up reading but I couldn’t scroll down and only a few posts were shown, I got a sign saying: If you want to read more, check the Freshly Pressed.. WTF!

Last night when I was about to take the kids to bed, I got a phone call. My friend said:
“Can I talk to you about something? I’m not really sure if it’s a good plan talking to you but I really don’t have anyone else”.
“Ok… what’s wrong?” I really didn’t see that one coming.
“Do you think I should see a doctor, or try the things that we get on the junk folder?”
When I get nervous, I tend to say a joke. I replied: “I don’t believe it’s possible to get a ‘penis enlargement’.
“Hahahaha, I meant the pills”
Silence… then I said: “How should I know, can you get them without a prescription?”
“I have no idea, that’s why I asked you”.
“And why do you think I have that information?”
“I don’t know, I really don’t know who to ask”
Shit…. “Did you search online for home remedies?”
“I did, and the cause could be for many reasons. Medical, psychological…”
“Did you talk with your girlfriend about it?”
“No, there is not much communication in that area.”
“Then I think you should talk. Ask her what you’d like… I don’t know, some fantasy. Some lingerie”
“I’m not sure that could work”
Fuck… I’m not a sexologist. I was tempted to send him the 10 “Old Fashioned” and the 10 modern ways to blow a guy’s mind but I didn’t want to mention my blog. I said: “Do you want me to send you some links with ideas? Or you could also try to watch porn with her…” OMG, what am I saying??? I really have no idea what could work. I had the experience a few years ago when the man didn’t even look at me and it didn’t matter what I tried, nothing worked. I felt really bad for him. I added: “Ask her to send you some tempting visuals”
“Ask her to surprise you with something. Like a hot picture.”
“It seems that she’s not into it”.
“Then watch some porn alone for the next couple of days and hold your will until you see her. If nothing happens, then you probably should see a doctor. Now I really have to go because it’s past 9.30pm and my kids are still running around”.

Now my dilemma is: Should I ask him how things went? I wish I could help, I just really don’t know how. My own experience tells me that if the guy is not interested, you won’t lift a thing, not even using a crane.

This post reminds me one of my favorite pictures. That’s in Oslo (Norway) in 1995, in Frogner Park in the part of the sculptures made by Gustav Vigeland. If you happen to be in Oslo, don’t miss that park, it’s amazing.
(And I got to see some things that are hard to see in real life).





~ by DotedOn on January 14, 2015.

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  2. Oh, my! That’s quite a perspective! hahaha! I was having a lot of troubles with my stats yesterday. They didn’t work at all until late in the afternoon. Then they changed abruptly several times.

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  3. Oh goodness, talk about awkward conversations. No, I would not revisit that. As for WP, yes, heard my share of complaints. Sometimes all the blogs I follow go into my spam.

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  4. WordPress is always tinkering around with improvements that kill your blog. I never knew Oslo had a Porn Park. I would guess Amsterdam but not Oslo. All that time naked in the sauna has given them a certain perspective. Lots of things, including gravity, can hold ambition down. Your advice works if it’s relationship related but mental and physical reasons are many and take time. It’s not uncommon to happen and usually it’s just stress. When we get older, other things besides practicing everyday for Olympic style procreation become closer to the top of the TODO list and that can play a role too. Maybe your friend should visit the Oslo park with his girlfriend 🙂

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    • That park is INCREDIBLE! A friend said to me “DON”T MISS THE PARK”. I’m so glad I went there! It’s truly beautiful, all of it 🙂

      And I hope for my friend’s problem is only stress. I was put in a position that I had to give some advice… I said more or less what I read while doing the research for the “modern” ways to spice up things. But I think they should be honest with each other and talk. Without communicating they will not get much further. 🙂

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      • This is true. Couples have to share problems that affect them both. I think it they talk together without judgement then the problem may just go away on its own. If I go to Europe, I’m going to stop by Oslo. 🙂

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      • I did’t talk to him yet, no idea what happened…
        And don’t miss Oslo! 🙂

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  5. I used the WP reader last night and it worked fine. Didn’t try it in the morning though so not sure if it was working right earlier on… Friday is close by…!

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  6. I was walking around with this weird feeling I couldn’t identify (already feeling “restless and lost and scared” to quote you, but then I was like “I FEEL LAZY.” Such an odd feeling because I’m always working at something…I just wanted to lay around and not do anything–not even think… *wry laugh*

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  7. Wow that’s quiet a conversation to have 😛 Hope he figured it out.. I would have asked how it went, just because I am always so curious when someone have asked about advice .. especially when its so private LOL

    If its any comfort I have lost my sparkle too, I believe it will return with the sun.. I have hope! For you too! And so happy that you booked another trip, it looked like so much fun, and you deserve fun!

    Cool to see that you also have visited Oslo, I love Oslo, I have lived there most of my adult life, and I am starting to miss it…

    lots of hugs and love 🙂

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    • Oslo is a beautiful place!! I still have a friend living there.

      I’ll find out how my advice worked… I have no idea how but I guess he’ll say something.

      hope we get out sparkle soon. It’s not fun like this! 🙂
      hugs to you too!


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