Friday! I was waiting for this day. It’s my free weekend. Free in a way, there is so much to do.
Thanks to all for the good wishes sent to my little one. He still doesn’t look really well. Yesterday I spent almost two hours trying to contact the man. He forgot his phone at his place and I know he never checks his e-mail. After a while, he video called me. He was sick, he looked even worse than Cutie and was sent back home. I wanted him to take Cutie to the doctor. He phoned the doctor and the doctor said that we could call anytime if something was wrong.
Since he didn’t have a fever and wanted to be with me all the time, I spent the whole day with him in my arms. We formed a trio. Cutie, the “Vomitero” (a big bucket this time), and me.
Poor thing vomited over 15 times. I couldn’t do much so I sat down to watch TV and I had a pleasant surprise, when I was changing channels, a movie was starting. And that’s the only way I watch a movie, from the first second. If I miss a bit, I just don’t watch it. This time I could watch it, but I only could hear part of it because my daughter wouldn’t stop talking .
The movie was “A Bronx Tale”, with Robert De Niro and Chazz Palmintieri. At one point, my 3rd son got home and my daughter said: “Mom is watching a movie that says: ‘Give me my fucking money!'” “You are lying!!” “Mom??” “It’s true…”. I didn’t remember the movie so well otherwise I wouldn’t have chosen to watch it in front of them. Anyway, I like that movie. (And my kids already used that vocabulary but instead of money they say: doll, Nintendo, remote control…
After that we watched many cartoons and series. I enjoyed being with them but my back hurts today.

Later in the evening, my oldest sons got back home and brought some chocolate chips cookies that they had baked at school. When Cutie saw them, he took distance from me and ate some. I relaxed a bit seeing that he wanted to eat, even though I had to clean the transformed cookies from several parts one, two and three hours later.
Thank goodness I didn’t have to clean vomit during the night. Anyway, I slept terribly. He complained a lot, kicked me several times and wanted water.
After waking my oldest kids to go to school, I went back to bed and my daughter woke me. Many times. I’m tired.

It’s Friday and I should be in love. Not happening now, maybe later.
A view that makes me smile and look forward to something nice.


Have a Happy Friday!


~ by DotedOn on January 16, 2015.

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  2. Wow, if I stopped every movie I saw after I lost a bit of the plot, I’d never see a movie till the end!! Continuing well wishes to Cutie!

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  3. I hope that you’ve completely separated yourself from the bucket. Is Cutie feeling better now? I hope so. The view of the shore is beautiful. I can’t wait until the weather is warm once again.

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  4. Great view!

    Hope it ends up being a nice weekend!

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  5. Yuck.

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  6. Congrats on reaching Friday! As for Cutie, poor thing with so much throwing up. Sending kind thoughts for healing!

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  7. Poor Cutie, When he is older, you can tell the story of the Galloping Vomitero to all his girlfriends unless he mows the yard, loads the dishwasher, and takes out the trash…

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  8. We’re so alike. If I miss the first 5 minutes of a movie, I consider it worthless until I’m able to watch again from the beginning. I hope Cutie is feeling better now.

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  9. I hope everyone in your family is on the mend. Also, I hope you don’t get sick too. Take care my friend!

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