Monday. Ugly Monday. I was supposed to be rested but for some reason, I had bad night. I woke up several times and slept really little.
My younger kids are here. They didn’t go to school My 3rd child vomited yesterday and I didn’t want to risk him going to school and pooping in his pants. That guy can hold pee or poo for 35 whole seconds, no more. And that’s without a virus. I used to know all the bathrooms of the area. And I think he peed almost all the existing wheels’ brands.
But I think he’s fine. He’s full of energy and didn’t poop or vomit once. Or stop talking.
School tomorrow for all of them. Unless they get sick this afternoon. Keeping my fingers crossed.

My Sunday was fine. I got a few things done and watched a few movies on TV. I’m loving it. And I’m still a pro avoiding the news channels.

I was checking and there are no more holidays until Easter. It’s going to be long till then. I don’t like waking up in the morning. I wish I could home school my kids. I’d let them sleep until 11.00am. Well, I can dream.

Nothing interesting is happening. I wish I were inspired. I used to make things. I miss that. I tried on Saturday to do a few things but I didn’t finish anything. I’ll see if I can focus again on that. It feels good when I’m my old me. This new me is unrecognizable. Plus, I’m in a new place and my situation is new too. Too much new doesn’t agree with me. Adapting is hard. Letting go is even harder. The only new thing that could be welcome, is a boyfriend.

Let’s go to my happy place now. I love the sea. I love the color blue. Only my drink is missing (and my butlers!!).


~ by DotedOn on January 19, 2015.

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  2. I am much the same. Hated getting up early (my body doesn’t cooperate with that very often anymore though) – like making things but when I’m depressed I can’t, and when I’m not, I’m too busy or something lol…

    What’s Butler’s?


  3. The ocean is such an inspiring place. I love the sounds, the smell of the salt air, it’s wonderful. The only thing that you’re missing is a nice chicken dinner. 🙂

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  4. Yes, I hate this stretch between winter and spring break when there are few holidays to look forward to. You’ll make it through.

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  5. The sun is shining here, Paola, so my spirits are a little higher than yours. But we’ve had days of rain and black clouds and I know that feeling. The sun will shine again, I promise! 🙂

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  6. Forgetting Something Twin P
    Our butlers! I thought we settled on three each. What I love about this post is you managed to slip in pee, poop and vomit more than once. The search terms could take a turn. Sending good karma your way.
    Still on couch Twin M


  7. new is not good, i don’t even like new boyfriend lol i wish i could have the old i know in different packaged or have him readjusted in some way so he is not stupid and cheating lol life is full of new, and new is hard to adjust too, but remembering all there is that is old and safe makes new almost livable ❤

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  8. Blue sky!

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