Mug shot Tuesday. That’s my morning tea mug day three. I bought that one in one of the few stores in this town. It has that ’70’s look that reminded me of my mom in those funny shoes. And a wall paper in someone’s house (but I think it was green and orange).
I’m still in stand by mode but I set the timer. Before my mom gets here I’ll be fine (or act fine).
All the kids went to school today and no phone call yet.
I need to find something that makes me happy for longer than 2 hours. My last dates with Adam Sandler were not successful. I fell asleep.
It’s not that I’m crying or not smiling. I’m just “moodless”. Searching, waiting. I wish I had the will to do something

I got nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award by Blue290 at https://lastminuteman.wordpress.com/
This made me smile really wide. I like his blog very much. I love his honest way of writing and many times I read his posts, it’s like listening to myself. Strange eh!
So here are the rules (and some I’ll break).


° show the award on your blog √
° thank the person who nominated you √
° share seven facts about yourself
° nominate fifteen blogs
° link the nominees blogs and let them know

Sorry, I’m not nominating 15 bloggers. But if you are interested in this award, don’t hesitate to take it!!
About the 7 facts, I think you readers know more than 7 things about me.
Thank you Blue290 for this award!!

Before leaving, I want to share a picture that left me wordless when I saw it last December. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to laugh or cry. Merry Christmas!


~ by DotedOn on January 20, 2015.

14 Responses to “146”

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  2. Congratulations on the award! It is well deserved.

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  3. Love your mugs! I have plenty of them too, none of them are alike and my mum always wondered how I could invite anyone over on coffee with only different mugs lol well solution is easy, i never have anyone over 😉

    I’m kind of stalking you right now, but had to read up a bit and sending you a warm hug and hope your day is getting better and better ❤

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  4. Wait one minute! I want to read 7 MORE things about you, Paola! Let’s have it! 😀 What’s up with that bathroom? No respect for Santa!

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  5. yes, maybe you should have saved that Santa for wordless Wednesdays because after seeing it, that’s what I am…wordless!

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  6. Rob is right… no respect for Santa.
    Congrats Paola…

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