Sunday. The snow is melting. I like that, hopefully it’s all gone tomorrow.
I survived the course. I got there almost 20 minutes later, luckily everyone was late because of the bad weather conditions.
I managed to resuscitate a half plastic man and to stabilize a conscious person. I’m not sure I’ll ever try to do that with and unconscious or a real injured man.
How to remove the helmet of an alive person is not easy… I can’t imagine how it would be to do it on an unconscious person, under pressure, in the middle of the highway and when the body is not on the preferable laying position. I better keep my phone always with me and call an ambulance.
If I say I understood 20% of the course, I’m being really generous.
For some reason, the course ended two hours earlier. I think the guy wanted to go home early. He decided to make 2 groups and let other Red Cross volunteers help. A total of 4 guys from 21 to 28 years of age were giving and showing tips and tricks. I felt ancient. My teachers were always older than me (that was 20 years ago, of course).
The only problem was that I told the man to pick me up at 5pm and at 3pm I was free in the cold. A nice Polish (?) lady offered to take me to the train station and from there I got closer to home so the man could pick me and drive me here.

No nice dessert (not desert) for my kids. They stayed outside playing and I was frozen and exhausted.

I’ll catch up reading blogs and replying to comments soon. I don’t really have much time these days and nothing seems to be working. The reader is showing only a few posts and I can’t scroll down. I’m not really happy with WordPress now.

Some pictures from yesterday.

The streets looked like this.



The view from the Red Cross building


The train station


My pond



My kids


The snow man near my front door. He’s smiling, me too.


~ by DotedOn on January 25, 2015.

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  2. Looks very similar to what we have here. Lots of snow! I, for one, would like it to melt very quickly and to turn very warm, very soon! 😀

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  3. Hope you are feeling better. Meghan

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  4. Cute pictures. Well, at least you learned a valuable skill, though how well you learned it remains to be seen.. ha, ha!

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  5. No snow!!!! 69 degrees yesterday here–39 today. What’s up with that! Are you training to be a Red Cross volunteer? You will be wonderful whatever you do in life, Paola!! 😀

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  6. Hi Twin P
    I’m happy if you’re smiling like the snowman.
    Twin M

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  7. The photos were beautiful, but it looked freezing there. Keep yourself warm under this cold weather! 😉

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  8. What beautiful snow! I used to look forward to the snow but now I’m really glad that it hasn’t snowed here because I get chilblains and end up (figuratively!) freezing to death lol.

    I did think that an eight hour class sounded a bit long – were you glad when it turned out to be shorter, or disappointed? What made you take the class?

    I hope your reader gets better soon!

    Jamila x

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    • One day of snow is all I can handle… Now I want to wear shorts and t-shirts 😀

      After the second hour of the course I was yawning… I didn’t know how to hide it and when I keep my mouth shut so nobody can see I’m yawning, my eyes fill with tears… So I don’t know what’s worse!!

      And I hate the new WordPress thing, nothing works!!!

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      • There was a lot of hail today, and then it lightened up and almost turned to snow! But it didn’t snow properly, phew.

        Aaaw, I’m sorry about WordPress 😦 I HATE it when my computer is slow, it must be awful for you. So annoying!

        Haha, most of the time when I yawn I tear up, even when I don’t open my mouth. So once this boy kept asking me why I was crying and he didn’t believe me when I said I was yawning. He was really irritating. I think in your case it would be better to tear up, that way it wouldn’t seem rude if the first aid teacher caught you. XD. Unless it hurts not to open your mouth. LOL.

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      • I didn’t want to seem too emotional, specially when the guy was talking about “how to remove the helmet” and what happens if you do it in the wrong way 🙂
        I think I was able to camouflage a few yawns pretending I was blowing my nose 😀

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      • LOL about not seeming too emotional when the guy was explaining about the helmet!

        Haha, you should write a blog entry about how to conceal yawns 🙂

        Good day to you!

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      • Good idea!! Thank you 🙂
        Maybe if I could understand a bit, the course was nice, but I slept bad, was bored and didn’t understand… the perfect recipe for a nap 🙂

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      • lol you’re welcome XD

        I see – I hate being tired when I need to concentrate 😦

        Jamila x

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      • That truly sucks!! 🙂

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