Monday. Ugly Monday. It’s cold and raining and I think that there was a change in the garbage collection day because I see all the containers outside (empty already) and mine is still in my backyard (full) because Tuesdays used to be the garbage days. So it seems that they changed it and I didn’t know anything about it.
These little things really stress me. I’m already lost here, I don’t need more things happening, not even tiny ones.

My Sunday was ok. I spent it doing laundry and cooking. This evening I have to pick the book to study for the theoretic exam for the driver’s license. I asked it to be in English because why I should make it easy for me and learn the rules in Spanish when I can complicate myself and study in English. I guess I needed another challenge.

I woke up this morning and found I have herpes on my upper lip. I didn’t have for years and now I’m freaking out because I know how bad it could be and I also know how the only way to cure it is.
I know many of you won’t believe this but I tried several medications for it and nothing worked until I went to a witch-doctor and he took a knife and made crosses on the blisters and say some prayers and told me to return the next 2 days. So I did it and then it was all gone.
I wouldn’t have believed it but I saw it happening after a month of fighting it with all kind of creams and never seeing a progress.
So here I am wishing that the little balls disappear soon because my witch-doctor is in Argentina and I don’t think he can cure this from the distance. (He does cure other things from the distance though… I asked my mom to call him several times in the past years).

Yesterday I baked a cake that broke in the oven while is was being cooked. My grandma would say that the oven was probably too high and that’s why it grew uneven. Or maybe the batter was too thin… who knows, I can’t really bake. I have 3 cake recipes that I always prepare and even those failed me sometimes.
So after I took it out the pan, I tried to mold it the best I could to make it look ok. Then I cut it into three layers and started filling it with dulce de leche. Then Cutie attacked it (several times) while I wasn’t watching and broke it even more. So I had to hide the mess and decided to add some melted chocolate on top (to cover it and glue it) and coconut (because I like the snow effect).

This is how it looked (awful!!). But it was delicious anyway even if I didn’t get the Master Chef title this time. I have to keep trying!!



Ass groping/grabbing/pressing is back after a short absence.

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 11.44.52 AM

I need to come up with something soon!

~ by DotedOn on January 26, 2015.

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  2. re: I went to a witch-doctor and he took a knife and made crosses on the blisters

    How did you bear it??

    The cake looks more than edible btw!

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  3. I hope the herpes on your upper lips will be gone soon.

    Honestly, the cake looked amazing to me. I wouldn’t complain anything if someone baked me a cake like this 😛

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  4. Mouth blisters are so painful! I hope that they go away quickly for you.

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  5. Well, who cares how the cake looks if it’s so delicious…and I bet it was!

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  6. That’s so cool that the witch-doctor healed it! How did you find out about him? Were you nervous before seeing him?

    Jamila X

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    • He lives down the street from where my parents work. He’s a family friend. He also does tarot readings (?) and a few times told me things about me that nobody else knew. I trusted him and I didn’t have anything to lose. I was looking awful at the time!! 😀

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  7. My mom puts coconut on top of her cakes too. I figure it’s how the cake tastes rather than how it looks. I haven’t made a cake in a while!

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