Wednesday. Since a few days, I’m slow. I’m trying to catch up but I don’t seem to succeed. I’m also a bit out of focus, or better said, totally distracted.
I’m in a “todavía no me cayó la ficha” mood (the token didn’t fell yet). The meaning of it is that I’m still not functioning because the token I need to start working, didn’t activate me. I tried to find the equivalent saying in English but I couldn’t find it. And the worst part is that I don’t know what my token is. I believe I’m waiting for a signal.

At the moment I’m juggling too many balls and if I don’t leave out a few, soon they’ll fall because I can juggle only 2 at the time.
Yesterday I had my first driving lesson. They were actually two because the man had a “kindness moment” and showed up 2 hours earlier just to let me drive for some time.
My old followers know how much I hate to drive and how bad I’m at it. Now the new ones also know it.
So if I pass both tests, I’ll have the same feeling that a normal person would have if they get chosen to go on a trip to the moon (because if I get chosen, I’ll pass… I rather choose a cruise in the Mediterranean Sea, with 2 boxes of Dramamine. Or the eleven days trip in the Trans-Siberian train with 3 bottles of vodka).

Despite my slowness, I had an “AHA MOMENT” this morning… I believe now that the men who ask how LOUD women are in bed it’s because they had the same sad experience that my friend Stephan had … Because I honestly think that only a deaf person could cope with something like that.
So next time I get ask that question, if I like the guy, I will answer in a way, but if I don’t like the guy, I’ll say: “I’M LOUD” and see what the reaction is.
But please male readers let me know if being loud is a turn on and how LOUD is loud…
The LOUD I’m talking about I heard it before only once in my life and it was in a visit to the Artis Zoo in Amsterdam. There were two Galapagos’ turtles copulating and the noise those animals made could be heard for sure miles away. All the people was gathered around to see which animals could be so noise…


I believe I wasn’t the only surprised person… With all that noise, I was expecting at least hippopotamuses!!

~ by DotedOn on January 28, 2015.

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  2. Not sure about how you feel about astrology, but its Mercury retrograde right now, and to me that means everything is going backwards and usually something mechanical or electronic will break down.. as my car did! its a good time to revisit the past to let it go, and revisit old dreams to see if you can catch up on it. but above all its a great time to reflect inwards and just be ❤ sending you a huge hug ❤

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    • Thank you Maria!!
      I hope nothing breaks, I can’t afford that right now 🙂
      And exactly as you said, it’s like I’m going backwards… I’m glad it will be for only a few weeks!
      Old dreams?… the list is so long!!

      many hugs to you too! ❤ ❤ 🙂

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  3. Focus? Juggling two balls? What are you saying? 😀

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  4. I don’t know what to say, Paola. Some days you leave me speechless! 😀

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  5. Just learning to drive? Wow! Obviously among the new followers. Good luck!

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  6. You were expecting hippos… LOL!!!
    I dunno, but I thought loud was a turn on? Still better silent right? Oh man… I honestly do not know anymore!
    Feel better Paola…


  7. And they didn’t mind having sex with other creatures watching? I suppose not, I’ve done it in the presence of dogs or cats. Maybe a fish….

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