Thursday. Thunderous and furious Thursday. It’s raining and snowing, raining and snowing. Alternating since last night. It’s also very windy. The worst day to ride a bike.
The freaking man forgot to take Cutie’s bag yesterday so he came early this morning to pick it up and he woke me. I was peacefully sleeping. I think he was enjoying the fact that he woke me. I could see it in his eyes. What he doesn’t know yet is that he’ll pay for this one. Because today I’m mean, I have my period and it happens every time, there is one day every month that my feelings leave me and I really could strangle someone. And that day is today.
Plus I read long ago that in some countries when women commit a crime while menstruating, they get a reduction in the sentence. Don’t tell me it’s not the perfect day!!
Someone has to go.
It won’t be the man this time because the sucker doesn’t measure the pain he causes to others or chooses the prey wisely. He just hurts and I know that one of my kids could be the recipient. He already knows he can’t do anything to me anymore, so he chooses the kids and there is when he really hurts me.
So I better choose another person to dig today.
After a little thought, I decided that someone who broke my heart should be the one going down.

A couple of months ago I wrote about that dreamy guy I met who suddenly disappeared without saying a word and that later I found a picture of him more or less indicating that he got married.

That’s the picture, that’s the guy. Yes Baby, you are going down!


A few words to you:

Sweetie, you are SO LUCKY that I’m not as mean as I wish to be today and I’m not posting your name or where you live. But know this, if one freaking day fate wants us to meet, I will squeeze your balls until my nails meet my palm.

I feel much better now.

A nicer subject now. I was nominated by AFTER MIDNIGHT: A CHRISTIAN BIPOLAR at https://kbailey373.wordpress.com for “The Versatile Blogger Award”.
Here are the soon to be broken rules:

Show the award on your blog. (I’m doing this)
Thank the person who nominated you. (I’m doing this)
Share seven facts about yourself. (I’ll see how I feel in the next paragraph)
Nominate 15 blogs. (Not going to happen)
Link your nominees’ blogs, and let them know. (Not going to happen either)


Thank you Mrs. Bailey for this nomination!!

Now I’ll write a few facts about me:

1) I always break all e-mails and award nominations chains.

2) My name (Paola) is Italian and it means “piccola” (little one).

3) When I have my period I can barely stand myself. I’m not good company. I’m sarcastic beyond limits and mean. (I guess you figured that already and if you read my blog from day one, you can tell the exact days that’s happening).

4) One day in May 1998 I fought a thief that wanted to go into my parents house while he was pointing a gun at me. Since that day I’m scared of everything.

5) The strangest compliment I got while walking on the street was “QUΓ‰ SOPA DE ARROZ!!” (What a rice soup!!) I’m still trying to figure out what the hell that means.

6) I experienced “Love at First Sight” once. I’ll write about that soon.

7) My favorite city is Dublin.

Well, I did it!!

~ by DotedOn on January 29, 2015.

45 Responses to “155”

  1. Reblogged this on SURVIVORS BLOG HERE.


  2. Congrats again on the Versatile Blogger Award Paola! I’m really sorry to hear about #4. Hope the horrible experience fades in time! However, #5 was interesting. How come a person commented someone as “what a rice soup”?

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  3. Ouch. That really sounds painful. Even rice soup couldn’t help with that . πŸ˜€

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  4. That time of the month does it to me too. Funny about the reduced sentence while committing a crime. I guess it makes sense if you can use insanity as an excuse. All very interesting…

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  5. You know what WOULD help is a bag of frozen peas. Meanwhile I am sorry you are having a bad day/week/month? or however long, and thank you for posting your 7 facts! πŸ™‚ I am not too wild about the awards thing and may ignore the next several that I get haha

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  6. You fought a thief at gunpoint?

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    • Yes Rex, with hands and feet until he left. After a little while when I realized what I’ve done, I started shaking and didn’t leave the house for several days.
      Even now, if I see someone putting a hand inside their jacket, I either paralyzed or panic (I remember when he walked towards me, open the jacket, took the gun and pointed at me).
      Sad experience.


  7. Congrats honey!!!
    Rice soup? LOL. Weird world!
    And while you’re cranky during periods, I, on the other hand, eat more than normal. If the pain will let me, that is.
    You actually fought a thief? Brave little one…
    I can’t to read your love at first sight post…

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    • I eat EVERYTHING just before. During my period I’m beyond cranky and really uncomfortable but I don’t have any more pain since my kids were born (to compensate the other pains, I guess :D)
      I fought a thief, yes, not proud about it, it was a crazy thing to do but it shows that I ALWAYS act on an impulse πŸ˜€
      Yeah baby, What a Rice Soup!! πŸ˜€

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  8. I think there should be free hotel vouchers for men who need to seek shelter from women on their periods. Wait! What am I saying? The women should get the plush hotel rooms, and the boys can stay at home and play video games. I’m day dreaming now. What a great hotel concept! It would give a whole new meaning to the hotel chain called “The Red Room”!

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  9. Just make sure you’re not in Florida…(Zimmerman & Alexander) *wry laugh*

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