Wednesday. I’m here with my daughter. She didn’t feel well yesterday so she stayed with me and didn’t go to school. We had a girls night in and took a bath together. Now we are having breakfast in the living room while watching cartoons. She’s happy with so little and I don’t understand why sometimes I feel like she’s so demanding. I guess she needs some extra attention because she’s the only girl.

The birthday dinner was fine. I guess the lasagna thing was nice because it was gone in minutes. Nobody noticed the lack of layers, and if they did, nobody complained.
At one point the man asked why I prepared the lasagna using round pans:
“I finished the other ones”
“OK”. He didn’t dare to say anything else.


After my reshaping, both pans fit in the oven nicely. Double win.

The cinnamon rolls cake was nice too. Even when I discovered I didn’t have brown sugar and I used plain sugar and even after mistaking the flour for sugar and adding some to the cinnamon mix. I managed to remove some of it but not all and luckily the taste wasn’t compromised.

The good part was that I was laughing while preparing it and smiled all the time while we were having dinner just remembering my cooking mishaps.
Who am I kidding… I suck!!


That’s a cinnamon rolls cake. It’s round. I even put a candle on top to make it look more like a birthday cake.

Many years ago, before the man became my boyfriend, I offered to cook for him. Since I’m vegetarian, I’m always dubious about preparing meat because I don’t try it while it’s cooking and I’m always afraid it’s raw so I mostly overcook it and let it dry.
So I chose to prepare chicken for him because I thought that among all the meat, chicken was the easiest.
Hell I was wrong!! I served the chicken and it was almost saying: “Kikirikiiii!” (That’s Spanish talk for chickens… I have no idea how that’s in English).
So I took the raw chicken and put it back in the pan to cook a bit more. I didn’t want to cut it open because I wanted it to look nice, but after a while, I didn’t give a shit and cut it into chunks thinking at my grandmother. She always tells me: “You get a man through his stomach”. So my though at the time was: “I’m fu&$ed up, this will never work”. But then, it did work for some time. But not forever.
And the man always remembers that the first meal I cooked for him was raw chicken.

And if I keep thinking, my grandfather left my grandmother… And she can cook!! Really can cook. Not like me that my speciality is trying to get the less dishes dirty and to do it in the less time possible. For some reason, I believe that MY rice can be cooked in less than 20 minutes.

Conclusion: no more cooking will be used to pick up men. From now on, I’ll turn into sexy lingerie.


~ by DotedOn on February 4, 2015.

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  2. Happy birthday to your daughter! 😉 It was very special to have cinnamon rolls as a birthday cake. BTW, that lasagna looked absolutely delicious master chef! ❤

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  3. Sounds like a yummy birthday cake. Happy Birthday to her! Yes, I had heard that the way to a man was through his stomach. I can certainly think of better ways… 😉

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  4. Well, you might be able to get a man through his stomach, but it can’t be the only way or I would have never had a date in my life!!

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  5. Crazy Twin P
    The nerve of the man asking to bring his girlfriend!!!!!! Is he thinking you two are going to be BFF’s? Why would you have any desire to meet or be apart of any woman’s life unless he is married to one of them. And that’s just for the kids sake. I think the man was missed brains when they were passed out! He is still fucking with you. As you can tell I’m in a depressed mood and not very happy. You had the strength to leave, you remolded your house, you take care of five kids, you have grown since leaving. You are a stronger person and he doesn’t have the right to treat you like in the past. The minute he starts, ask him to leave. Men can be so clueless.
    Bad Dog Twin M

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    • Dear Twin M,
      I’m glad that the girlfriend wishes to meet me even less than I wish to meet her 😀
      I’m so so so sorry you are depressed. I hope you can sort something out soon.
      I’m very anxious now but not eating very much (just because I’m to lazy to go to the supermarket and get extra food :D)
      Many many hugs!

      (and I don’t need to ask him to leave, he mostly gets offended when I reply and leaves by himself :))

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  6. The cinnamon rolls look DELICIOUS. Haha, I actually thought that they were a pizza at first, from the photo? But then I realised and I looked at them in a different way and they looked so yummy!

    Don’t you mean turn “to” lingerie? It might be a hard to turn “INTO” a pair of sexy lingerie… but I’m sure if you get a book of spells you can do it lol 🙂

    I like how this post links to the last one, so I get an update on how the things you mentioned in your last post turned out! It’s really cool, like reading a book… except it’s real!! Muy entertaining 🙂

    Jamila x

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    • Thanks soooo much for pointing out my mistake!!
      Mostly all my posts are linked and I feel bad sometimes because I’m not sure everyone understands why some things are happening. But ok, I try to explain without writing so much (or nobody will read it!!).
      And gracias!! ❤

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  7. You had me at cinnamon rolls cake. Hello cinnamon rolls in a CAKE!

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  8. All this food talk is making me hungry! 😀

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  9. Lasagna, cakes… I am really hungry now Paola… gee, thanks.
    Happy birthday to your daughter….
    How are you?

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