Sunday. I’m sick. I finally got the virus. I started feeling really bad last night. Stomach pain and nausea. I didn’t want to move because I felt I was going to vomit any second. I’m afraid of vomiting. I never feel better afterwards. I can say I was lucky, I avoided vomiting. Not sure how I did it. My room was spinning the whole night. This morning is not much better.
I have no idea how I will manage to take care of my kids today. My limbs weight 3 tons each. I don’t think I will leave the bed.
Almost one year ago, when the man went to Boston, I taught my kids what they needed to do in case I was not there with them. I hope they remember the lessons.
I really need to rest now.

About the chocolate chip cookies. They looked amazing. They were good. But right now I don’t want to see, hear or smell them. And I’m not sure I’ll ever eat one again.


“You ugly mother fu$#ers. I hope you rot in hell!!”


~ by DotedOn on February 8, 2015.

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  2. take care of yourself. Keep warm, drink lots of liquids and patience – usually works around here! Hope you’ll get better soon!

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  3. Get well soon Paola… and rest all you want. Don’t stress about anything either.
    Love you!

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  4. Ah, feel better!

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  5. Not again, you poor thing. At least you don’t have a CPR class to do. I hope that you feel better soon. Let your kids “take care” of you today. Meghan

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  6. Hope your feeling better soon, the cookies look great 😀

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  7. Rest up and take care of yourself. Get well soon. x

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  8. Sorry to read that you’re sick. Feel better NOW!

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