Mug shot Tuesday. I’m feeling much better today. That’s my new mug. I’ll be using it next Saturday to make up for my inexistent date. I know it’s only Tuesday and things could change until then, but let’s face it, unless my mom is my Valentine’s date, I don’t see anything happening.
I just checked and my mom’s plane already landed at Schiphol Airport in Holland. Much earlier than expected. Now she’ll have to wait over two hours to take the train. Then she’ll have to change that train and take the one to get here. My son will be picking her at the train station in about five hours. Nor my mom or my son have a phone with them. I really hope she manages to do everything right and there are no delays or major changes. She doesn’t speak a word in English. That’s not true, she can say “Nice to meet you”. I hope with that she can go a long way. Like, until here. But not further. That same train goes to Berlin and that’s not really in the neighborhood.

I’m really glad I could clean the house a bit. I had to do a few of the things more than once. For example, my bedroom.
While I was in bed yesterday morning, still feeling sick, my little one decided to make his own sandpit. He took my zen garden, placed Buddha somewhere else and use the sand and the stones to play. I almost had a heart attack and started shouting.
And then it got even better, he tried to clean the mess and made sure the sand reached all the corners. When I walk in my bedroom, I have the feeling of being in a beach house.


I’ll get dressed and go to the supermarket. My mom has some problems in her feet and she can’t walk much. She will get so bored here. I have no idea what she’ll do the next five weeks. She’ll be cleaning a lot and tidying up everything, but she’ll have all that ready by Friday. Then I really don’t know what she’ll do. There is nothing to do here. Absolutely nothing.

And that’s not true either. We have the mill!!


She could go there several times and count a few stones each time.


~ by DotedOn on February 10, 2015.

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  2. I hope you and your Mom have a nice visit. Can your town really be that boring with nothing to do?

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  3. you can play cards, make up stories line for line….play in the sand ;), and just feel blessed that your Mom is still here to be your valentine ❤ I am glad you feel better. (And I love your new mug)

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  4. LOL sounds like you don’t really understand why your mum is coming 😉 But it will most likely be nice 🙂 I have no Valentine either, not this year, not last and probably not next. You are way more optimistic than me though, so you will probably at least have one next year if you don’t find one before Saturday.

    I do have a tattoo appointment on Saturday, so that will be fun! Probably the best Valentine I have ever had!


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    • A tattoo date!! That sounds great 🙂
      My mom came to check that I was doing ok 😀
      And if I don’t go out, I’ll be lucky if I score a cyber boyfriend 😀


  5. Oh and the sand.. that could so easily be my boy! And just one reason why we cant have sand or stones decorations in our house 😛

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  6. I read a book once that said that sand is healing. Every time the person got sick they had to go to the beach and stick their feet in the sand. They even brought a box of it home, just in case they were too sick, or busy to go to the ocean. I think I might try that. Your child was just trying to make you well. Walk in the sand and feel blessed. Your mom just wants to be there with you, to spend time with you. Don’t worry if she is bored or not. She’d rather be bored with you, than at home busy. Have her play games with the kids, have her look over your photo albums and tell old family stories, have her bake cookies for you, and homemade bread, have her read stories to your little one. And just relax. You have three Valentines this year, her and your children. Never forget that. Meghan

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    • Thank you Meghan! I started feeling better after the sand, I’m not sure if it helped or not 🙂

      This coming weekend my kids will be with their dad, so only my mom and me will celebrate.. I’ll get extra chocolate 😀

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  7. Looks like you have 3 generations to deal with. I wish you luck!

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  8. When my mom visits, she does things like prune my plants, dust, organize drawers…drives me crazy! I love her dearly, but I get the impression that she thinks that my house isn’t clean as it should be. I hope that you have fun and make sure that there’s no sand pit when she arrives!

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  9. Twin P
    Make sure to give mama a big hug for me. Then show her our World Tour video. Have a great day catching up and I’ll talk later.
    Twin M

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  10. Sometimes we GET to be our own best Valentine! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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  11. Give mom a hug, that always is nice! I send you a hug too ❤

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