Thursday. It’s not even two days that my mom is here and my house is almost all organized. The only problem is that I need to be there with her to tell her where some of the things go and she doesn’t stop until she’s satisfied with the job. The good thing is that tomorrow everything will be ready and for the next five weeks my house will look great (even inside the closets!!). Perfect time to hook a guy. He’ll think I’m a really tidy person… And later when he realizes how the real me is, it’ll be too late!!

I showed my mom one of the two supermarkets and told her:
“I come here only to buy ricotta and wine”
“Let’s get some wine for tonight!”
“Ok!! Red or white?”
“RosΓ©… Sweet”
“Ok, I never had rosΓ©… Let’s see”.

That’s the chosen one. It went straight to my head. I loaded the dishwasher and forgot to start it. And pretty much the rest of the evening was like that.

IMG_9740 (1)

A couple of days ago, Rob from weight2lose2013.wordpress.com wrote a very nice post about the first kiss. Marissa from rockandrollsupermom.wordpress.com commented about her first kiss and wished the guy had a manual. I replied that I read once some manual about how to kiss.
I remembered I mentioned the name of the article in one of my older posts, so I started searching among the archives and found the one where I mention it.
My surprise was big when I checked the link and discovered that the manual wasn’t about “How to Kiss”, instead, it’s about β€œHow to build sexual anticipation with a kiss” (13 steps).
Dilemma… Should I write about “How to Kiss”? Or I use the old article and hope some reader uses the tips and have a nice and hot Valentine’s Day? (unlike mine)

I’ll think about it today and try to write a special post for tomorrow. Now I have to go and show my mom the other supermarket.
And no, I can’t refuse… She’s the kind of mom who makes those kind of offers πŸ™‚

~ by DotedOn on February 12, 2015.

16 Responses to “169”

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  2. I say write the article! I’m sure we’d love to read it! Also, never, ever tell mama no. She won’t take it for an answer. πŸ˜‰

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  3. Thanks for the shout out! Either one would work well. If I were you, I’d probably venture into new grounds and do the ‘how to kiss’ one, but either works well. I can’t wait to read it.

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  4. The start of your post about being organized just reminded me I really ought to clean today….

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  5. Twin P
    I hope you gave mama a big huge for me. Sounds like mama needs to visit every other month. The house will stay spic and span. I need to learn how you showcased your awards. I messed mine up, lost some of the graphics. Instead of separate page want to show like yours. You can send me an email when you have a minute. You want to find love or feel love listen to Throw Back Thursday. Awesome words of love from the heart. Not like me normal music.
    Still depressed. Today is 5 years since gramps died and end of month when daddy dies. It’s adding to my stress. I miss my gramps so much. I came up with a great idea to help kids and women and kids in shelters. I’m going to start a charity. That will make me happy. If I can help someone and get me mind off my pain I feel so good helping.
    I’m sad.
    Crying Twin M

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  6. That sounds like a good post for Valentine’s Day, Paola!

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  7. I think you should tell us how you would change the 13 steps to make them better. I think you will become a celebrity soon. You have a wonderful mom. Tell her the Internet said hello πŸ™‚

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    • Hahahaha… I couldn’t do what I really wanted to do because I felt bad for not having any kissing partner πŸ˜€
      And thanks for the greetings πŸ™‚


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