Mug shot Tuesday. That’s not my mug but I thought it was cute and true. I’m thinking about hanging that saying somewhere in my house. I still have the golden frame I made for Christmas hanging in the living room empty. I was waiting for some nice words to put in there and I think it won’t get better than that. “Home is Where You Poop Most Comfortably”. My kids will get the message immediately. The “Home is where the heart is” is not really catchy. And all the other saying are too deep and difficult to understand.
It’s foggy outside. Very dense fog. It looks like it’s about the get dark. You never get many sunny days here. Such a shame.
I convinced my mom to watch another movie last night. I picked a comedy from Mexico. We laughed a lot. The ending wasn’t the way we expected it to be but we both liked the movie.
Now I should get dressed. My mom is waiting for me to go to the supermarket.
I need to think what kind of cake I want for my birthday. I never really celebrate my birthday but the cake is always there.

I want something simple. Something like these:

th (1)

th (2)

th (5)

th (3)

That’s beyond creepy!

th (4)

And this made me laugh.

th (6)

~ by DotedOn on February 17, 2015.

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  2. Wow, that’s some chef! I’d be too distracted with the last cake.

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  3. Wow, those are some cakes!! I think some would make me lose my appetite, especially for anything sweet!

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  4. I would like the tiger or the boob cake. The octopus is amazing.

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  5. Twin P
    You have to stop sowing mama porn! She’ll go home a different person, not for better. I hope you have an awesome cake. Not the chicken cake. I’m shipping your new scarf so you can get it sooner. I don’t know when I could get a box to post office. I sent a photo for your daughter.
    Twin M

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    • It wasn’t my intention. I left out all Almodovar movies because I knew they have a lot of sex in them. I never imagined the innocent Mexican could have so much!! 🙂
      Send the box when you can, no rush! I wear scarves from September until May and some times even in summer 🙂
      The chicken cake it’s disgusting! 🙂

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  6. Happy Mug Tuesday, love the mug, not the cakes. Too bad I can’t post the cake I would think would be appropriate…LOL!!
    Will send package soon.

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